Sacred ritual and ceremony brings us home – to the land, to community and into our place in the cosmos.

We are always being offered opportunities to become whole. I believe our purpose here on Earth, the human journey, is about finding our true forms, minds and hearts. Through ceremony – we learn that we are indeed not broken or toxic, but that we are intricate systems within systems of intelligence and beauty. 

When we start reconnecting with nature, we begin to experience her medicine touching us in the ways we most need this intervention. 

Nature is constantly flowing rivers of energy in and through everything on the Earth. Nature is expression of the life force of the planet. Just as our physical constitution and complexion is the expression of our personal healthy life force.
When we approach nature – she will immediately, in her way, diagnose and heal us of the imbalances in our energy systems that are at the root of our surface symptoms – such as insomnia, inflammation, anxiety…

If we spend enough time in nature – we will begin feeling an incredible sense of balance and well being. 
But there comes a point when we have to go even further in the healing process, and dissolve the perception of separation between ourselves and Nature.

Not just Nature as healer or even nature as friend, 

But Nature and Self are One.

We can’t see nature permanently as our healer or as medicine for us to partake of and then we feel better. Even if we are full of gratitude, love and respect as we receive the healing energies.  Even if we are making sincere offerings in return. 
There is another level of  “home-coming” that must be embodied at some point down the road – eventually and inevitably.
Indigenous cultures have not lost this integral understanding of who they are. 

They allow their minds to be nourished by the vibrations of nature and cosmos and from this transmission they design their sustainable livelihoods and cultures. They are so attuned to the subtle communications of the spirits of land, air, water, nature, that they can feel when a decision they could make would throw the harmony out of balance and create dis-ease in the greater system. They know that a dis-harmonic decision made by one person could effect all life on Earth negatively and therefore future generations.

Nature is constantly available to us, humans, as a mirror, teacher, and mentor, of how to live in the Great Harmony. We are a life form that is susceptible to falling out of harmony and when we do, we destroy life-giving systems under the delusion that  we are taking care of our best interests, and the best interests of our families. “I need to feed my children, so I need a job in the mines. Our town needs mining to survive.” I ask you – where does this story really generate from?

What if you could walk on the Earth knowing that true health is a constant, spontaneous, ecstatic giving and receiving between your individual bio-electro-magnetic system and all other living beings, and that this is the functioning of a larger body you are a part of – our planet, Gaia; which is part of an even greater harmonic system: Our Solar System; which is part of an even vaster harmonic system: the Milky Way Galaxy, and so on and so on. 

There is a great mirroring happening throughout the Universe! Have you noticed? The patterns and designs of life at the most minute levels are mirrored at the most macro levels. Sacred geometry, fractals, and sound vibrations.

Human beings of the modern industrial world are lost in a maze of lies and systematic conditioning by those who want control. We have been abused, violated, and brainwashed –  told we are broken, toxic, sinners, and in order to prove we have the right to exist – we have to create a false self that desperately grasps for the approval of the Game – dominant society.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t change and find our way home again. 

Community ritual and earth-based ceremony is the vehicle through which this healing and re-membering can happen. 

Our Indigenous ancestors and some cultures still on the planet today never lost their sanity and knowing of who they are in the cosmos. They still carry and live by their Original Instructions – to tend to the Earth. For these cultures, this understanding of our true nature is normal. Matter of fact. The way it is and has always been.

This is a state where not only are we in deep repore with Nature, but we also know ourselves as embedded in Nature and as Nature herself. Where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our very bio-electro-magnetic beingness is as much of a valued member of the planetary harmony as the wind is, or the forests are. Just as the kidneys are an irreplaceable part of our bodies, without the contribution of which, our physical bodies would die, Homo sapiens are an irreplaceable contributor to our planet. 

What do we need to support us, as we make this journey home into the Great Harmony?

1.     Community to validate and mirror us. 

2.     Mentoring from those who have unplugged already or are a few steps beyond us and know the way.

3.     Radical self-honesty.

4.     Radical trust in the infinite intelligence of Nature – and the Nature we are.

5.     Help to preserve those indigenous cultures who never forgot and continue to live in the Great Harmony of Life.

6.     Respect and trust as we desire others we care about to also unplug, but it may not be their time.

7.     Self-care and compassion.

8.     Surround yourself with resources to keep you strong on the path – community ritual, nature, animals, journalling, art, dance, music, books, videos, teachers, events, healthy practices of eating and exercising…

9.     Asking for help when you need it.

10.  A spiritual practice, shared with others, that brings you home into peace and truth.