Intro to the Holistic Channeling

Foundational Seminars


Enjoy this thought-provoking invitation from Maria Owl, director of the Holistic Channeling program at Sacred Future.

  • In this replay of her Intro to Holistic Channeling webinar, Maria teaches the qualities of channeling, and it may surprise you.
  • Maria goes through the different between being an “Out-of-Control” channel vs. having an “Undeveloped” gift, and she invites listeners to go through the check-list of symptoms of being an out-of-control channel.
  • Maria reminds listeners that the Higher Frequency Helpers are our family and friends, they love us and desire to support and help us.
As someone who has been waking up spiritually for 15+ years and doing a lot of learning on my own, it’s been incredibly helpful to take these channeling courses with Maria as I transition into a fuller version of myself. The way that Maria shared her experience, knowledge and gifts simply and humbly throughout the training built trust and credibility with me, and when she shared the class material, I often felt like she was speaking to me personally and my experience of being a channel who is finding her way back to her gifts.
Lana Harel, Mountain View, CA

Spring 2023 Holistic Channeling Courses

Guidance as You Develop Your Channeling Gift

Maria and Duane intuitively guide each participant through an awakening of their gift with a holistic approach.

Experience & Practice

After foundational teachings and preparation students will have an opportunity to attend an in-person retreat in Hawai’i to experience different frequencies and finally to channel those pure loving frequencies themselves.


Those who innately carry this gift are usually unique and fascinating people! Our community of lightworkers become a family of support for each other into the future.

Welcome to Holistic Channeling!

Growing up as an “out of control medium and channel” I struggled to understand my ability. Mentors were hard to come by and examples of healthy mediums and channels were few and far between. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s I spent a great deal of my time with Indigenous tribes and teachers studying Shamanism. I witnessed how every medicine person or shaman who was “the real deal” would go into a state of channeling during ceremony. Yet, none of them seemed available to help me develop my ability. And, I was too naive and shy to ask for what I wanted.

I faced a decision.

I could either suppress my gift and pretend it wasn’t there, or I could ask Creator to connect me with a teacher. You can guess my choice!

Within one year I met elders within an African earth-based religion who were willing to Initiate me. The religion formed around what’s called a Spirit-Possession tradition. Therefore, those called to initiate as priests, would learn how to channel the elevated ancestors, or loving deities, on behalf of the larger community. Through the priests, messages and energies came through for healing, rectifying, reclaiming, unifying, clarifying and catalyzing transformation. After three years of training with this group, it was time for me to leave and develop a new system to help “out-of-control mediums and channels” – one that was accessible, inclusive, and of a very high octave of love.

Holistic Channeling was born.

Are You a Medium or Channel?

Here is a list of experiences and symptoms most out-of-control channels have:

  • Dissociation or prone to daydreaming or spacing out
  • Sleep paralysis (when you become conscious out of sleep, but can’t move or talk)
  • Easily hypnotizable
  • Overwhelm from feeling everyone else’s feelings or hearing everyone’s thoughts
  • Something moving your body that isn’t you
  • Something speaking through you that isn’t you
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Hearing a guiding voice that steers you away from harm
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Receiving inspiring, clear messages, visions or instructions when driving, showering, or while involved with another trace-inducing activity
  • Visitations from Light Beings – ecstatic moments of connection
  • Unwanted attacks from negative entities
  • Seeing ghosts

You Can Become a Grounded, Embodied Channel

During this course, you will learn all my practices for how to rewire your energetic and physical bodies to be able to have healthy and powerful relationships to your Ancestors and the Higher Dimensional Beings, while never compromising your physical health.

The 4 Foundational Wisdoms
You Will Learn in the Holistic Channeling Course:
Lifestyle practices every channel and medium can do to ensure energetic and physical body integrity for transmitting
How to keep your energy body clean and what physical/emotional symptoms to look for that hint you’re out of balance
How to develop strong protection and strong discernment as you encounter deceased human souls and multi-dimensional entities
How to develop healthy, high vibration connections with loving Spiritual Helpers, Ancestors and Nature Beings, and bring through accurate transmissions that you can absolutely trust!

An Exploration into




Two Online Seminars – 2.5 Hrs Each

The Level One seminars focus on foundational aspects of Holistic Channeling. We will be discussing Purpose, Desire, Calling and Soul Mission, as well as diving deeper into Innate Ability vs. Learned Skills.

The goal of this first gathering is for students to understand where they are now with their ability, where they want to go and what role channeling might play in their life.

We discuss and emphasize the relationship to God Source Presence as Key and Necessary for any Holistic Channeling practice.

As well, we will talk about Physical Body health while channeling through Grounding and Embodiment practices.


Level One is now offered as a Pre-Recorded Class Only

Upon tuition payment, you will receive the access link to listen to

the November 2022 Level One Replay.

You will also have access to enroll in the January 2024 Level Two, live online seminar.

Tuition: $55 US


Three Online Seminars – 2.5 Hrs Each

 In Level Two we look at the difference between Channeling and Mediumship. We’ll talk about important areas of this sacred work, including spirit-possession and psychopomp work (Helping Lost Souls to the Afterworld). We will also explore Indigenous belief systems around Ancestor Spirits as the Helpers and bestowers of power.


SUNDAYS, JANUARY 14, 21, & 28

@  7AM HT  |  10AM PT  |  1PM ET

Tuition: $333 US



Four Online Seminars – 2 Hrs Each

 In Level Three we focus on Channeling and Consciousness. This seminar offers students many applicable practices and protocols to enhance your ability to focus and shift your brainwave state to elicit clean and accurate connections with your guides.

We will work with Breath, Meditation, and Mantras to induce an open-hearted, peaceful connection to the Higher Self, which always must precede channeling, while also ensuring a pure field for the session.

These sessions will include individual and group coaching.



@  7AM HST  |  10AM PST  |  1PM EST

Tuition: $450 US

I’m so grateful for the Holistic Channeling Exploration seminars!

Before the courses I was struggling most with feeling confidence in my protection protocols. The training you provided was very thorough in teaching a strong healthy set up, alignment, protection, invitation and closing (etc.) which helped me feel SO clear, confident and empowered that 3 new clients reached out to me in one weekend just from my energy shift.

Practicing daily clearing and the other meditations and embodiment practices have given me  an increased visceral experience of higher healing frequencies.

Before the course, I didn’t realize that there was a part of me that felt guilty for relying so much upon my Spirit Helpers as if I should be able to do life without asking for so much assistance. The insight that helped me release this guilt was knowing and understanding that I’m the one in a body here on Earth and I am Their Purpose… it’s Their turn, their “job” and their LOVING DESIRE to support my ascension! What a relief I felt! Absolute JOY & FREEDOM 😀

Understanding that my entire life and my actual DNA prepared me, called me and initiated me to Channeling via my specific intuitive abilities helped me deepen the confidence, empowerment and connection I feel to Spirit in my work and daily life. Increasing my understanding of myself has also helped me understand my client’s unique experiences at a deeper level which has increased their sense of empowerment and confidence! What a beautiful ripple effect!

Thank you for everything!

Theresa Anne Gutierrez, RMT, NH
Theresa Gutierrez

Founder, Director, 11th Hour Shaman :: www.11thhourshaman.com









Holistic Channeling Retreat




This is a 7-day hands-on experience in the Mayan Riviera, Quintana Roo, Mexico

October 13 – 20, 2023

TUITION: $2600


The HC Retreat is focused on Self-Awareness and Living Fully in the Body, while also experiencing the very alive energies of sacred sites in the Yucatan Peninsula, such as ancient Mayan temples, cenotes, and participation in Mayan ceremonies.

There are three focuses of the retreat:

1. Inner-work and Clearing with support – Breathwork, Ocean Cleansing, Nutritional boosts

2. Receiving Healing Treatments and Direct Transmissions to each student from the Higher Density Helpers – Channeled through Maria. Students will be immersed into these higher frequency fields, which supports positive energy body recalibrations.

3. Focused Meditation practices and Energy Body Hygiene protocols

The HC Retreat is an in-person ceremony and pilgrimage to sacred sites, to explore channeling and embodiment practices first-hand, in an environment that is spiritually alive. Because everyone is at a different stage of development with their ability, this retreat does not hold the goal that everyone will be channeling  by the end of it.

What we can promise is that everyone who attends will go through a personal transformation. 

The transformation you experience will be completely dependent on the intentions you are holding for your life, and the opportunities presented to you by your Higher Self.

  • We will also support your exploration into…
  •     Channeling Pure Healing Energy – Hands-on Healing
  •     Channeling Celestial Language and Sounds/Song


  • $2600 US
  • Location: Nah Uxibal, Solimon Bay, Quintana Roo, MX.  Just 15 minutes north of Tulum. 
  • Meals: All rooms at Nah Uxibal have a full kitchen. We take participants to the local mercado to buy groceries on the first day. Participants are responsible for their breakfast and lunches, and two dinners.
  • Tuition Includes:  Airport pick-up and drop-off, within a certain range of time, transportation to sacred sites, some dinners, and all classes



Participating in the Grief Ritual was the most impactful part for me. Having space to be with my grief was quite unifying. The ritual opened the door for me to access more of my heart and create space for joy.
The space was impeccably held. I felt safe, loved and nourished. I felt like I had permission to be in my process however it looked or felt in the moment.
Renee Mack

Holistic Channeling Retreat March 2023

The work I did this week, I could not have done without this group. I learned that I am truly safe, seen, heard, understood and held. I’d like to recognize and express gratitude for both Maria and Duane for your ability to hold a strong container of neutrality and vulnerability while each individual is in their process. I am so grateful!
Dayna Glover

Holistic Channeling Retreat March 2023

The structure of the whole week felt in a great flow. Very inspirational gathering! Mahalo!
Pavlina Mishikova

Holistic Channeling Retreat March 2023

The Grief Ritual was the most powerful and meaningful and transformative for me! The channeling sessions changed me forever! I feel elevated, positive, peaceful and connected.
Donna Maria Bordeaux

Holistic Channeling Retreat March 2023

I loved the Grief Ritual! I realize how important honoring our grief is now. The teachings of how to begin channeling and Q&A time were very helpful. Our visit to the Petroglyphs was unexpectedly powerful and moving! It was deeply healing to be held by our group while I spoke my prayers out loud. You had a superior team of helpers who brought so many amazing gifts.
Thank you all!
Carol Coats

Holistic Channeling Retreat March 2023


… FAQ …


Who Will Benefit From These Seminars?


  • Anyone who checked off more than two symptoms in the list at the top of this web page.
  • This is for beginning and intermediate level channels and mediums.
  • Anyone who is already channeling yet it’s happening without invocation and randomly.
  • Anyone who is ready to fine-tune their gift and elevate it into higher frequencies.
  • This course is also a great foundational beginning for anyone who thinks they are a channel, but you’re not sure


Why Did I Create This Training?


Holistic Channeling is a lifestyle, a way of moving through the world that is connected, reverent and embodied. Today, I approach channeling as a mature conscious choice and I am accountable to my physical, emotional and mental aspects of self. I’ve experienced myself how tricky exploring this gift can be without guidance. I want to offer people opening to their gift a safe container within which to develop it. I believe it’s worth it to become awake and masterful of your gift, rather than afraid of it and suppressing it. By opening to your gift to channel you have an opportunity to transmit positive life-changing information to your friends, family, clients, and community.

Who Do I Channel?

In 2016 I began bringing through a very high dimensional consciousness who I call The Great Mother. Eventually this Universal vibration diversified into intelligent Soul Complexes identifying themselves as the Sirian Council of Light, my Pleaidian Star Family and some Arcturian and Andromeda Galaxy Ambassadors to Earth. Today my primary Helpers are Grand Master Qi Ang Xong and the Celestial Dragon Council. Together, we created an incredible online and in person course called Becoming the Harmonic Self! I hope you have the blessing of meeting and working with Grand Master Qi one d