Aloha and Greetings to All Who Are Listening…

The times of great change continue within your households and all around you in the world.

Doors have closed, never to be opened again… and new doors have opened which will not close.

Do not fear, for even if the way appears hard to follow currently, each and every day it will become clearer.

This past year has been focused on a great mental recalibration for humanity. The opportunities were many, for you to reclaim your mind from control systems and narratives.

Some of you have been participating at full steam, as you say…consciously dissolving discordant wiring and choosing passionately to direct your thoughts towards the world you want.

It can be painful to witness loved ones in your life not responding to the invitations to take up the path of freedom.

Yet, as we tell you often, do not fear and do not judge another’s journey down their path. All that they are choosing to experience is necessary for their full awakening. Do not push for them to be inauthentic and make choices to make you happy. Their unique way of going about life will invoke their own deeper and necessary lessons.

At the start of 2020, we told you that 2020 will be a year of humanity wanting to know the truth more than stay married to the lies that keep them comfortable. And at the New Year cross-over of 2021, we told you this year was a bridge year, a clean up year. The house was emptied and then had to be deep cleaned.

And now…

You have arrived at the threshold of your year 2022, the return of the Great Mother.

How will you notice this return? What will it look like? What will it feel like?

The Great Mother is an energy and frequency of cleansing, healing, regeneration, and fertile ground for new life to grow (ideas, projects, and collaborations).

She is already entering into the Earth’s field, aware she has her work cut out for her. She comes now through March as a brigade of Fire Dragons, to purify the kidnapped sacred sites on your planet!  Anywhere there has been “black magic” practiced and Harmonic Grids locked-down and inverted, she will be. Through Spring Equinox there will be a cleansing of these sites and the portals and vortexes and ley line-grids connected to them.

Then, as the new bright green shoots break through the soil, and the flowers bloom in mid-Spring, the Mother will appear in her gentle healing and comforting forms. With the energetic grid system repaired and activated anew, she will carry all who are ready through a profound healing process.

This healing process will reconnect those who are still purging fear, confusion and mistrust, back into the harmonic grids of Nature, so they can begin an accelerated recalibration process.

For those Lightworkers and Star people on Earth, you may feel an inner-call to assist the Mother energies; to serve and “coach” those in need of these major healing processes. For you have not lost your connection with nature and draw on Gaia’s healing frequencies daily…Indeed this has kept you clear and strong through these upheaval years. And now, you will activate and BE the “Shamans” you were born to be…BE the Guides. BE the Way-Showers. BE the Facilitators with non-judgement, compassionate care, and an unshakable vision of Wholeness through Love.

The Summer of 2022 will greet you with watery frequencies as the Great Mother appears to you in her water forms.  The sense will be one of bathing in clear, rejuvenating, spiritual waters. The water Mother brings new life and nourishes the seeds of your visions. She also carries those in Faith and Surrender on a constantly flowing current of renewal, grace and contagious joy.

Your Autumn-time will invite a phase of deeper reflection and self-assesment, as the Earth and Mineral Mother frequencies join the Harmonic. Those who wish to continue awakening will have many opportunities to meet their true selves. It will feel like “lightbulbs going off in your brain”, again and again, as you realize who you really are and how you are designed to be emanations and conduits of the Divine Eternal Love-Light.

As you move into the Winter Solstice portal days in December, an upwelling of gratitude and love will engulf humanity and your planet. A sense of wonder and awe at the twists and turns of the journey to get all of you to that present moment will also fill the field. Men, women, children and elders will gather together to celebrate each other and help those in need.

This Winter season will also usher in the final wave of grieving for those who were most “asleep”. There will be a great release from the planet of the lower-frequencies of suffering, fear and discord. The amount of Joy felt at the threshold of New Year 2023, will depend upon each individual’s choice to step into the New Earth Golden Age, or dwell on the tragedies of the past.

This coming year of 2022 is a 6 vibration in your number codes which fundamentally creates a consciousness of beauty, harmony, and loving relationships. Yet, 2022 is not just any 6 vibration… it is a six that vibrates at the higher octave master number frequency of 222.

The first 2 is the realization (then actualization) that you are Holy and Sacred. You and God are ONE.

The second 2  is the realization (then actualization) that all “other-selves” are Holy and Sacred. You and Others are ONE.

The third 2 is the realization (then actualization) that your reality, how you perceive life, you could say your Planet within the Universe, is Holy and Sacred. You and the Universe are ONE.

This is the gift of the Great Mother’s return.


As you step through the portal of your New Year shift, make room for deeper visioning. We would say that the best use of your meditative time now is in the VISIONING OF WHAT YOU WANT for your life and your planet. Do not dwell on past traumas. Do not hang onto that which must die so that new life may birth. Let go of your self-abusive inner-dialogues and meet your true self as you cross into 2022.



We are the Venusian, Pleiadian, and Andromedan Councils of Light. Together we hold Gaia/Tara in a field of concentrated light that you may receive this light and use it for your ascension leap.

Call on us, through the sincerity of your heart, when you need strength and reassurance of the Glory of this Time.

Thank you and we close this transmission now.