LBC Retreat in Mt. Shasta

June 13 – 14, 2020

We begin at 12:00PM on Saturday
and close at 2:00PM on Sunday

Cost to Attend: $333

Includes All Treatments and Wisdom Talks, High Vibration Snacks
and Elixers, Tea and Charged Mt. Shasta Water.
Plus a special gift.
There will be breaks for lunches and dinners.
We will begin after breakfast on Sunday.
    • CLEAR imbalanced fear patterns blocking your vitality

    • RECALIBRATE your energetic systems for highest health and protection from 5-G

    • ACTIVATE and AMPLIFY your highest timeline, in full alignment with your Higher Self

    • BE NURTURED through quantum level frequency treatments from the Higher Dimensional Helpers, sound baths, herbal elixers and fresh organic snacks!

Lightworker Boot Camps are incubation chambers for quantum level healing and restructuring. They are multi-dimensional ceremonies guided by our Higher Dimensional Helpers in collaboration with our Higher Selves. Participants are invited to open and receive transmissions of light codes on multiple levels, designed to clear distorted energy patterns and activate Soul Purpose. As full-body channels, having spent decades honing their bodies for this relationship, Maria and Duane offer their assistance to the Higher Dimensional Helpers, acting as their interpreters.

Those who attend in deep physical need will have opportunities to receive hands-on healing and massage treatment during the sessions.

Duane and Maria go all out for Lightworker Boot Camps! They make sure the space is conducive for relaxing into receiving. Each gathering is held by a team of five adept intuitive practitioners whose Soul role is to maintain the energetic integrity and grounding of the environment.

Our sweet singing Sound Shaman Suzanne Renee Smith will be with us again to support the integration of the transmissions with bowls, chimes, gongs and vocals! 

We are preparing fresh organic snacks, herbal elixirs and healing teas. Special gifts of crystals are given to each participant to assist in the clearing process. Electrolytes are provided in the form of raw apple-cider vinegar, lemon, and sea salt.

This is the next generation of energy medicine!


Spiritual Healing on our Spiritual Bodies, heals our Physical Body
Disease begins as stuck emotional patterns – resentment, guilt, shame and hatred are some examples of unresolved grief that can manifest in physical symptoms if not tended to. These density patterns can be shifted through self-love and forgiveness. As you open into deeper self-honesty, you generate new patterns of vitality, gratitude, ease, love and joy. Then over days, your physical body re-calibrates and entrains to the new healthy patterns, which are not locked-in with emotional pain anymore.

The Higher Dimensional Helpers teach us as they tend to us. They know that if we understand the process of healing, we can make informed choices. They help us come back into connection with the Universal Harmonics. These harmonics exist in everything; inside our cells and throughout our Galaxy, promoting vitality. This is our natural state.


What better way to bring in harmonic and healthy new patterns than through beautiful music! At Lightworker Boot Camp, our participants are invited to relax and receive. Through vocal toning, singing, as well as Tibetan Bowls, gongs, chimes and hand drums, a healing soundscape is created. Positive sound vibrations help to quiet our mind chatter and shift our brainwaves into receptivity. At a certain point, participants notice they enter into a feeling of gentle timelessness, where it is easy to connect with love and joy.


The second half of Lightworker Boot Camp the Higher Dimensional Helpers give us inspirational and illusion-busting guidance to help us perceive reality with clarity. In this spaciousness you can expand your perception of yourself and the world beyond your current limitations. The Higher Helpers wrap us in cocoons of loving-light that last for 24 hours, so we can continue recalibrating while we enter back into society. Over the next week, participants often notice feelings of familiarity or nostalgia for this vaster, more spacious mind-heart space. There can be remembering of who you are beyond just this personality and incarnation, and of your greater Soul Purpose. We promote intentional periods of rest to support the integration process.


Lightworker Boot Camp was designed as a hub for those who desire community in their missions to promote higher consciousness. Also, for those who love working with others in visioning and creating our New Earth. The women, men and siblings who gather at these Boot Camps are exceptional people, with hearts of gold, determined not to give up! We are the ones on the front lines of the shifting of consciousness, committed to serving others in awakening. Duane and Maria believe and have experienced that we are stronger together, in circle, through intentional virtual gatherings and especially in person. Not only is it always hugely transformative, but also uplifting, joyful and celebratory when we gather!


“The Lightworker Boot Camp opens a doorway of higher dimensional support that helps us step beyond 3-dimensional consciousness and into a much broader understanding of our own divine essence. Thank you Maria for being such a clear conduit for these loving energies to come through! The Higher Dimensional Helpers pour out such immense love, wisdom and support; we are pointed toward our north star and we open to remember who we truly are. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND!”

– Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, Naturopathic Doctor, founder of Somatic Awakening

“After Lightworker Boot Camp I felt a huge shift in my being, as if a layer of muddy weight had been taken off and my soul had more spaciousness to beam out my light. Because of the incredible container that was created and lovingly held, I was able to surrender more deeply than I ever have, allowing me to fully receive the potent transmissions and healing treatments. Afterwards I felt clearer and more enlivened in my whole being, and much more attuned and sensitive to what I needed to stay balanced. The transmissions from the Helpers spoke to deep truths my soul was yearning to hear and helped me to move forward on my path in greater alignment and clarity of purpose.”

– Abigail Hinds, Women’s Health Advocate and Transformational Leader