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75 minute video session with audio recording


  • Transmission from the Higher Dimensional Helpers – Receive Clear, Direct, Loving Guidance from the Helpers Who Work with Humanity and The Earth for Ascension.
  • Energy System Recalibration – Clear Density Patterns, Energetic Cords and Low Vibrations that can cause dis-ease in your body, your life, your business and relationships. Rewire these to Your Highest Health, Thriving  & Balance.
  • Timeline Clearing & Soul Retrieval – Unplug From the Power-Over Paradigm and Come Into Harmonic Resonance with Your Soul Truth. Live Into the next incarnation of your life and business, free to design new patterns of abundance, thriving and collaboration.
  • Light Code Activations – Remember Who You Are and the truest role of your Business or Organization on the planet at this time.
  • Flower Essence and LifeWave Patch Recommendations – Receive Recommendations for Healing Technologies to Support Your Physical Body As You Adapt to New Frequencies

A few things you should know about how I work:

  1. I do NOT see my clients as helpess or weak. I will never commiserate or pity you no matter what your situation is. I am a mirror within which you get to see your own love-light reflected back to you. I WILL reflect your vastness, your opportunities for transformation, your most direct path of elevation.
  2. Often the Higher Dimensional Helpers will want to speak to you. These Helpers will not intervene unless your Higher Self has already given them permission to join the session. When they appear, it is a huge blessing! Their guidance is profound, direct, and offers laser-beam clarity for the questions you ask.
  3. I incorporate healing technologies into my sessions, such as sound vibration, flower essences, and phototherapy patches. I believe it is a combination of healing technologies that creates the greatest opportunity for permanent repatterning. I am a distributor for LifeWave, and their X-39 patches are revolutionary and bringing true healing to people! If you are in chronic pain or have cartilage issues, I will probably recommend these for you.

One 75-Minute Video Session


​I recommend beginning with 4 sessions with me – one per month – or every other week:

* Each month we will build on the wisdom and transformation of the last. The truth will emerge, the lies will fall away. Feel your life become more and more vital, embodied and free as the Light Codes activate.

* I will also send you a Higher Dimensional Helper 5 minute transmissions once per month, for 4 months, which you can download and listen to as needed – to support deepening into your being.


Four 75-Minute Video Sessions

Monthly Installments – $288

Four 75-Minute Video Sessions

Full Payment – $1,111

Once you purchase your session or package, you will receive a Welcome Email with a link to schedule your session.