Let Your Heart Guide You as You Guide Others

The reason I’ve been so successful in my career as a guide and leader of transformational events, retreats and programs, is because I refuse to close my heart and hide my own vulnerability.

A leader with an Impeccable Heart achieves the goals of their curriculum 10x faster than one with a defended or rigid heart

I have been guiding, facilitating, and mentoring groups through profoundly transformative processes for over 24 years, including twelve-years of Wilderness Vision Fasts. I have taught ceremonial leadership trainings and Global Light Leader trainings in the US, Israel and Mexico. I designed my own Bachelor’s major in Sustainable Community and Group Process, and my Master’s Degree is in Integrative Counseling Psychology. I have trained in the Way of Council by Jack Zimmerman, The Work that Reconnects with Joanna Macy, and ceremonial work with many, many Indigenous teachers over 20 years.

 What is an Impeccable Heart?

The word impeccable comes from the Latin root  ‘In’ which means NOT, and ‘Peccare’ which means TO SIN. Another way to say this is PURE.

 Your Heart is the seat of your Soul

Your Heart is the portal to your Infinite nature and Source Creator

Your Heart invites you to forgive, release contraction, heal and open to Higher Love

Your Heart is already Impeccable. But, do you allow your heart to guide you in life? And do you allow your Heart to be present with your business and your clients?

To forge a career path without heart, led by only MIND can have many pitfalls. The analytical mind is a calculating problem solver at best, and a fearful survival strategist at worst. To relate to clients only from your mind can get you into situations thick with defensiveness, blaming, projecting, doubting yourself and confusion around who you are and if you’re doing the right work in the world.

Your Heart, as the Seat of your Soul, resides in a vibration of Compassion, Grace and Beauty.

Leading and facilitating with an Impeccable Heart means we hand the reigns over to our sacred Heart and trust the innate wisdom there. An Impeccable Heart is an Undefended Heart. A leader with an undefended heart can feel, sense and know their client’s deeper needs way beyond the analyzing mind can.

In many Indigenous cultures around the world, the Chief of the community would be chosen based on their attainment and embodiment of wisdom. Wisdom comes from living life without closing your heart. Facing fears, being willing to “not know” all the answers, listening to differing viewpoints, and generally being really humble allows teachers, guides and counselors to rise up into honorable leaders in their communities.

True leaders know that everyone has strengths, and they strive to empower others to step into their own leader-full-ness.

   The Important Lessons I’ve Learned on My Leadership Journey:

      • When your heart is defended as a leader, your clients/students/participants won’t be able to fully trust you or lean into your offerings.
      • To hide your own vulnerability is to play the role of leader, it is not true leadership
      • Leading with an open, Impeccable Heart may show your clients you aren’t perfect, yet they will respect you more and then trust your guidance more.
      • Meeting conflict and challenges in your group with an Impeccable Heart allows a greater awake field of consciousness to supply solutions, rather than a limited “gotta fix-it” mentality of just the leader.
      • Developing compassionate discernment. This means to know what is “your lane” and what is not, and to stay in your lane. I’ve learned not to bend to every desire of my clients, which would pull me out of my expertise as I attempt to appease them, but to invite them to lean into what I’m offering with a willingness to encounter a new aspect of themselves.
      • An open Impeccable Heart invites spontaneity, flow, authentic connection and humor to weave through your retreats, classes and events
      • A leader with an Impeccable Heart achieves the goals of their curriculum 10x faster than one with a defended or rigid heart
      • Leading with an Impeccable Heart, means being guided by your Soul. You must learn to get out of your own way, and let Spirit teach and mentor through you.


I Can Support Your Evolution of Leadership in Many Ways!









During Your Session, We May Dive Into…


  • We identify what fears or resistance is blocking your ability to trust your heart
  • I support you to clear these blocks at the subconscious level, while illuminating the underlying reasons for them
  • I am here to guide you through real time leadership challenges or dilemmas
  • I work with you to Align with your Impeccable Heart, and recommit to your greater Soul Purpose
  • I can help you with Heart-centered communication with participants, while standing in your responsibility as their guide
  • I am a seasoned curriculum designer and can coach you in creating a program that allows your participants to relax, trust, feel safe and engage fully
  • And much more!

What’s Included in Your Coaching Experience


  • I offer session packages of Four or Ten sessions
  • 70-minute video conference calls with me
  • Follow up email and text support
  • Supplemental materials created for you based on your needs, such as Audio Meditations, Prayers or Chants, Energy Medicine Tools, etc
  • Homework Assignments designed to break you out of old molds and into your Impeccable Heart
  • Accountability  – We create markers and goals together to support forward movement




Who Is My Bullseye Client?

My main expertise lies in earth-based, spiritually-oriented leadership and guidance. So, I especially have gifts for you if you are leading transformational retreats which include collaboration with nature, or want to.

My other expertise is in working with altered states of consciousness and “shamanic”states of consciousness while holding sacred space for groups. (Please Note: This doesn’t include plant or substance induced altered states).

I have tons of experience facilitating powerful experiences within the four-walls of University classrooms too! So, if you are creating transformational workshops for a corporation, school or other organizational staff, I am familiar with adapting for the needs of any group.



What I Require from My Clients

  • Commitment to the process (meaning commitment to your own growth)
  • Honesty
  • A willingness to meet me in heart space and receive my support
  • To take action on my recommendations and practices I give you
  • To always trust your own heart above anything else (If you’re not able to do this now, you will after our work together!)





Thank you so much for opening your heart, and showing vulnerability by sharing your deepest thoughts. You give so much of yourself to so many people. I have nothing but love and respect for you as my mentor and also as a friend. Your love has changed every fabric of our lives; past, present and future. I’m so grateful that you answered your calling!  
Lizz Proctor

Global Light Leader Training - Graduate 2019

Maria is one of the most gifted healers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is like a master gardener in the sense that she knows how to help nourish and grow almost every type of plant that exists. I came to her as a seedling, struggling to find the light, my sprouts blocked by baggage and debris. She nourished me with skill and grace and helped me find my own light and path. If it weren’t for Maria, I’m not sure where I would be in my life right now. Because of her, I am now living my dreams.
Today I am a performer, singing on stages around the Bay Area and a successful vocal coach, thriving on my path. I came from being ashamed of myself, believing negative stories, unable and unwilling to connect to the earth and the world around me,
hiding my love and my gifts.
Because of Maria’s help, I am now able to help others who are needing tending. She has transformed me not only into a growing majestic tree but a gardener who can help other plants grow. Thank you for you guidance Maria! I love you!!!
Lauren Arrow

I have been Maria’s colleague for over eight years. She is one of the most emotionally perceptive people I know, able to hone into how others get stuck in their minds and bodies. I recommend her highly
Charles Fisher

Emeritus Professor Brandeis University and author of "Dismantling Discontent: Buddha's Way Through Darwin's World", 2011

I came to Maria feeling deeply unclear and hopeless because I was resisting my potential and feeling stuck in my work.  I left feeling reignited, inspired and clear because Maria helped me not only see the problem but the cause of the problem.  The energy healing she offered me was effective in helping me understand how to get out of my way and get back on track with my coaching work which I was able to commit to and take to the mastery level.  I’ve had experiences with a lot of healers but Maria  is truly a gifted in creating safe, sacred space which allows you to go deeper in one session than you ever expected to go.
If you know you are meant to do more or have more in your life and are sick and tired of being stuck where you are, I highly recommend working with her.  She can help you heal what is in the way so you can be unstoppable. 
Marin Bach-Antonson

I recently started working with Maria and in 5 sessions have had life transformations that I could not even allow myself to imagine at the beginning of our first session. Maria’s ability to hold the space for her client’s dreams and goals, as well as fears, with unconditional acceptance and faith in a greater master plan at work, has helped me break through many of my blocks. My clients have benefited and I feel the shift in my work after every session. I have sent friends to Maria who have benefited greatly as well & I look forward to spreading the word about her gifts to many more.
Jeanne Clare, L.Ac.

Something shifted! I know it was from the work we did yesterday!
I was able to have a completely different experience with a challenging client today, and my energy feels lighter and fuller!
Vanessa Scotto, L.Ac., MS



As someone called into leadership at a young age, I know what it’s like to fall down and get back up again and keep going. I was lucky to have amazing mentors along the way. Their wisdom still guides me today. I would love to share it with you and witness your break throughs into more fulfillment in your service.

10-session package

4-session package

The consistency is KEY!! We will schedule weekly or every-other-week sessions to keep your moving towards your goals.

10-sessions is a Value of $4000. If you Pay In Full, you will receive $200 off.


10-Sessions: Five-monthly Payments

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I look forward to supporting you as you embody your heart-centered leadership!