This is an excerpt from a channeling session from Feb. 23, 2021.

We had a small circle at our house, The Temple of Remembering. The Dragon Council entered to answer questions.


After a first (ROOT) chakra clearing, the Dragon Council Speaks:

” You say that you want to be home, here, in this moment, yet you still hold onto the helium balloon.

It is a paradox.

What is in that balloon for you?

What is so enticing to depart from your own vessel?

Is it that you are afraid of your family rejecting you?

For the link with your birth family and your children is the strongest.

Connection that even in your unconscious, it runs you, whether you admit it or not.

This is how strong your human blood is.

Your blood is more than you think it is.

Your blood is ancestral memory.

Feel your blood now, in your veins, moving like freeway, moving up and down and all around, bringing oxygen to every piece and part of your vessel. You want the circulation to go everywhere because the blood carries the original instructions from your ancestors to every part of you.

You do not want this to be stuck from flowing.

And when you hold on to the helium balloon of attachments, it takes you away from receiving and knowing this truth of who and what you are and why you came here.

Why sign up for this experience if you’re just going to leave and not participate.

But, this is what humanity does.

It’s OK, because it’s all part of the journey. And so…

Every moment you face a mirror and in that mirror your Soul Light looks back at you and says, “In this moment you have a choice, you have a choice, it is your choice. Every second you face this choice.”

This is why we started this treatment with Root Chakra clearing because if there was any part of you that was denying or pushing away embodiment, it is the false information in your root chakra. This is the final locking-in anchor point within you. Once the false information is cleared, there will be room for you to move in fully. Take up residency fully. When you can clear and become present, fully awakened in the root chakra then you are Whole and Home.


Do you see this?

Do you understand?

Let the root chakra be like the pasture of wildflowers. The root of the mountain, the base of the mountain, where it meets the meadow, where the water flows and changes from vertical to horizontal…

This juncture, this transmutation point of perspective of vortices…

This is your opportunity to lie belly down and remember where you came from.”


 – Grand Master Shenzi

Channeled through Maria Owl

Feb. 23, 2021

Hawaii Island, Hawaii