Greetings Light Leaders and Star Seeds,

Imagining all of us around the world, doing what we can through meditation, prayer, service, and love, uplifts my heart. My service continues as well. Right now, I feel moved to serve by writing about my deepest prayer for Earth and humanity, and what I truly believe is happening right now on our planet.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in China, I have been nose to laptop, researching everything I can. I think I’ve only taken one or two days off since March 20.

I’m driven to know/find some truth somewhere.

I have read and seen so many reports now, so many different narratives about these times, I’ve had to be very discerning. I’ve learned to do background searches on the news source doing the reporting! Example: Wikipedia  – 80% of the definitions are written by three CIA employees! And all of main stream media, I think by now this is well known, is owned by 6 corporations whose CEO’s dictate what stories to tell.

Mostly, I feel into the energy of the information and trust my inner-guidance around its accuracy.


This documentary OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Mike Smith, is the Real Thing and everyone needs to watch this. I hope you take time for this truth being revealed. It’s really intense, especially if you haven’t already dived into this material in your own research. So make sure you have time afterwards to integrate it with support.


Thank you humanity for having the courage to come out of denial. This is the first step towards healing!