Great Mother Presence Speaks:

“There is a great sadness in the heart of humanity. You long to go home. Yet you don’t know where home is. You long to be with “your true family”. Yet you don’t know who they are. You long to be seen for who you really are. Yet you don’t know who you are yourself.

There can be no homecoming without leaving home. Each of you chose this experience to open to a much deeper and awake part of yourself that couldn’t have opened otherwise.

The issue that most of you have is that you are looking for HOME in all the wrong places. You are looking for that sense of peace, belonging, and love as if to look for a band-aid to cover up a surface cut. A band-aid cannot stop the longing for deeper remembering.

For example: Do you create a magnetic/attractive image of yourself and put it out into the world, then wait for responses back? Do you acquire degree after degree, certification after certification to feel good enough? Do you constantly give to others hoping to be acknowledged and appreciated one day. Do you spend money compulsively trying to feel some sense of value?

You Will Not Find Yourself Where You Don’t Reside.

You left home to discover the deepest parts of yourself. These hidden aspects are covered up in armor and can appear ugly to you. Many lifetimes will be spent avoiding looking at these gems (therefore they will run your lives). But eventually – you will look. Eventually you will feel the truth of these aspects. You will take the time to chip away the armor. To view the truth of these lost parts of yourself. They hold the key to your peace, because they only surrender when you forgive yourself, make atonements, and open your beautiful heart into the most vulnerable compassion.

This my dear ones is coming HOME. For in the vortex of your surrendered heart you will finally find the access roads to your spiritual family and star ancestry. Until then, you are only making up stories and cognitively understanding the possibilities. 

Your undefended, open heart will bring you into the pure experience of HOME, and your multi-dimensional true nature, which is aligned with All That Is. This ecstatic experience awaits each and every one of you.

The promise of the peace and joy of Homecoming keeps humanity forward moving. Keeps you seeking. Keeps you exploring.

Your Arrival Is Inevitable.”