Maria’s Story

It’s not every day that a Chinese teacher of ancient wisdom, who lived a long, long time ago returns as a light being into the realm of the living to open a Mystery School! This has got to be one of the stranger things that has ever happened to me. Yet, through the years, since Wise Teacher Qi Ang Xong came to Duane and I in a channeling session in 2019, we’ve come to deeply love and trust him. Not only is he full of wisdom, he’s also cheeky, clever and catches you off guard!


Online & In-person Learning

Journey through three levels of self-mastery while participating in an online forum and live classes, small group practicums and a week-long retreat. 


Those coming together to explore a high-frequency course such as this are extraordinary people, with beautiful gifts to share.

Hawai’i Master Class Retreat

Join your fellow students for an in-person powerful and life-changing final training with Wise Teacher Qi, the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, and Pele!

What is the Dragon Path Mystery School?

“Greetings. I am Wise Teacher Qi Ang Xong. Welcome to my school.

” These mystical traditions came out of communing with the forces of nature and cosmos. Therefore there are the natural practices to enhance the natural body. And there are the celestial practices to enhance the celestial body. We will start with basic natural practices to strengthen physical, mental and emotional health and balance. Then we will weave in the celestial complimentary practices. Eventually they become  one practice.

“The art of working with Qi is as old as time itself. The Ancients, our ancestral teachers, didn’t discover these ways, they arrived already knowing them. For our great teachers came from the celestial realms to this realm to support balance, ascension and harmony. They taught the beings on Earth how to enhance their chi and expand their consciousness using Ying-Yang, polarity balancing practices. 

“These practices and traditions have spread throughout your world, taking on different focuses and goals. Some are found in the martial arts, some in Qigong and Tai Chi, and some funneled into the art of Wu Wei.

“Yet there are core original principles and understandings, like diamonds, unbreakable, that run through all these pathways. An adapted form of this is what I will teach you. For these diamond teachings reside in the Oneness, the middle way, the center. These teachings are the heart of the Universe and are living wisdom within Universal Law. These truths are the unifying force of your galaxy and they exist within every living thing. 

“Dragon Ancestors, the eternal ancient ones, are the original keepers of these codes. They trained the original human masters. And we now offer this wisdom to you.

“Until the mind is ready to let go and empty, it will not make room for the new.

Those who are ready to remember through the lineage which I bring, will find me.

And then find themselves.

It is no great mystery, these teachings.

It is already embedded within you.

What I offer are practices of becoming still, open and aware, so that you can hear your own Diamond Wisdom.

“We will begin each session with a small cup of Jasmine Green Tea.

This tea brings mental alertness, activates chi, and nourish the cells.

As you consciously sip your tea, I will impart “memory boosters”. These are wisdom drops that boost your re-membering of who you are, why you incarnated, and what this universe is.

“The second part of our time together will be spent in “somatic recalibrations”. This means, I will offer you postures and breathing techniques that will enhance your mind-body-spirit harmonization.

As we go along, your practice will grow, like verses being added to a song.

“By the close of our course, you will have the whole melody!”

What is the Becoming the Harmonic Self

Course with Wise Teacher Qi?

The Dragon Path Mystery School and Wise Teacher’s first course taught within it, Becoming the Harmonic Self, is a totally unique collaboration, to be sure!!

What do I, Maria Owl, perceive as the major benefits of participating in a channeled course?

  1. When I “step aside” and Wise Teacher comes through to teach, he is literally streaming his consciousness in from a higher, celestial plane. That means students receive not just learned and practiced tradition, but a multi-leveled transmission received by the Soul, mind, heart, body and energy body.
  2. As each student receives the teaching verbally from the channel (me), they are also getting their own direct transmission that is personalized just for them – from Wise Teacher Qi.

There are many more benefits, but just these two alone make this course hugely worth it.

Goal of the course, as stated by Grand Master Qi:

  • To enhance your life-force and resiliency
  • To be able to generate a strong personal energy field whenever you choose
  • To feel confident in mental, physical and spiritual practices to accomplish this
  • To benefit from positive life changes due to your new radiant life-force, including – better health, mental clarity, circulation, breath, calm nervous system, digestion
  • Clearing of toxic guilt, shame, resentment and blame and a lightening of the heart
  • Knowing and feeling yourself in the Harmonic Universe as a Harmonic Being

The Journey


“The work will begin in THE CAVE. This represents Meditation.
All practice begins with stillness. Before movement, there is stillness. Before light and color, there is darkness and the void.

Students are invited to explore their nothingness, before they encounter the truth of their everythingness. You could say, it is the womb of the Mother. She will birth you into the movement and light when your gestation is complete, and not before. Can you trust her wisdom? Can you relax and receive the “dreaming” of your coming new life?

Without anchoring to her first, you are not resourced for sustainable practices in moving chi.


“Second teaching is the FIRST LIGHT. This represents Contemplation.
From the void, the stillness, the no-thought, comes thought. Consciousness begins to explore color, shapes, visions, feelings. This is the Father. 

In this step students open into an exploration of the nature of their own consciousness. Contemplation, observation, awareness. Who Am I? What Is Consciousness? What am I capable of? What is the nature of reality? What is the power of Love?

From within the stillness, the inquiries of contemplation find their answers. Answers flood in gently yet clearly as knowing, often without words. You know much more than you think you know.



“Third teaching is GREEN SHOOTS. This represents Taking Form and an Exploration of Individuality.
In this step students explore the journey from the arising of self-awareness to becoming a creator of reality. Chi is the most fundamental emanation of consciousness in form. Chi is life-force. It is energy. To discover what you’re capable of as a human being you must connect with your chi and come to know it.

Everyone experiences Chi differently and will be called to use or direct it differently, depending on your personal design and mission. Are you grass, a shrub, sea kelp, or a Sequoia tree? Each of these patterns use chi in unique ways. It will be through the somatic practices that students will come to understand their own unique design. Yet all new life starts as green shoots. The God-codes are there, in the original spark; this unified truth connects all life forms. The plants and animals live in the universal harmonic. They are your allies and will bestow good fortune to those who stay connected.


“Fourth teaching is SOLAR SHIELD. This step represents the arising of your personal connection to God-Source.
Through contemplation you recognize there is a life-giving force helping you to expand and grow. The green shoot feels the sun, yet perhaps takes it for granted as it opens to its existence. Then eventually as the life form matures, contemplation becomes more complex, and the question is asked, What is this light? What is this heat? What is this life-giving power? Then the connection to the Sun and awareness of the sun happens. As this happens, the being recognizes that the light of the sun creates its own life. That the light is streaming through its own body, one with itself. The Sun and I Are One. Now, the life form has gone from a sense of aloneness or solitary existence, to a sense of connection and awareness of oneness. Before the being was vulnerable. Now the being is empowered and fortified in faith. The protection and power to deflect poisonous thought forms and energies comes from this knowing. ~I am Loved. I am Held. I am Infused with Source Love. I am Connected. I am Free and in Harmony with the One.~

From this state – there is no fear. That is true protection.


” Fifth teaching is LUNAR DRAGON. This step represents Initiation Into Service.
The Lunar Dragon moves on the Earth between the worlds. The night happens on Earth, yet opens doors to other realms. The sun is reflected in the Moon, allowing a new perspective. This step asks students to reflect on their life choices, behaviors, and relationships; and with the light of the new morning, making changes to align with the Harmony again.

The lunar perspective helps you to see things you weren’t seeing before. Your eyes shift to see in the dark. Energy, auras, and other realms are more accessible to your senses at night. As I’ve taught before, to create your Service Path on Earth, you must remember, learn and know it on the etheric first. The House of Day is stronger when its blueprints were made in the House of Night.


“And the Sixth teaching is DIAMOND WISDOM. This step represents living the universal wisdom and being the unified earthly and celestial presence.
Yes, you have remembered it! This is the embodiment of your own Harmonic-consciousness. The remembering of your Higher Dimensional Dragon nature. Your ancient master wisdom comes online and the God-codes are pulsing in the heart of every meridian center. Diamond Wisdom speaks to your becoming ONE with the harmonic universe. Now you have the tools, the skills, the awakened gifts to flow through life with compassion, non-attachment and grace. But don’t get too comfortable! For the next step beckoning you from this ecstatic state, is The Cave – Meditation.

And the cycle keeps spiraling, as does your evolution!

“This Mystery School allows access to the infinite within us and helps us remember our true divine nature. For me, it opened an inner gate to hidden, sacred wisdom. It has been such a privilege to step into this realm again after so many lifetimes of forgetting. Each step I will take from now on, my heart will beat in gratitude.”

-Tiziana Alma Scalisi, Florence, Italy 

Author of Now and Here,


Next Offering of Level One:

October 31 – November 21


Oct 31
HST: 8am / PST: 11am / EST: 2pm / ITALY: 8-pm
(1 hour) This Webinar is required to join Level One.
Wise Teacher Qi will introduce this ancient self-development path and answer questions:
What is the Dragon Path Mystery School
What are the 6 steps on the Journey to Become the Harmonic Self?
Who is ready for this journey?
What is the time commitment?
An Overview of the Path


Level 1

(10 hr Course)
Nov 7
HST: 7-10am / PST: 10am -1pm / EST: 1-3pm / ITALY: 7-10pm
3-hour online seminar
Nov 14
HST: 7-10am / PST: 10am -1pm / EST: 1-3pm / ITALY: 7-10pm
3-hour online seminar
Nov 20, 21
Each day: HST: 7-9am / PST: 10am-12pm / EST: 1-2pm / ITALY: 7-9pm
Two 2-hour online seminar
~ Reciprocity:  $350 ~

(Nov 14 onward Daylight Savings begins in California. Hawaii students will go to one hour later for all gatherings.)


Level 2

(19 hr Course)
Registration Opens September 9
December 3, 4, 5
Each day: HST: 8-10am / PST: 10am -12pm / EST: 1-2pm / ITALY: 7-9pm
Three 2-hour online seminars with embodiment practice and timeline jump
December 17, 18, 19
HST: 8 -10am / PST: 10am -12pm / EST: 1-2pm / ITALY: 7-9pm
Three 2-hour online seminars with embodiment practice and timeline jump
Four 45-min Embodiment Practice mornings on Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28
Tuesdays at:  HST: 9am / PST: 11am / EST: 2pm / ITALY: 9pm
~Reciprocity $600 ~


Level 3

 January 6 – 12, 2022
Hawai’i Retreat
Our culminating experience together happens in paradise!
~Reciprocity $1777 ~

Grand Master Qi works with us in many ways…

Right Alignment

Wise Teacher will support each student in discovering what blocks you from living in harmony. Every step of this journey helps to clear these limitations, so you can begin to express your life authentically.


One of the most painful experiences for people is estrangement from the sacred temple of the body. Dissociation is rampant in our societies. This course focuses on living 100% in your body, which catalyzes cellular health.

Emotional Healing

You will be supported in understanding the fluidity and purpose of your intelligent Emotional Body. Through group experiences to deepen trust and open your hearts, you will have opportunities to expand into greater fields of love.


Through the many exercises you will learn in this course, your body will detox. These practices will support the healing and strengthening of all your systems.

Experiencing the Universal Harmonics

It is through the fine-tuning of our body-mind-spirit system that we become able to feel and perceive the harmonics of nature and cosmos. 

Galactic Initiation

Helping us to recognize our greater roles in the Galactic Family and how to participate in the galactic councils.


More About Level One:


“The whole journey is six life-changing steps.

Level One is the first three.

The first three are the foundations of the work that set you up to enjoy the more advanced steps.”

THE CAVE is the first step. You will learn:

  1. How to enter and access the Void or the Great Healing Womb through meditation practice
  2. How to listen to silence, and the wisdom therein, without agenda, fear or impatience
  3. How to use this space for healing and regeneration
  4. How to invoke this space through breathing and prayer

FIRST LIGHT is the second step. You will learn:

  1. How to direct mind and thought to create goodness and harmony
  2. How to speak words full of vibration to create reality
  3. Commanding, rather than controlling or demanding
  4. How to ebb and flow between The Cave and First Light – Listening and feeling vs. Directing and commanding

GREEN SHOOTS is the third foundational step. You will learn:

  1. How to take action based on present moment inspiration
  2. How to be a conduit and capacitor for chi, or life force, for self-healing and healing others
  3. How to allow movement to birth from aligned thought, which births from Divine Stillness, to create your reality

“Now, how could these three foundational steps change your life for the better?

Here are two ways:

“Firstly, if you are wanting clear and high integrity relationships and communication with the people in your life… this will naturally begin to happen as you come into loving relationship with yourself. To do this, you must stop running away from your stillness, The Cave. To be a good listener, you must be able to listen to yourself. To receive guidance from Source/Love, you must be able to still your mind so you can hear that guidance.

“Secondly, if you are wanting to clear from your field toxic guilt, regret, shame and resentment…this class will help, as it purifies your heart. What is meditation and communion with Source, but a purifying practice? What is breathing, but a natural purifying experience? What is self-honesty, but a de-cluttering of the mind of lies? Until you decide you are worth living a life of freedom, you will remain in the suffering.

“I tell you now,


“So, my friends, if you feel called to drink tea with me, meditate with me, and learn how to move your chi to create a harmonic life… there is only one choice for you now… Join me for Becoming the Harmonic Self. Enter onto the Dragon Path.

“Thank you.”

– Wise Teacher Qi Ang Xong