Welcome, I am the Founder and Director of Sacred Future,

Maria Christina Owl


At Sacred Future, we are interested in

three goals for You and Our Sacred World:


That all people experience true self-empowerment and self-unity through re-membering

all fragments back into Divine Wholeness.


That humanity rises out of deception, fear and doubt, and into courageous and liberating truth-telling and transparency. 


That all people experience the joy and creative freedom of personal and planetary sovereignty, and the triumph that comes with personal mastery on a devoted path of awakening.


When these three goals are met, we call this Personal and Planetary Ascension.


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Maria Owl’s

New Book is out!


The Purpose of 3D and

the Choice We Face

There is only one thing going on right now, and that is humanity making the choice between love and connection or fear and separation. Everything happening in the world around us, globally and locally, is there to catalyze us in making this choice. We are in the midst of a major planet-wide transition from one evolutionary Octave of learning into the next. As we courageously make this leap, we are faced with our final tests. Will humanity break free from enslavement programming of thousands of years or will we launch into a Golden Age on Earth? Never has the “field” been so ripe for liberation!

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In Maria’s second episode of her Planetary Ascension podcast she supports lightworkers to understand the current solar cycle and how this can impact our biology, psychology and spiritual awakening. She reports stories from others as well as her own experiences since Summer Solstice and what the Higher Dimensional Helpers are sharing with her to make this time smoother – Surf the Solar Winds – Say Yes to Your Ascension! Rather than allow the ego to try to categorize this experience as “illness” or “hard”, and isolate yourself with resistance and fear. There are opportunities every day right now to do Soul Retrievals, so that we may continue Unifying Ourselves for the Ascension Leap.



Maria Owl reads from her June 18 automatic writing Summer Solstice transmission from the Celestial Dragon Council to the Star Seeds and Wanderers on Earth. Prepare for a big Frequency Leap and sustained new harmonics tuning our planet moving forward!


Maria Owl brings the concept of Manifestation down to the Quantum level. This podcast helps you to work with your very accessible and powerful ability to CREATE YOUR REALITY.

Maria was interviewed by Michelle Melendez of BLOSSOM INNER-WELLNESS on Nov. 13.

The NEW channeling!

Maria speaks to the evolution of channeling over the last 40 years and her positive new Holistic Channeling approach. It’s a new healthy way of channeling and working with our Ancestral Helpers.

Maria was interviewed on Nov 17, 2022, by Therese Tucker of MODERN MYSTIC SOUL.

Maria was interviewed on her book Planetary Ascension and dove into to topic of 3D, 4D and 5D, plus “Are Negative Entities Real?” Maria answers with her own personal experiences and the stories of many Indigenous Shamans she’s known. The most important step an Intuitive-Empath can do is CHOOSE LOVE and SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL, in alignment with GOD-SOURCE! 

 Maria was recently a featured presenter on


Maria shares her perspective on Sovereignty as Self-governance,

Shamanism, being a Medium and Channel,

and developing one’s channeling abilities safely.

Enjoy the Chicken-song of Temple of Remembering in the background!

Maria was recently interviewed on MODERN MYSTIC SOUL podcast with Therese Tucker.

Topics included:

Channeling as a Calling, Energy Anatomy of Channeling, Channeling in Indigenous cultures, Dangers of Channeling w/o Devotion to Love/Good, Protection While Channeling, You Are Who You Channel?, Channeling As a Path to Awakening, Law of One Material – The Choice