Dear Friends,

Here are some articles and videos that found their way into my awareness which I find compelling. When researching anything, we must connect with our own inner-guidance system and use discernment. Discernment does not come from judgement or fear, it needs neutrality and willingness to know the truth and consider all sides. Once all the angles are looked at, we naturally will gravitate (if we desire truth) towards the truth.


I’ve taken many things for granted and have a history of trusting blindly. I remember praying for Obama to be elected president and voted for him twice! Not liking politics or getting into research around politics, I just went for Liberalism and Green Party platforms. 

Now I realize, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY – WE HAVE TO DO OUR DUE DILIGENCE. WE COULD WAKE UP ONE DAY AND IT’S ALL GONE. The Higher Density Helpers have shown me many worlds who ended in tyranny, destruction and fear… taken over by negative races, the people sold as slaves to off-planet locations, and take-overs by A.I.  They tell me, this will not happen to Earth/Gaia. Humanity is too powerful, too creative, too connected to Source for this to happen. They say, our genetics are activating, invoking remembering of our original 12-strand DNA, before the Reversals. And that Ascension at this time, IS INEVITABLE.


I am offering this blog post because I’ve uncovered some “truth bombs” that I feel people might want to be aware of. I hope these serve your catalyzing into more of your true nature/mission/purpose.


First of all, I want to say I’m disappointed in the deception promulgated through Wikipedia and WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN TOPICS – especially around QAnon, Whistleblowers like Judy Mikovitz, and events such as 9-11 – these platforms spin reversal propaganda. Everytime I wake up to ways I’ve fallen for the illusion, at first I feel foolish for my naivetee… and then I forgive myself… because why shouldn’t I trust what is presented as true? I don’t want to be a skeptical, mistrusting person around every piece of information that comes my way.

Yet, I’m realizing, in our current global environment/situation – you kinda have to be vigilant and go beyond normal research. Now, we must research where the information comes from, who the author or producers are, and who is funding them…as well as what corporation owns the newspaper, media outlet or social media platform. When we follow the money… we find the truth.

Research takes so much commitment!

Hours of digging in declassified government documents, Wikileaks, and members only sites like the World Economic Forum…

I don’t have the time for it… more honestly, I don’t have the heart for it. In those moments I’ve chosen to dive deep, I’ve discovered such heart-wrenching facts… that I cry for days.

Yet… This, I realize, is my journey of waking up. After listening to one Whistleblower – a women who used to work for Homeland Security and then FEMA – I spiralled so far into fear…I didn’t know how I was going to center myself again. Yet, I did right myself… and I did it through balancing the information with spiritual wisdom and expanding my awareness into the Quantum. I realized that the information she divulged, though horrifying to me, activated something in me that was very powerful. The part of me that proclaims, “NOT ON MY WATCH!”

To hold the information without the balance of spiritual overview, was unsustainable to the max! Only when I brought in the vaster perspective and larger spiritual context could I hold the information, acknowledge it, and move through my fear to the other side. I found myself 24 hours later feeling waves of joy, empowerment, gratitude and clarity of a much more heightened quality than I had before accessing the info from this Whistleblower.

The pendulum swings.

We go to the light, to then swing into the dark, only to balance again by swinging to the light. The Star Wars movies taught us about the Force… Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is light, the darkness will be there in equal measure. It’s about BALANCE.


So – I’m going to share this information and before you dive into it – if you choose to do so, make sure you are well resourced. Remember – The truth can set us free. And… We Create Reality by Directing Our Intention. So, accept what is, and decide what you want to happen next, then take action.


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