Transmission Through Maria Christina Owl – A Group of Galactic Guardians of Earth’s Timeline called The Council of 50

(From the Blood Moon Eclipse – January 20, 2019)

We Greet You in the Love of our Connected Intentions and in the Will of Divine Source:

Great transformation has happened many times. You must open your hearts to the destruction. To the dismantling. Love this, even in the time of explosions.

Let it feel ecstatic. The breaking away of the old, disserving structures you’ve grown out of. There is always a pressure of the greatest fear and resistance right before a surrender into the ecstasy of re-generation. That is, you are going through a complete dismantling of the previous form to allow your consciousness to re-assimilate into the great Universal field and then birth again into your new form.

The mother cannot hold the child in her womb with any amount of will. For you see it is the moment of releasing personal will to divine will. It is the moment to let go, and let yourself be dreamed by the Great Dreamer. Trust that this great universe/multiverse is intelligent beyond your wildest knowing.

We sooth your hearts now. For every stimulus, through all layers of reality, have but one purpose: To tickle you into letting go. We ask you to let go of perceiving any of this reality as personal. Trust that this great universe/multiverse is intelligent beyond your wildest knowing.

Surrender is the alignment and complete harmonization of the will with the divine will. So, it is not a negating of personal sovereignty. The surrender is to the ego’s control and belief that it is divine will. It is so easy to mistake for divine will or dreaming – the ego’s desires, and planning and prayers… no matter how dressed up in spiritual language and adornment, it is still your ego’s agenda.

When it comes to death, there is nowhere else for the ego to go, but into its true form which is a particle of something much vaster. The ego will always resist dying.

And in your letting go, let the ego resist. Don’t try to control your ego. Don’t imagine that the ego will stand at attention to a higher power’s instructions. Don’t try to make yourself intimidating to the ego. It will not come into obeyance. This is basically just you splitting your ego into two factions and having a power game. In your power game you project all manner of different faces onto the different parts of yourself vying for power. Take off all the faces and it’s just you. You with you. You distracting you. You blocking you. You building stories.

You are not separate from the great birthing that is happening now. In this moment, open to the great nervous system of all of humanity. Feel the buzzing. The excitement. Feel the resistance of the ego. Feel the pressure for change. Now, expand yourself to know every planet’s deepest desire. Journey into these celestial bodies… and experience their consciousness. Now, you are not just human consciousness, but you are the consciousness of all forms of life, on and in, and around the planet. From this perspective everything is different. It is love that propels the transformation. It is a great dreaming that must manifest. It is a speeding towards the ecstasy of union.

The light of truth. The light of the One.


We are the Council of 50.

And we watch over this timeline… this co-dreamed timeline … For all that you perceive, is a collaborative dreaming. An agreement of many, upon the creation of forms. And there is currently a very strong, and growing stronger, co-dreaming of transformation, and a relief from delusion, deception, and lies.

Do you see, the internal processes of deception have reached their maximum fulfillment as a stimulus for growth.  At this time, it is a choice toward love that will bring the next evolutionary leap. Up until now, you have been learning and growing from experiencing what you’re not. You have dived in head first to roles of perpetrator, savior and victim. Now it is time to evolve based on who and what you are. It is no longer the deception that will catalyze change. This is how it has been. But it has run its course and the potency of this way of learning has faded. The leap coming and it’s filled with a desire and a dreaming of relief from suffering and a choice for love. Put down your weapons. Violence is now perceived by the majority on the planet as unnecessary.

The next step is to internally validate this deep knowing that love is the propelling force toward freedom, not violence, war and the power-over striving. This self-validation must grow within each person and move each person into active service. Up until recently, most people have been giving their power away to authority figures, and believing the lies of your media streams, telling them that peace will come only if you fight for it. War must be waged to take out enemies who stop peace from happening. Your power has been given away. Yet, we repeat, the majority on the planet have now woken up to the truth that love is the way forward.

Therefore, today, when a voice of authority barks an order, or a lie is woven and spread throughout the media circuit, a growing number of people will discern: “Do I hop to attention and follow the orders of this voice, which is feeling more and more removed from me, less and less in service to me and my community, more and more distant from the truth? Do I hop to attention and follow orders like I used to, or do I discern the truth within my heart and follow these deeper instructions?” Within each person this must happen and is happening and the tide is shifting, changing, turning – more quickly every day.

No longer will people say “Yes, Sir”. Now people will look into the eyes of their neighbors, all over the world, and only see the mirrored reflection back to them of: “We just want peace and love. Those instructions being barked, those orders, will not bring us together, but we can find the way together.”

This great opening into the 4th Density, feels like this. Do you feel it? In yourself, in your heart?

It feels like this, this great leap of faith – that if you lay down your sword, the other in front of you, with different colored skin or religious beliefs, will lay down theirs. And then you will say, “Ahhhh, this whole time we’ve all been pawns in a great game. And the game masters have not had our highest good at heart. It has been a heart-less game.”

“We liberate ourselves now from that bandwidth that has kept us asleep, into this ocean where everything is included and touched by the truth.”

What each of you are deciding upon daily, is if you desire to live in this ocean of peace and truth. Or if you want to live in the discordant bandwidth of war, inner-battling and fragmentation. That’s the only thing going on every day. And to think that there is something beyond this dictating life and reality is to feed the illusion. Is to choose the inner-battle.

At this time, we bless you with the love pervasive in the universe.

As we contact you – you contact us. We love you. You love us. We are one.

We celebrate this sacred communion.