In times of great change, true leaders rise up.
In the past, it was one or two great leaders who guided culture toward deeper values.
Today, we are ALL being called upon to wake up, step up, and become the leaders our planet and future generations need.





Maria Teaches Channeling 101: Trust Your Heart

by Maria Owl | CLICK HERE

Excerpt from Ascension Support Circle

November 18, 2020


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reclaim your ebb


In nature we witness the rise and fall of everything. Energy moves in cycles. We inhale, then exhale, then inhale again, then exhale again, on and on until our last breath. The ocean waves crash and then flow towards the shoreline, and then ebb and recede back from the shore. In transformational healing processes, we experience this through an expansion of awareness and then contraction of energy. So, the Universal Laws and Natural Laws show us how to assert ourselves and then retreat to rest and replenish.

Our challenge comes from how we’ve been trained by our industrialized culture to only expand, assert, and flow. Success is an uphill climb, we are taught. Any back steps are failure, and unacceptable. The more feminine qualities of introversion, passivity and internal self-work are considered weaknesses. This misinformation has led people far astray from balance. We have become lopsided.

I want to support you in reclaiming your right to Ebb!

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