Dear Ones ~
‚ÄčLet me talk for a minute about death.

We are in the time of death and renewal. A new year is dawning as 2016 sets.
I’d like to invite you to view this process of beginnings and endings in a spiral pattern, rather than a linear road. Just consider the cycles of Nature!

First let’s talk about literal biological death:
Death comes when your form is ready to be “taken off” and there is pressure from the next form to be born. Death is literally the threshold or gateway – THE MOMENT – of release/birth. These moments are always an emotional experience for the living organism, as the ego attached to the organism believes it’s facing permanent annihilation. Yet, they are always moments of orgasmic bliss for the Soul! Change, of course, is inevitable, for every person and every Soul, whether it’s feared or welcomed.

Every experience of transcendence, growth, integration and evolution is Bliss for the Soul.

To view the Earthly experience of the “birth – life – death – transformation – rebirth” process from a 
Soul’s perspective, you would understand it actually as:
1. You are existing in the spiritual realm, then
2. you choose to incorporate on Earth (choice to “take on the body”)
3. you live a full and rich experience married to a carbon-based electro-magnetic body (what an incredible intimacy!)
4. the body begins to atrophy and can’t hold your spirit any longer, so the spirit un-corporates, or de-corporates, (takes off the body)
5. and you re-enter/return to spiritual realm.

At this point the Soul integrates all the lessons and wisdoms from that experience of form and “awakens even more” and raises vibration even higher.

Now let’s look at this same process within your life in a body – for as you experience greater cycles, they are mirrored in smaller ways throughout your life. This is the holographic Universe!

If you look at your life in terms of chapters in a great book:
-The book is the journey of your Soul. 
-The chapters are lifetimes you’ve incorporated. 
-Between every chapter is an intermission of time spent in the spiritual realm. 
-Within each chapter there are multiple “parts” which vary in number, these are your major life-transitions within each life.

So just as your Soul feels a pressure to release the body and move on into a new chapter (lifetime), your Soul is also guiding you to move onto a new part of your life, or lifestyle, when your old ways begin to hold you back. “It’s time to turn over a new leaf”. “I’m starting from a blank slate”. “I’m ready to start a new life”. These are all comments people say when they can feel the call to rebirth themselves and release the old.

Every time you “shed a skin”, like a snake shedding her old skin to meet the world with newness, your Soul experiences this as bliss and gives you support and energy to make this shift.

A job or career change. A primary relationship ends or begins. Becoming a parent. Beginning or leaving an educational program. Changing your eating and/or exercise habits. Moving to a new location.

The longer you hold onto an old skin, afraid to change, which as I’ve said earlier is the ego’s fear of annihilation or losing control, the more things won’t go smoothly in your life. The more suffering you create for yourself. The “sicker” you become, because you are fighting against your organic growth process. This “fighting the flow” can change the course of your life and creates the opposite of bliss. It creates stagnancy, depression, helpless feelings, a sense of having settled. It can anchor in these density patterns that then takes another lifetime(s) to clear.

To renew, refresh and open to the world with new eyes, ears, heart, mind and willingness, is to be in harmony with nature and cosmos!

When you swim with the current of the river you can rest and be carried or you can swim and collaborate with the current for speed.
When you swim against the current, you exhaust yourself quickly, waste lots of energy, and your eyes are constantly looking into the past.

I would like to invite all who read this to consider what this setting sun on 2016 means to you and your current life. What is setting in your life? What needs to shift so you can go with the flow of the river?

If 2017 was the year for you to be carried in the current of your blissful life, how many orgasms are you willing to give your Soul this year?? That’s a nice way to think of it!

How will you set yourself up for success? 
What are your support systems?

Thank you for sitting with these words and letting them support you in whatever way is appropriate in your life.

With Ultimate Love, 
Great Mother Presence