In truth, there is nothing to be afraid of. Especially not yourself.


We each perceive reality as we will. There is not much we can do to shift others perceptions for them. But just by living closer and closer to emptiness, we open up a portal to peace for others to feel through us.


If you are grasping for safety right now, you grasp because you fear it is not with you already. You grasp because you fear safety and a feeling of being safe, may not ever come. The activity of grasping for something, a feeling, a state, takes as much energy as just being still in present time awareness can generate for us. Meaning, a limiting, contracted thought can deplete our energy and then gain momentum through feeding dense emotional states, draining us further, while simply sitting outside in nature, listening to birds sing and not thinking of anything will actually generate energy for us, and that will also grow and expand within us to create health.


To observe what is, actually generates energy in your body.


To witness activity around you with curiosity, rather than fear, connects you to the creativity in the Universe, and this creativity wants to interact with the world through you. To perceive activity around you from a place of judgement, a desire for control, or a fear of being controlled, depletes your system, rendering you into the helpless state you were wanting to avoid.


Welcome in the emptiness.


What is emptiness?


The emptiness is a state of being where there is no mental strain. There is no grasping for a feeling state that you currently don’t feel. There is no judgement upon the activities of others. Emptiness is not numbness or disengagement. It is a state of de-cluttered and untainted awareness. It is living in the eternal moment of now, with no agendas that might pull you into expending your energy and depleting yourself through investing in illusions.


Emptiness is a feeling state of ultimate freedom.


Emptiness is a feeling state of unconditional love and peace.





Begin your practice of becoming empty through simple awareness of your thoughts and current feelings.


Ask yourself, are these feelings comfortable?

Are these feeling generating comfort in my body and mind?


If the answer is NO, then you are grasping for control in one way or another, over your world. Most people are in a constant draining state of wanting the world  or people to change, so they can feel more safe and comfortable.


Once you are aware of your thoughts, know that these create your current feelings. The feeling of emotional pain, may be stemming from heartbreak which is a deep hurt and grief, and sometimes there is also shame or guilt. Our feelings are rarely just one pure emotion, but a cluster of many all interwoven together.


For a moment, put the feelings aside and just observe the thought-statements which are informing you.

Each thought statement is propaganda from your ego and your culture’s collective ego.


What is propaganda?

Propaganda is the stories created to generate the most emotional impact, so to influence a specific psychological state and behavior from those who receive the propaganda.


Your ego, formed by your culture and world, is trained to generate propaganda.

Your ego tells you stories to generate the largest impact and invoke a belief about reality and then behaviors that abide by the rules of the stories told.


“My father never loved me…” or “My boss is purposely humiliating me…” are examples of super-charged ego-created propaganda. Our egos rarely broadcast light-weight messages.


Our current work, as human beings, is to unravel what is propaganda and what is our actual true understanding of our Spirits, the world and the Universe.  


As you become aware of your thoughts and the constructed beliefs that birthed from decades of internal and external propaganda, you will have more and more opportunity to perceive inconsistencies in the information that has been guiding your life.





Asking questions is the best way to realize what you truly know and what you actually do not know.


If you follow a thought of “Maybe going to the grocery store will endanger my life. I could get the virus and pass it to my family.”

And then ask yourself what propaganda helped to form this thought process?

And list all the streams of information that have been feeding you from the first moment you started having these kinds of thoughts.

News channels, Facebook, stories from friends, reports from organizations who claim to be an authority…

Now ask the question:  What is the underlying core belief that already exists within me, that is getting activated by this propaganda? Remember, core beliefs are created when we are very young and you’ve likely spent your life unconsciously trying to prove to yourself they are factual.


Identify this belief.


“The world is not a safe place.”

“I am out of control of my life.”

“I am too small to change things.”

“I never feel safe.”

“I am a victim and I am helpless.”

“I am afraid to die.”


Now your work is to find emptiness by traveling into and through this core belief.


Let the thoughts fall away.

Let every stream of propaganda and information fall away.


Bring your full awareness into your own energetic body.


Breath into the core belief while remaining a witness to the energy of it. Perhaps you want to chant, “God/Higher Self, show me the truth here.”


Stay as present as you can, moving deeper into the exploration. Allow for the truth to arise however it may. Images, colors, sounds, a song, a memory, strong sensation.


Whatever arise, keep reaffirming, “I am here. I am willing to know the truth.”


As you stay present with what is, you will experience small or large shifts begin to happen. Body trembling, emotional release, or surges of energy. As you remain committed to being present, you will eventually pop into emptiness, vastness, expansion, or illumination, whatever you like to call it. In this opening, let yourself remain curious and enjoy the wonder of your true nature!



You might also feel resistance arise as you enter into the exploration of your core belief, and a strong desire to fall asleep or stop the exploration and go eat sugar, have a cigarette, or another anesthetizing activity…


The practice of Becoming Empty does not invite spiritual bypassing or denial of the emotions.


Often an upwelling of authentic emotions will surface through this exploration. To allow these emotions to move is a very real detoxification. These are the emotions arising from diving into the contracted beliefs within you, while willing to know your true self and open into freedom. Do you see how this is different than feeding your surface emotions which are attached to propaganda? The surface emotions distract you from your true self and steer your behaviors away from knowing the core beliefs.



If you need more directed mental focus to get to the heart of the core belief, you can use furthering questioning:


Breath into the core belief while asking the question, “Is this true? Is this the highest truth? How do I know this is the absolute 100% truth? Have I had any experiences in my life where this has not felt true? Have I had completely opposing sentiments at times in my life?”


You may find that your contracted belief of “I am not safe” is indeed not 100% true, and can’t be proven, no matter how hard you try, to be 100% true. And indeed, you may find there are plenty of examples of times you believed the opposite was true.


State the opposite belief out loud.


“I am safe right now.”


Just sit with that. In this moment, is someone attacking you physically? Is someone kicking you out of your home? Do you have food in your cupboard and clothes to wear?


Now take it further: Knowing that you are an infinite Spirit, is it actually possible for anyone to actually hurt you or take away from your light?


The answer to that is NO.


Not only are you safe, but you are the generator of the essence of safety and security within your being.


These expanded truths can only be felt viscerally and known as absolute, when you open your awareness and devote to observing yourself honestly.


We reach emptiness through our ability to stop, become still, observe, ask questions, and delve deeper with curiosity with a willingness to perceive our world accurately.



In this way – we generate more energy, more chi, more life force, more love, more creative power within us – and this strengthens us and protects us as we move through an external world rife with illusion.


Now, go to the grocery store, anchored to your newly realized understanding. Now you are not run by beliefs, but moved into each moment by embodied wisdom.


Feel the peace and freedom that comes with non-attachment. The peace of mind that arises through clearing all propaganda. The peace that comes through owning your mind again.