The minute you judge or criticize, your heart closes. Yet the key to your expansion is through your heart. Can you recognize when your heart is closed? What does it feel like? 
Do you push people away?
Do you blame yourself or others as not good enough?
Are you unable to feel connected to nature and elements around you? 
Do you see yourself as broken and needing fixing?

Isn’t it incredible that in an instant, just by choosing a different stream of thoughts, you can shift into an open heart and once again feel the innate connections and reciprocity happening everywhere all the time. 

Judgment engenders separation, isolation and alienation. 
Love engenders connection, compassion and generosity.

There are those who would say judgment is not bad, that we need a way to name what’s OK and what’s not OK, right and wrong.

This is a very 3rd DIMENSIONAL perception. And in this dimension this belief has it’s place. It is a narrow place to exist and Souls come to Earth to experience it, but then move on from it. 

In 3D: 
Judgment is entrenched in duality, meaning there is an absolute me and other, right and wrong, good and evil, here and there. Within this reality, man-made laws reflect this dualistic belief and to stay in control there must be a structure enforced to keep order. Who gets to say what the laws are and what IS right and what IS wrong? It’s arbitrary! 
* Killing in the name of God is OK. 
* Deforesting a 2000 year old Redwood forest in the name of progress and profit is OK. 
* Sending a black teen to adult prison for 20 years for carrying marijuana is OK. 
* Protecting the billionaire CEO’s of large corporate banks from going to prison even if they break the law, is OK. 
* Advertising to children at a young age to inspire deeply ingrained “brand loyalty” (to Coca-cola, Nike, Nintendo, Toys R Us) is OK. * * * Blaming a rape victim for inviting the rape because she was wearing a short skirt is OK. 

And what is NOT OK?
* It’s NOT OK to save seed to replant your fields, 
* catch rainwater from your rooftop, 
* to be sexually empowered, 
* to have a direct connection with the divine/God/Souce, 
* or to trust our own bodies on how to heal. 

Yes… this is the world humanity has created over thousands of years, and as many of us have been strongly sensing – THIS TIME ON EARTH IS NOW DISMANTLING – 
And we are leaping to a new dimension of reality… the 4th and then 5th. 
In the 4th DIMENSION, judgment becomes personalized and for the betterment of all; you could call it Discernment. 

* I am making a judgment call to make a decision for my company that will serve my employees. 
* I can see the repercussions of all my different options and I choose the path of highest good. 
* I am going to use “marketing language” in my talks and copywriting that may be manipulative but it’s to help people. I’m judging others as resistant and stuck and I manipulate them for their own good. 

Judgment in the 4th DIMENSION is used as a tool, rather than an unconscious thought process. There is still judgment of self and others, but it is more from a witness place of solving problems. 
* “I have hit an obstacle in my life, now how can I resolve it. What behaviors or beliefs do I need to change?” 

The heart is open, but in service to MIND. Mind over matter. Manipulating energy to create what one desires. Much of life-coaching and conscious business coaching works from a 4D perception of reality.

In the 5th DIMENSION, judgement and discernment dissolve completely into Personal Preference and Higher Self Guidance in All Things. 

* There is no duality here. There is acceptance for everything as it is. 
* Everyone and every life and every expression of life is relevant and valuable. 
* There is a constant reciprocity of energy between oneself and the other 5D beings – All of Nature! … with authentic generosity and joy.
* There is no evil, only a choice to experience non-love.
* Universal and Natural laws inform human experience on all levels. 
( UNIVERSAL: The law of Oneness, the law of freedom of choice, the law of LOVE, the law of attraction/repulsion, the law of prime directive and divine dispensation… NATURAL: The law of reciprocity, the law of cycles/spirals, the law of cooperation, the law of regeneration, the law of birth, life, death and rebirth…)
* There is no fear in the 5th dimension.
* There is no need to control your own or other’s lives.
* There is only an excitement and inspiration to bring through one’s authentic creation, contribution, and offering, and then taking actions to do that based on Higher Self and Soul Guidance.
* There is an experience of multi-dimensionality, therefore no attachment to the visual world of form. 
* There is a respect, love and feeling of honor in the physical experience that could only exist once multi-dimensional awareness is attained. 
* Decisions for which thing to choose comes from preference: “Which choice will bring me into even more joy, connection and bliss?”
* One continually chooses the highest vibration. 

Right now you might be experiencing yourself releasing from 3D, moving through 4D and popping more and more into 5D. 

Remember that the key to moving gracefully and in an integrated way into the higher dimensions is THROUGH THE HEART. 

When you find yourself feeling judgmental, separate, confused, critical… you have re-entrenched into the 3D collective humanity bandwidth. 


* Watch a powerful movie that brings you to tears because of the love and beauty of the story. 

* Listen to powerful music and dance or sing with it. 

* Go into nature for an hour or more.

* Use the Laws of Repulsion and Attraction to command a shift in your consciousness – moving you out of “wounded” consciousness and into pro-active “MY SOUL IS THE NAVIGATOR OF MY LIFE PATH” consciousness.

IF YOU NEED TO CRY EVERYDAY.. Then do that. Crying that is not “regressed” but from a present moment honoring the movement of energy in your body and desiring to open your heart – WILL open your heart. 

When you cry from a place of non-presence, regression and self-pity, you will still be moving the energy, though it will remain incomplete. If you tend to regress when you grieve, ask a neutral loving witness to hold sacred space for your tears and sit with you holding your foot. This will anchor you to the present moment. And the witnessing from another will help the tears move. 

If you don’t have a neutral loving person in your life right now – GO INTO NATURE.

Cry without judgment, with acceptance, with a willingness to feel connected again and to come into the truth of our being – and let it be for as long as is needed. This is such a gift to your heart and your heart will be clear, clean and awake afterward!
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