The battle for Planet Earth is entering a dangerous phase as at least three factions desperately fight for domination.  This onslaught is now showing not only biblical but even otherworldly dimensions.  The biblical aspect includes the occupation of the main holy sites of Islam by unknown forces.  The otherworldly aspect includes an attack on area 51 and a downed UFO in Brazil.  All this is happening while the Covid-19 scamdemic is being fought over by factions who just want to control humanity versus factions that want to kill most of us off.”  – Benjamin Fulford

When you really go down the rabbit hole, you find things like this. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t a “digger”. Yet, being asleep is just too painful. 

How do we know What Is True anymore?

I feel like Fox Moulder from X-Files… “The truth is out there…”

From Benjamin Fulford’s May 18 post from his website, :

“We appear to have at least three groups trying to use this plandemic to promote their own agendas.

1)    The moderates who want a friendly planet where all countries work together to solve problems we all face i.e. a loose world government.

2)    The control freaks who want to microchip us all and keep us under strict, centralized control.  They are the ones calling for “social distancing” because their microchip control systems don’t work if people are too close together.

3)    Finally, we have the radical messianic Zionists who still think we need to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the rest.  These are the ones trying to kill us with 5G electromagnetic weapons, poisonous medicine, etc.

“There is also a fourth group of isolationists under U.S. President Donald Trump that appears to want none of the above but have America go it alone.

“This group is, in its own way, doing a lot to liberate the Republic of the United States from the Satanic owners of the U.S. Corporate government.”

I think I am in a 5th group. The group who is tracking the evolutionary cycles of Gaia and humanity and believes this is the moment of humanity’s ascension from 3D Earth into 4D Gaia.

This is a spiritual perception of events on a vast scale.

All the battling for power and freedom that is happening on the Earth, and within each person, is the result of the dying/birthing process of evolution – the great shift from one frequency to the next.


I think our best wisdom right now is to unplug from other’s agendas for our lives, and find the truth within our hearts. Follow that guiding light. For that is our connection to Universal and Natural Law – which resonantes at the harmonic of The One. Man-made rules tend to go astray, further dividing humanity from nature and the Divine. Where Natural Law will always bring balance and Universal Law will always bring love and peace. 


Natural Law:

Everything strives towards LIFE, reciprocity, collaboration, recycle, compost, abundance, regeneration, cycles and spirals …


Universal Law:

The Law of One  (All That Is …is of…The One)

The Law of Free Will – Sovereignty

The Law of Love – (the most powerful force in the Universe)

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion

The Law of Cause and Effect (we are all connected)

The Law of Mirrors (as above so below)

The Law of Intention (energy follows intention)