Channeling from August 7

Maria Owl, Duane Michael and Danielle Neils present.

MARIA:  I’m in some kind of rainbow light vehicle. I’m off the planet. There’s a star system that I’m entering into. It’s not to land in. It’s three stars that create a field within them and I’m suspended in the middle.

There’s an acceleration process – cellular – atomic spin – the spin is very fast.

They’re welcoming us to receive an acceleration – in a good way. An acceleration to help us integrate the new cellular metabolism.

We’re each within our own 3 stars receiving this.

There is an unlocking within each of us.

A huge treasure chest being open in our consciousness and ability to remember a lot more info.

From eternal realms and our own eternal libraries.



Feel the lifeforce of your planet loving you and holding you,

Gathering within you and feeding your cells

A new communion

The eternal is alive in everything.

No longer see limitation or death

The new vision is of what lives forever

Everything around you is part of the infinite creation

Your perception has been skewed for so long

You put yourself into an experience of a finite world and finite death

Even when it is not necessary and doesn’t exist

Yet your consciousness makes it so in your experience and feelings

 Then your feelings become embedded into your morphogenic field and collective morphogenic field

Suddenly there is this thing called death when before it did not exist

The seed of death is planted and then became adopted in the minds of the susceptible evolving 2D beings on your planet.


The crown is placed upon the heads of the people. This symbolizes the awakening of consciousness and the recall of true infinite nature. You will see the crowns of the people glowing. Those who are waking up out of the illusion of finite life.

We are with you in the eternal realms.


For us, in our realm, when you open into an eternal realm consciousness within your own consciousness, that is when you become visible to us and we can engage with you.


When you are locked down in your consciousness and feed all of your power of mind belief, thought into the belief that there is death, then we cannot engage with this consciousnesness – it is shrouded. It is in another world completely. But even if we pushed our way through without permission we would end up triggering a psychotic break within people or in the best of occasions, catalyze and awakening. Most of the times they would not even see us.


Your planet and humanity as a whole is now embarking upon a time of illumination. You are entering through the gates and into the eternal realms. The gates are within you. The gates open within you. You pass through the gates within you. You perceive the eternal realms within yourself. This is the way you come home.


Vision for a moment – that you are flying. You’re flying in an endless sky over an endless land.

That you have a consideration that it would bring you such joy to see a deep cliff wall with a waterfall pouring down its face, with a great river spiraling and meandering into a jungle. And there before you, what you just deeply desired appears.


It is not that you are all powerful, it is that the love and joy feeling of your being with the image of what you would love to commune with – that the One Infinite Creator felt your joy and desire and breathed into your vision the breath of infinite energy and made it so. A collaboration between two creators – you and The One.


You are not a rogue independent God. This is the folly of those who would destroy your planet. You are a collaborator. You are a director of the Love-Light and the Light-Love. You are a being of the Love-Light, Light-Love.


You create with the One and with the everything. You have questions…


What information do we need to know about this particular time?


Coming up from the depths, arising into awareness, a love unfathomable until now, sparked by the Children.


What was lost will be found.


For those in Western countries, for those who have been severely oppressed and poisoned with self-hatred and shame and guilt, the revelation will be self-love the revelation will be self-care, self-worth.


When eyes open in the state of self-care, love and respect, the world looks different, feels different, values change, priorities change. What was once top priority will seem irrelevant. What was once taken for granted will become the most important thing one can understand. Care for… Giving attention to …


All that was reversed is coming balanced.

The eyes of the people are opening.

These times, this time matrix, your current reality, is destined now for a great windfall of courage from the heart, beyond what you’ve ever seen. Courage to heal and the courage to serve each other in the healing process.


The compassion and outpouring of care across your world will be deeply moving. Human life will be the priority for the next 5 to 10 years – caring for each other and helping each other heal. Working with new technologies for healing and wholeness – healing psychologically, emotionally and forgiving. There will be excitement for moving on and not holding onto the pain of the past.


It is not that the Earth, ecosystems and animals are not loved and cared for at this time – It is that humanity will be brought back to their humanity.


It is as if they will perceive being human and the gift of being a family of humans upon a planet, as if they are just fathoming what this means for the first time. The value of human life will be so beyond what anybody has ever recognized, realized or felt. Most people will be in complete awe at what has been taken so for granted.


When there is no more racing and competing for survival that forces the limitation of resources and forces the human psyche into competitive mode for surviving and ingrains most people into a service to self-polarity, without these pressures, with the prosperity and ease of Core Needs being met, the natural capacity and ability and function of the heart/energetic heart/higher heart as a vehicle for love, peace, grace, joy and bliss can be recognized and developed.


What you will find is that humanity will develop their gifts quickly. Once given the chance, the time, space and opportunity. This is your moment humanity!


Development will be rapid in most of you. You will find yourselves accelerated by the sheer numbers of your consciousness as they align. Leaping into areas of self-awareness, and abilities that you never knew was possible…