15 AUGUST – Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Temple of Remembering Captain Cook

Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath The Temple of Remembering Cacao Ceremonies are focused on opening our hearts, healing and authentic sharing and witnessing of each other. As we allow the cacao to massage our hearts open, Spirit will lead us on a journey of alchemical, multi-dimensional healing. Bring your instruments - drums, rattles, flutes, hungs... […]


7 SEPTEMBER – Yemaya Ritual & Celebration

Temple of Remembering Captain Cook

September 7th is Yemaya's feast day in the West and celebrations will be going on all over the Americas and Caribbean Islands. Join Maria Omisanya, Priest of Yemaya, and Duane Michael, at the Temple of Remembering for a very special celebration of the Orisha Goddess, Yemaya. Also known as Yemoja or Yemanja, this Great Mother […]