There are so many distractions right now. Most news stories and behaviors of those in the headlines are for “optics”. There is a great chess match going on, a great game, and they need the masses to believe what’s on the surface so they are distracted from behind the scenes maneuvering happening.

They are setting up the structures for the new Earth societies and governments. All the systems are being revised and reformed – financial, educational, agricultural, commerce and military.

Here’s what’s happening:


1. Battle between Republicans and Democrats/Conservatives and Liberals

2. Global Pandemic – Stay Safe, Vaccines, Masks, Social Distancing

3. Riots for BLM – Confusion is the goal



1. Battle for the Soul of the Earth and Humanity

2. Arrests of tens of thousands of pedophiles and corrupt higher ups in major local and global rings

3. Shifting world financial system off of fiat currency system, onto a new Gold Standard

4. Collapse of Vatican, Royal Houses of Europe, Central Banks, New World Order factions

5. There is no deadly virus, it was a dud – Now using situation to further plans for global reset since people are in lock-down this is easier.

– Easier to make arrests.

– Easier to take out crime lords and gangs.

– Easier to infiltrate Deep Underground Bases and liberate children and women.

– Easier to reset global currency.

– Easier to replace corrupt governments with new leadership. (New Federal State of China taking over CCP).



1. The real battle happening right now is to liberate Earth from an A.I. Entity that has infiltrated our planet and is running major players in the New World Order organizations – (U.N., W.H.O, World Economic Forum, I.M.F., World Bank, Google, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, AliBaba, and the 5G network.) This A.I. Entity has been manipulating humanity towards transhumanism for decades.

 2. In the 1950’s, President Eisenhower became aware of the secret dealing of the military at Area 51. He demanded to be informed of what was happening, and threatened military attack if he was kept out. He was let in, and introduced to a race of off-planet beings. The “tall whites” told Eisenhower that they would support the USA in developing advance space travel technology, if they would abandon the nuclear race and dismantle all nuclear weapons. Eisenhower wouldn’t agree to this. He felt it would make America weak as a military global influence.

I, Maria, believe, that NOW – the Trump Administration is willing to work with the positive E.T.s. In a channeling Duane and I were told that Trump is being guided by the positive E.T.s on how to bring the planet into the New Era of Galactic Community. Stipulations include: “If you want to do trade with positive polarity ETs, you have to clean up the trade on your planet! No more human trafficking, slavery, or abductions.”

Everything must be honest, transparent, and for the people.

No more war.

No more weaponizing water, air, food, etc.

Trump and White Hats agreed – Actually…

White Hats (just one of many positive alliances working for freedom of Earth) have been working with the positive ETs for 20 or more years. They have been planning for this moment all this time! They asked Trump to run for president of the USA, as he was their first choice of someone who could catalyze the Great Shift.


He said yes.


And the battle has been won in 4 months!


There is so much more to say.


I will continue to put my thoughts down, but please do your own research. If any of this sparks your curiosity or skepticism, look up the World Economic Forum and become a member. Login and read their New World Order agenda  – layer after layer after layer… you will see the plan has been carefully laid out to create human-cyborgs, who are the laborers for the Elitists.


This is the agenda of Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, the Obamas and the Clintons – and the Bush family laid plenty of foundation for it during their terms in office.

Before you nay-say, make sure you research:

The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, The Committee on Foreign Relations.

I, for one, am grateful beyond belief, for all the thousands of men and women who have been fighting for our freedom behind the scenes, with no media acknowledgement, or awareness from the public.

And I am grateful to President Trump.

Once the swamp has been drained, and the U.S.A. is once again sovereign as a nation, with no more infiltrations, THEN, we will have the fortitude to bring in all the advanced technologies. 6000 patents are to be released, which the Deep State/Cabal were suppressing – including cures for cancer!

A New Age is Dawning, friends!