We, as a species, are in a time of great transformation. Familiar structures are teetering towards collapse. Though they were structures that disempowered us, and we disagreed with them, they have also been all we’ve known. And so, even as we pray for their dismantling, we may also be feeling the overwhelm of not knowing what will catch humanity on the other side.

We are arriving now into the greatest labor pains of our birthing. And we will need grounded, skilled midwives to guide our people through the birthing process.
These cultural midwives are the ones who are reclaiming their “powers”, so they will know how to steer humanity through the overwhelm, fear and distractions -into trust and empowered ingenuity. They are the bridge people. And they are critical in the creation of our new world.

Are you called to be one of these Cultural midwives for the new earth?

To answer the call to Sacred Leadership you will “have to rely on yourself more deeply and fully than ever before. You will have to surrender cherished beliefs that someone is going to protect you, save you, do the work for you, or show you the way.” (Thank you Bill Plotkin for that wisdom!)

Sacred Leadership comes from the Soul and the alignment of the Human Heart with the Soul Essence. Our Hearts are the organ in our physical bodies most similar to the energy vibration of our Soul Essence. Their shared signature energy vibration is Love.

As Cultural Midwives and Sacred Leaders in training, the Powers we’re reclaiming are very natural that are innate in us. They were with us from birth, yet we’ve been conditioned to believe we are powerless – conditioned to feel “less than” on many levels of our being. It takes courage to break free of the mazes of illusion and distraction and remember our natural abilities:

( I’m calling these abilities your “powers” – like super powers )

  • The power to sense what you desire and invoke that desire into reality through intention
  • The power to create a transformational cacoon for those ready to metamorphose, in the form of a sacred and safe space, and then guide the transformation with intuition and integrity
  • The power of compassion and unconditional acceptance – knowing we’re all One.
  • The power of forging resilient relationships, building trust, collaborating and sharing resources
  • The power of living within the harmonics of Nature, with graceful and mutual participation
  • The power of knowing what and who you really are and where you came from

The journey our students embark on in the Transformational Leadership program, gives them opportunities to reclaim these innate powers.

You, the cultural midwives, are the guides and leaders of this transition time.
You will be the ones delegating and directing on every level, great and small.

And you will be successful because you aren’t acting alone. You are within a larger network of bridge-people, change-agents and light-workers – Like honeybees moving as one consciousness, with the same purpose: To awaken humanity into their true natures – into Love.

Saying yes to your Soul Calling to be a Cultural Midwife is about uprooting everything that stands in your way of Knowing YOU Are Love.

Leadership is only intimidating and scary to us when we associate it with the structures and models of power-over, and our negative experiences living within those structures.

We are being called to revision leadership to be aligned with Love. Leadership as an expression of joyful service. Leadership as a collaborative and inclusive endeavor.

In Devotion to a Sacred Future, 
Maria Christina Owl
Director, Transformational Leadership Certificate Program