As of this Wednesday, I will not longer be a participating member of the social media mega-platform Facebook.

This decision impacts several aspects of my life and business. No longer will I be inviting people to my event pages, to LIKE my company, to SHARE my posts…

Honestly…I’m getting so excited!!

I am excited to have my life back.


For many years, I, like many other entrepreneurs, was trained to believe that numbers are everything. Grow your list. Fill seats at your event. The more the better – because you get more “leads” and make more money.

Well, this way of perceiving clients feels toxic to me. Though I’ve tried to fit into this framework of how to be successful…I have found the sacrifices are just not worth it. 

I am not willing to sacrifice my connection with people, hearts, souls, and deeper needs.

I love what I do so much! And in order to really bring my gifts to my people, I have to let go of what has been draining me. Namely, this style of marketing that feels manipulative. 

I am a healer. I am a channel. I am a leader. I am a teacher.

I want to do more of this, and lesssssssss of sitting in front of Facebook posting messages to get people to work with me… and then see later that only 2 people saw the post! Please… this is not life. This is a social media platform manipulating our moods and brain chemistry!

I am saying NO to deception, illusion, and manipulation.

My daily choices are my VOTE for what kind of future I want.

Goodbye Facebook

Facebook, Google, etc… These companies have taken deception to the next level. They created Surveillance Marketing, where they secretly spy on everyone’s activity online and through their phones… so they can predict future behavior, and then create a purchasing goal to herd us towards. Our private information is now the hottest commodity for sale by these companies to agencies who want to sell us things – like pharmaceuticals, joining the military, and anything else (Amazon). But then… they get us to buy into this way of behaving and treating each other too! They lock down our posts until we “buy an ad” or “boost”, then they tell us they can target a market for us…better than we can. And it’s true, because by now they collected so much data on us, that they can find others who like the same things, go to the same vacation spots, watch the same movies…

The other creepy thing, that I just can’t condone anymore, is that people are more and more framing their lives in terms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. “Posts”, “Vulnerable Shares”, “Comments”, “Stories”…

Facebook sends us messages to celebrate our friendships with others. “You’ve been friends with ____ for one year!”, when I’ve actually been friends with them for 10, but only on FB for one. But FB is indoctrinating our minds to qualify “friends” as only pertaining to FB.




Enough is enough. 

I can’t shut down FB as a company. Though, I think eventually their lack of ethics will collapse their empire anyway, but for now I can remove myself from their influence, take back my mind, relationships, and privacy and enjoy what I hold dear.

Dinner parties, playing music and singing together, camp fires on the beach, meteor showers, sacred site retreats with my students, day-hikes with no cell phones, swimming with dolphins, receiving massages, hands-on healing, communing with the Higher Dimensional Helpers (xoxoxo), standing under waterfalls, watching the sunset, kissing, planting a garden and watching it grow, then eating the fruits of my love at harvest time…

Humanity is too precious to be enslaved in computer algorithims…

You don’t have to join me, but I hope you do.

How to Connect Without These Platforms

Back to basics!

Write letters. Make videos. Write a blog. Invite people for dinner. Influence locally – Join your local governments or city boards (library, food co-op, waste treatment, recycling, community garden, schools, community clinics). 

What is most dear to you?

That is my announcement. Don’t take my word for it. Research Surveillance Marketing and Economy and discover what’s really happening.

Always Remember:

You are Infinite, Powerful, Beautiful, and deeply Loved!


Maria Owl