Brought through Maria Christina Owl on May 14, 2020


We greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator.

May our voices find your voice in aligned frequency and pure tone.



There are messages that must be relayed to you now:

The time is coming close for the people to rise up and claim their right to the Law of One and Sovereignty

There is a time that is coming soon, where the Souls of the deceased will return in their light-bodies to stand by the side of the living to fortify their strength, determination and essence.


The voice of the people will rise to a deafening volume.

The ones of deception, who have severed from their Souls in grandiosity with an agenda to rule over your planet, are completing their catalytic work, having served their purpose –

playing the role of the “deep and dark” and the people’s choice will be made.

The awakening is at hand.


We sense the heart field of humanity at this time, and gauge their desire to respond.

Their premonitions, their foreboding…

We foresee in the field the momentum, we would say, the energy to leap is building within the people.

The imagining of the leap is preparing them for the leap.

And soon a catalyst so great will come there will be no thought just action, just the leap, just the Yes to Love

We cannot tell you the specifics of this catalyst

Just know that a great light is coming

A great light that will infuse and animate all upon the planet

And the, what you call, mind-control structures will incinerate away

(image of people coming out of disillusionment)

The hearts of the people will cry out for justice.


The children are activated!

Around the planet they are the conduits for the pure light of the One – The New Gaia Vibration of Love – They’re anchoring it into Gaia, every day, now through their innocence and trust, through their pure hearts

Your greatest ally, in collective humanity, now and as it has always been, The Children.




Dear Ones,

The Rose Pink ray gathers in your heart to ease your fears. Lay yourself in the hands of the Mother. Connect with the Sun and replenish.

We are the Dragon council. We are Dragonkind. We are an emanation of the Great Mother Presence.

We protect this planet. We watch over creation. We watch over all creatures. We watch over the evolutionary journey of all life, form, existence and expression. The consciousness and the mind of the planet is purifying. And so, the mind of the beings upon the planet purify. The mind enters into a crystallized state of clarity and stillness and a knowing of truth beyond truth.


The games of pretend played by children to explore what it is to be other than yourself are over in the consciousness of humanity. The adult consciousness must initiate now. You must go through the portal and see yourselves clearly. There are millions, billions, countless, guardians and allies with you. Your fear and suffering come from forgetting this. Feel joy and rise up.


You hold the bridge strong for those preparing to leap. We are with you.

Break Free. Know Yourself.






Q: What role are the spiritual allies playing right now, in support of this time of awakening on Earth?

We gather with you daily. Our interaction with humanity does not falter. It is our commitment to you; each one of you.

Whatever name you call us by, we are emanations of the One.


The Alliance, as you call them, is more than just one grouping. The Alliance you could say are like many pods who can come together in a super pod, just like your dolphins.

The Alliance is working from many angles on many dimensions. The Alliance is even time-traveling at this time, to open up portals of density and clear them, that the Mother Love-Light may not get lost.


There is a timeline war happening and many are traveling back to shift the timeline away from the inevitable in this particular timeline. Yet, those who would try to thwart the timeline away from Ascension will fail over and over again. And each time they attempt it they ensure their own demise in the present timeline. They tighten the noose so to speak. This is simply because  it is their time to die, and they’re choosing not to. It is only weakening them- their resistance.


The health and the vibrancy of Gaia and humanity is at such a strength and only growing stronger. It is the people connected that strengthens the field and you strengthen each other. The pockets of fear, doubt and suffering will be infiltrated by the love of neighbors, and friends and global meditators.


In your United States, there are many players involved in power struggles. There are many agendas. There is the financial agenda. There is the capitalist agenda. There is the spiritual agenda, and there are thousands of spiritual agendas. There is the environmental agenda. There is the technological agenda. Each one taking steps to grab power and feed their agenda.

The agendas themselves are ideas of what would be ultimate fulfillment for those pushing them. And these ideas have taken on a life of their own- like crying, insatiable babies that must be constantly fed, yet it is all an illusion.


When you drop the agendas

you are closer to the truth

of who you are

and what you are

and what you are capable of.



So many are unable to make the leap quite yet, to understand how powerful they are in just their pure consciousness-ability to turn light and sound into new creation.


But this will come. You must be patient.


We speak now to you who remember these realms of creation and freedom: You may wish to be there now, yet this is not your world, so to speak – it is theirs (present time humanity). It is the end of the 3rd density consciousness and the beginning of the 4th. You must find ways to resource yourselves and remember that you are Free Now, and that these agendas do not impact you, though you may think they do.


The agendas are constantly changing and the inevitable journey is for the diverse singular agendas to meet each other in negotiation and to synthesize into a new harmonic that serves all life. It may take time for this to happen as there are many diverse opinions, yet it will come as the field lightens on your planet.



See your world infused in love every day.

Use your power, the power of Love, to infuse your planet.

Let love guide you and let go of wanting to know.

For the wanting to know comes from fear of losing control.

Fear of your rights being taken away. Fear of losing your sovereignty. Fear of losing each other.

The fear feeds the negative.

Those who feed off fear grow stronger – therefore, focus on Love and let go of needing to know what happens next, for Love will guide you.


Participate with no animosity in the changing of these times.

Your role is not to point fingers, to judge, to hate.

Your role is to stay the vibration and keep it as high as possible for yourself and for the world.

So that this transition can be as smooth as possible.

You are with hundreds of thousands of lightworkers, lightbringers and Starseeds doing this together.


And so it is.