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In times of great change, true leaders rise up.
In the past, it was one or two great leaders who guided culture toward deeper values.
Today, we are ALL being called upon to wake up, step up, and become the leaders our planet and future generations need.





Holistic Channeling: Levels 1 & 2
April 3-5, Rome, Italy

Join Maria Christina Owl for an extraordinary gathering in Rome, Italy. There will be a public channeling event on April 3rd at a private residence, followed by a beginning level workshop in Holistic Channeling on Saturday and Sunday. After the training on Saturday, Maria will be going into trance to bring through a transmission from the Higher Dimensional Helpers. Saturday's event is open to students only. Find out more by contacting us!
Maria Channels
St. Francis from
Mount Subasio,
Assisi, Italy, 2019

Discover How Magnificent You Are!

Maria Speaks on Reclaiming Your Mind, Unplugging from Fear Programming & Changing the World



Join Maria and Duane for a life-changing 9 month journey.


  • Transform limiting habits and patterns at their root as you launch new, life-enhancing ones

  • Become empowered and clear in your purpose and mission as a lightworker

  • Learn to assess, rewire, and activate your energy anatomy for optimum health

  • Develop your intuitive abilities and deepen your faith in Higher Guidance

  • Take concrete next steps in creating your truest life of service and love


RECEIVE:   14 Live Webinars/Q&A with Maria & Duane, 3 Private Sessions with Maria, Weekly Focus Group with a GLLT senior mentor, and a 15-module Online Curriculum with Q&A and coaching from Maria.


ADD TO ALL THAT 3 WEEK-LONG GLOBAL LIGHTWORK RETREATS:   June in Mt. Shasta, October in Tulum, MX, and January 2021 in Hawai’i!

Wave 8 will be Maria Owl’s final year of guiding lightworkers through this life-changing Soul Initiation into awakened communion with Divine Self. The orientation webinar is April 22, 2020. Space is limited and filling quickly.


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Beginning in the womb Maria was subjected to violence from an abusive father. Shamed and perpetrated while also being smothered with grasping to be his savior, Maria navigated the complex psychology of Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy and Borderline Personality, coupled with alcoholism. The degree of alienation, loneliness and fear became hardwired into her physiology. Yet, today, Maria thrives! She found her way through the chaos and created a life of harmony doing her Soul work.

Self-love, faith in a greater power, forgiveness, and service to others is what Maria calls the bedrock for healing the wounded inner-child. This eBook was written by Maria to shine the light on the inner-archetypes at play within trauma. She believes that with understanding, comes compassion, and from compassion comes freedom from the Trauma Triangle.

If you are struggling with reverberations from a traumatic experience, this may shed some light for you to find your way beyond feeling powerless.