Maria Christina Owl

Founder, Director

Maria Owl is the founder and director of Sacred Future. She is an international spiritual teacher and healer, working to empower women and men to align with their natural harmonic resonance within the greater Web of Life.

Maria has taught Indigenous Medicine in higher education for over 12 years, including at New College of California, Dominican University, and Naropa University. Maria is also the former Dean of Students at Energy Medicine University (EMU). She has guided over a thousand people through wilderness rites of passage and nature-based ceremonies for over 17 years. She has had the great privilege of learning with native teachers from 18 different traditional cultures and she is deeply rooted in her own indigenous ancestry and identity.

Maria has an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and her BA in Culture, Ecology & Sustainable Community with an emphasis on Group Facilitation from New College of California. She is also a certified herbalist and a clinical hypnotherapist.

“Maria Owl, I was so happy to be at your Reclaiming Indigenous Mind presentation on Saturday at FEM Talks Goddess Revival Event. You drew the largest gathering of all the workshops I attended on Saturday.
The songs you opened with and invited us to sing throughout were very simple yet so powerful, especially because they came to you in dreams. I felt the whole circle entrain each time.

Your invitation to “put down the pen…” and be open to receive the oral tradition was such a relief. I could feel the information in my body as it was spoken! You transmitted some powerful and important wisdom that spoke to each one of us, especially tapping into our ancestors and honoring and working with them. Thank you for being your beautiful confident self, a true wisdom keeper. I always think of you as “She Who Brings the Light.”

– Linda Braga, Society for the Study of Shamanism Board of Directors

Duane Michael Vos

Support and Guide, CFO

Duane Vos has always had a foot in both worlds of business and spirit. He owns two successful window covering stores while also contributing his solid support, wisdom and holistic healing skills to the offerings of Sacred Future. Duane’s main gift is working with the Earth’s energy grid. He has traveled to the sacred sites Tibet, Peru, Israel and Egypt with groups, to heal the grid and open portal for ascension. He is an advanced Mystical Qigong practitioner and Intuitive Empath.