November 1

By the time we arrived in Palenque, the stage was set, so to speak, for our mission’s culminating task.

The Higher Dimensional Helpers had been clear that 7 of us would be needed in Palenque for the activation of what they called a Genesis Stone, underneath a temple of the Moon. The image they shared with me while I was in trance back in April, was a blue glowing stone moving from about 100 feet under a pyramid, perhaps in an underground chamber, up through a central column until it reaches the peak of the pyramid, where it continues to ascend to about 100 feet above the peak. This stone now looks like a beacon, emanating out a frequency like a strong positive radio wave, into the field of human consciousness. This frequency has the ability to unlock certain information “files” in human DNA. Human bodies are receivers and when we receive this frequency, and this information is suddenly released within us, it will feel like coming out of amnesia. Like suddenly retrieving huge stores of memory about what it feels like to be truly safe, because you absolutely KNOW you are a part of a larger consciousness that is love.

The Genesis Stone at Palenque, as I understand from the transmission, is not the only one. There are many around the world found at ancient pyramids. But this one was specifically holding genesis information for the awakening of the new Divine Feminine and Sacred Mother Grid for this time on Earth.

I thought this temple would be in the main excavated area of the Palenque archeological site which is open to the public. It turned out it was deep in the earth, covered by hundreds of years of growing jungle. I was also aware that there were just 3 of us, not 7. Surprisingly, when the moment arrived – we were 7!

The day before we visited the public area of the ruins, we met up with a local spiritual guide, Gabriel, for ceremony on the land. 

Palenque was beckoning us to journey deeper than we’d gone before at other locations. I could feel the secrets waiting to be revealed. I could feel the jungle whispering ancient truths. My bones were vibrating. My pineal gland awakening.

On November 1, we met Gabriel at a trailhead off the main road inside of Palenque archeological park. He was accompanied by three young women who would join us for the day. 

…And suddenly, we were 7!

I knew immediately that THIS was the day of the ascension and activation of the stone! Not the next day at the actual public area of the ruins, but here, deep in the jungle.

The young women who joined us each carried strong visions and intentions for our new earth. To me they were a representation of the arising feminine consciousness on Earth. They were each traveling solo for many months and had met each other in San Cristobal de las Casas. Their timelines had crossed and for awhile, they would travel together in sisterhood. One from New Zealand, one from Australia, and one from France.

In the encircling root-arms of a giant banyan-like tree we sat and made our offerings of gratitude to the spirit of the jungle and ancestors of light.  Then our guide expertly doled out a hand full of sacred visionary (psilocybin) mushrooms to each of us . We then took off our shoes and moved intimately through the forest, on soft leaf littered earth, to sacred cascades and waterfalls.

I was prepared in my heart and mind to connect to the Helpers and receive instruction on how to raise and activate the Genesis Stone. It had been over 15 years since I’d communed with Los Ninõs (the Little Children, as the Mazatec Indians called them, because psilocybin is known to heal the inner-child). Each time I’d eaten Los Ninõs in the past, the medicine had opened up my channeling ability very strongly and I would have full-bodied experiences of higher beings coming through me. I knew that they were helping us now, by removing all filters, veils and smog from our eyes. Now the sacred patterns in nature would be revealed to us and the channels of communication clear.

We sat for an hour or so at a beautiful cascade as the medicine awakened. This is where our Higher Selves did needed healing work on our hearts. Our small group bonded in the freedom of innocence, guided by our inner-magical children. With those clear eyes, I saw Duane for who he was. A Solar Diety and member of the Council of the Sun. And I felt my own essence so clearly as the Waters of Life. I saw that our love is the reflection of sunlight on water’s surface. And rays of sunlight penetrating down through bodies of water. So beautiful it brought me to tears of wonder and awe.

Gabriel brought us to a sacred spring that was the source of the cascades inside a cave of calcified rock. We crawled on our bellies past the spring’s opening through a tunnel under the earth and then up and out through roots and a hole in earth. A BIRTH CANAL!

We then returned the cave opening to rest and eat papaya and mango. But food did not interest me. I knew I had to go back in. I knew this was the moment.

Danielle, Duane and I entered back into the cave and sat at the mouth of the Spring. I opened my mouth and sound began streaming forth. The tones, melodies and sounds were pitch perfect and crystal clear. Sacred geometries spiraled and kaleidoscoped behind my closed eyes, opening my whole being into higher dimensional awareness.

I was Hathor.

Not the one being, but the complex of beings that are Hathor.

I knew myself fully as this Higher Dimensional Complex, without doubt or confusion. Just as I sit writing this now as Maria, in that moment, I was my higher dimensional Self, Hathors.

I could hear Danielle and Duane’s voices soaring along side mine, opening portals and forging new pathways of transformation. 

The visuals showing themselves to me now were ancient Egyptian! And before that moment, at the cascades we’d started at, they’d been distinctly Mayan, then clearly Judaic. Now, images of golden triangles and sideways diamonds with eyes in them, and a bird head like an Ibis, at the top of a pyramid.

The Hathors came through more strongly than I’ve ever ever experienced them/me before!
Later Danielle and Duane would concur with their stories of being filled with pure light and perceiving the ascension of the Genesis Stone from the depths of the earth, to the peak of our Crown Chakras.

Was there a Temple of the Moon somewhere beneath us? We were sitting on top of a great Mayan city covered in layers upon layers of earth, jungle and waterways. We could be sitting on top of a pyramid!

Yet we are each the pyramids! We are conduits for energy. We are generators. And the Genesis Stone for the Mother Grid was ascending up through our chakras, higher and higher, to sit atop our Crowns. The full awakening of Cosmic Consciousness, with the balanced father and mother grids entwined again in Sacred Union.

The Hathors led an extraordinary sound activation that kept intensifying in pitch, purity and rate of pulsing rhythm. I knew, we all knew, this was the ascension of the Genesis stone! We all felt it. Danielle perceived it as bands of color being played, like guitar strings, climbing higher and higher in octave. Throughout the transmission my hands and arms were shifting from one mudra to another in rapid succession, as another accompanying language, equally as necessary for the completion of the task.

My internal experience was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I felt every crystalline light-code in my body was activated and pulsing in an awake web of communication.

The message was about Initiation, Fulfilling our Purpose, and Acknowledging the Greater Whole we are all a part of. 

“Take the first step onto this new road of galactic self-awareness. In Unity is security. In security is the freedom to be fully you! From your pure expression you serve authentically. In service is Unity because service connects the people. Unity is Love.”

The transmission peaked with rapid high pitched clicking and whistles, then dropped into a low hum and into silence.

In the silence was a knowing of one step of completion, yet something else was about to happen to bring us into fullness.

The silence was broken by one of the young women crawling into the cave to join us. She felt very drawn to the energy of what we were doing. I felt instantly connected to her. I knew she was an integral part of the work and the Hathors invited her to sit right next to the Yoni-shaped spring mouth in the cave to receive an activation/initiation. The transmission began and the work was beautiful. The Hathors cleared her and opened her remembering. This time, through my throat/voice, they held a high note that was impossible for me to hold on my own. I was in awe of the shape my throat had taken to allow this high pitch through. 

Afterward, the young woman was blown open. She was deeply transformed and had no idea what had just happened. She had felt it all and knew it was important. The Hathors let me know through clairvoyance and claircognizance, that this woman was to be a key for many. And the transmission from them had awakened many codes in her DNA. They had rewired her neural network. I felt  in such honor of her Soul!

Once this transmission was complete we sat in silence for a moment. Then we heard our guide beckoning us. It was time to move on to our next adventure.

We knew we’d just completed our mission and each of us felt buoyant and joyful. I felt myself beginning a slow descent into sleep and integration.

Gabriel led us to another cave. On our way there, Howler monkeys joined us! A large male seemed to be following us from the forest canopy! We lowered ourselves into a small opening in the earth, backwards. Amazingly we all fit! When we dropped down into the opening, it was large enough to stand, and then, turning around, we found ourselves in a hallway of limestone bricks! We were in a room under the earth. Likely over 1000 years old. The tree roots were growing through the hallway and rooms, slowly destroying them, room after room. We sat together in a circle within one tiny room, and Gabriel told us the story of the ancient Maya as he understood them. He explained, the Maya were people of Wisdom, as well as Shadow. Both existed in their consciousness. This is true in every culture. This is what keeps the balance – (in the 3rd dimension of duality). Very much the same wisdom shared about The Force in the Star Wars movies.

We then crawled up out of the temple and continue our hike barefoot through the jungle. The effects of the mushrooms nearly over, leaving all of us with open hearts and a feeling of multi-dimensionality. We climbed to the top of a pyramid structure, yet it was covered with jungle. A huge tree was growing straight up off the very peak where we sat.

On our way down we saw many dry cascades. Gabriel said there has been a drought and Palenque was not getting normal amounts of rain. The Howler monkeys started their sunset chorus of hoarse throat calls. Gabriel said they were calling out for rain. We talked about the need for a rain dance. We affirmed the rain would come. I sent a call out to the Thunderbeings.

November 2
The following day, we made our way to Palenque archeological site. It felt like a hologram. An illusion. Like the real Palenque was underground, or where we’d been the day before in the jungle. We met a park guide in his late 70’s in the parking lot. He’d been a guide at the park since 1965! We liked him because he kept saying, “everything these other guides are taught to share about Palenque and the Maya is false. The truth is…” and then he’d go off about all kinds of amazing things.

After leaving our seed-crystal offerings in the park, we picked up our new friend and took him to lunch. He told us many interesting stories! Including that he’d once met a man working in Palenque who had found a cave on his property and decided to explore it. Inside he found skeletal remains of a 10 foot tall humanoid with a long cranium skull! HA! He also said that Pacal’s body’s tomb was huge for a body larger than normal. He said that Pacal’s mummified body had 12 Chinese jade bracelets on his wrist. And the pyramids, when first excavated, before they were open to the public, had stone carvings of Hindu, Chinese, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Egyptian writing and images all over them. These stones were all sanded down to a smooth surface before the park opened to the public!

So, we learned that the original seed race who came to the Mayalands, who’d built and lived in all these ruins, were also connected to Egypt, Indonesia, China, Peru and Israel/Palestine. Was it all the same starseeded race who built similar pyramid generator structures everywhere? Were they making sure, when the Forgetting Times were over, we’d have access to information to guide us through our Dimensional Leap?  Were they implanting codes around the planet to support human consciousness? Is this what the crop circles are too? And who are the beings with elongated skulls? Positive or negative? Enslaving humanity or helping us ascend? This Yucatan Mission clarified so much, yet also catalyzed a whole new wave of questions!

The messages we left for you are encoded in the glyphs and architecture at ancient sites. They are transmitted through the sacred geometries. The sacred geometries are mathematically synchronized and created by sound vibration. The sacred geometries emit light and color and sound vibration. This is the language of The One. All creation is birthed from sound, therefore geometry. Quantum level geometries are the foundational structures for larger material forms that should, if they are to be life-supporting, be larger mirrors of the quantum architectures. The pyramids create vibration and tones because they are an exact replica of the quantum level structures which are vibrating in sound. They house the sacred codes of life, which is what the quantum geometries are. Therefore they generate energy! They were built to generate energy and to open portals between star systems, locations on Earth, and dimensions.

The number and symbol vibrations were represented everywhere at the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula and in the pyramids found all over the world. At the city of Kabah, everything is in 3’s. At Palenque, everything in 9’s (symbols of menorahs were found!). At Uxmal, everything is 7’s. 

There are Genesis Stones (crystals capable of holding extensive amounts of information for renewal) are located at ancient pyramid sites around the world. Lightworkers have been participating in the work of clearing, protecting, and activating these stones for centuries! 

I am grateful that we (Danielle, Duane, myself and so many others who remotely participated!) were entrusted with this mission at this time!

After lunch with our new friend, we were reeling! The information he provided was so confirming. That afternoon we drove to Roberto Barrios and dove into the aqua waters of the cascades!

Once in the waters up to our heart chakras, the sky opened up and rain came in sheets. The prayers of the Howler monkeys answered! We gave thanks for the completion of our mission and received the cleansing. All the crystalline seeds of healing which we’d planted were being watered. I felt the supernatural beings and the ancestors were thanking us for our commitment and devotion. Thunder clapped loud over our heads, and peeled across the sky. Is this real? Yes. This is REAL! 

The rain lasted all through the evening and night.

Thank you everyone for your care and participation in this sacred work!
We love and appreciate you and all the ways you bring your unique lightwork to the world!