Dear Friends, 
Thank you for being with us while we travel on this mission. 

Yesterday was a HUGE day!

We left crystal seeds at Uxmal, Labna and Kabah.

At Uxmal, we were drawn to the Great Pyramid, devoted to the Rain God Chaac. We spend a good 30 minutes here meditating and feeling the energy. The view over the complex and the jungle from the top was incredible and inspired visions of the paradise it must have been hundreds of years ago.

The energy at Uxmal was one of devotion and purpose, as well as spiritual discipline.
The largest excavated buildings were called a nunnery. 4 long rectagular structures positioned like a square facing into a huge center courtyard. The images sculpted in the stone at this location were OWLS! And feathered beings. What the archeologists have labeled a “nunnery” is actually a Priestess society of oracles and seers. These women went into ritual together, as well as acted as healers, midwives, and death midwives for their people. At least, this is the information I groked from standing in it. 

We traveled next to Labna. 

The energy there was incredible! We felt immediately embraced and recognized and surrounded by love.

We strolled the grounds and found ourselves in the most beautiful grove of trees next to a medicine wheel.

The center column represents the sacred tree of life.

We sat and dropped in. Hummingbirds came and sang around us. We made offerings of the crystal seeds, cacao seeds and copal. Then Duane and I brought through transmissions. 

I saw a crystalline temple of light rising up from the grounds into the clouds. The presence of a family appeared. They were of a 6th dimensional consciousness complex and appeared in their light bodies. They were humanoid but had a different shape of head. These beings also had rainbow colored feathers on them – mainly their head. 

I was filled with love. We were all opened by the song of the hummingbirds all around us and the high vibration of the Higher Dimensional teachers who had come.

I relaxed and went into a trance state. We recorded a 20 minute or so, channeled transmission. (This will be transcribed and released later.)

At one point during the channeling, a honeybee came and moved all around my head for a long time, so close that I felt the air movement produced by its rapidly beating wings on my eyelids.

After the transmission we walked back to the parking lot, across the beautiful green grounds surrounded by Mother Trees. The sky showed us the temple of light described by our galactic Mayan friends. Then I saw faces in the clouds. See first photo at top of this blog post for a full sky picture of the cloud formation.

The main message of the transmission was encouraging us to not shut down the pathway of transmission within us, between the Higher Dimensional realms and this human, earthly realm. They worked on us so that this inner-portal would not close. They reminded us that we are already stored with the matrices of knowledge/codes that we need for “ascension”. They emphasized that LOVE is the bandwidth of being that will birth the new Earth. 

Today, we travel to Palenque. This is the Big Work. Thank you all for sending LOVE during Oct. 31 – Nov. 2.

Blessings and Appreciation, 
Maria, Duane and Danielle