9-day Retreat in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

October 16-24, 2024

Purify your body, mind, and heart in the multi-dimensional realm of the precious Mayan people.


This is a Holistic Channeling experiential retreat, focused on Self-Awareness and Living Fully in the Body, while also experiencing the very alive energies of sacred sites in the Yucatan Peninsula, such as ancient Mayan temples, cenotes, and participation in Mayan ceremonies.

During the retreat you will receive…

1. Release of Limitations, Mentally & Emotionally, through traditional Mayan Cleansing Ceremonies such as Limpias, Temazcal, Cenote and Ocean rituals, guided by the Mayan Healers, Maria Owl & Duane Michael

2. Catalyze Inner-unity and Rapid Healing, through diagnosis and treatment from the Mayan Shamans and Herbalists

3. Immersion into the Higher Frequency Fields for deep Self-remembering, through guided meditation and physical practices at the sacred sites in Tulum, Coba and more.. with Maria Owl & Duane Michael

4. Integration and Application of the Newly Unlocked Ascension Codes, through oracular guidance, massage and resting within the natural setting of our playa retreat space

5. Each year we are invited to experience something special from our Mayan friends here. There is always a new adventure each year.

Everyone who attends will go through a personal transformation. 

The transformation you experience will be completely dependent on the intentions you are holding for your life, and the opportunities presented to you by your Higher Self.

    Each day of this retreat will bring a new inner and outer adventure. We will be journeying to the pyramids of Coba, Ek Balam and Tulum to work with the Higher Dimensional Helpers and open to our next steps as Holistic Channels.

    We will be in ceremony with traditional Mayan teachers in the jungle, including Fire Ceremony, Temazcal and Cacao Ceremony.

    Our connections and friends in the Yucatan are ready to greet you and bring you deeper into the Mysteries of the Ancient Maya. When this door opens, if you are ready, your own mysteries are also revealed to you!

    The Mayan Culture is centered around personal and planetary Ascension. They continue to this day to collaborate with their holy dieties, elevated ancestors and nature spirits to create Heaven on Earth on behalf of all Beings.

    During your free time enjoy swims, snorkeling and kayaking in the warm aqua waters and coral reef of Solimon Bay.



    This retreat includes lodging, ground transportation and all but two dinners. You are responsible for your airline ticket to Cancun.

    Cost:  $3300  + cost of your lodging. 

    *Please note: Cost for lodging is a separate expense from retreat fee. Your lodging price is determined by which room you’re in and whether you are sharing or not.

    One breakfast, Two lunches and One dinner are INCLUDED. The rest of your meals are your responsibility. Every casita or studio has a full kitchen, and we will take you food shopping before arriving at Nah Uxibal.

    For more details or any other questions, please email us at


    Put down your deposit of $1000 to save your place.

    This is an intimate retreat for those ready for purification and transformation with authentic Mayan Guides and Healers who we have nurtured relationships with over 7 years. 

    We are limiting our group to 6 people. If you feel a yes to come, please contact me or put down your deposit. Thank you.