March 28, 2021

Full Moon Channeling

Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii






You are a being

You are a consciousness

In this eternal moment of Right Now.


Nothing can hold you bound to it from any past story or timelime within your own history.

There is nothing strong enough to control your pure being consciousness.


Unless you choose it.

Unless you make choices in your life to behave as if you were bound?


Do you understand?


You are a boundless, eternal, pure consciousness, right here and now. Limitless. Beautiful.

And in this moment the Divine desires to dance the ecstatic dance with you.

To sing with you. To caress you. To enjoy LOVE with you.


Can you feel the old structures falling away?


As you witness them from new eyes, from the new inner-sight of freedom, of your pure essence, perhaps now you sense, maybe even physically you can feel their dissolving. They’re falling away like rusty old structures… falling away.


And a new crystalline grid structure, vibration of your being is what remains. That which was always there. Always you. That which is eternal.


Can you hear your Soul song humming?




DUANE – Will we physically see a separation between 3rd density and 4/5th density? Will there become two earth-like planets? And those choosing the higher density will be on one and those choosing to stay in 3D in grief, sorrow, pain will be on another. Is that a true statement or is that not true?

3rd, 4th, 5th DENSITIES

This question comes from a third density perspective. That there will be two third density physical earths and they will look like each other, but they will be different vibrationally. No, you see, there are already many, many higher dimensional planes of existence and many, many civilizations who have ascended and are on higher planes, yet they may be the same location. Like for example, your Mt. Shasta area. For example, this island that you live on. And many other places of your third density planet have ascended already and there are already beings living in these 4th, 5th, higher density realms of these earthly locations. It does look very different in the higher realms.

The lessons learned in 3rd density determine which Universal elements are present, and how those elements can combine to create structures, which can be used to build the civilization. For your 3rd density Earth, the elements of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Silver, Gold, for example, combine to create structures of water, air, metal, etc. People use these to create their culture and civilization. The elements support humanity’s learning about the right use of power, just think of all the shadow that arises around seeking to attain gold. And the lesson of love and service to others is taught by water, which makes up most of your planet and body.

In the higher densities, we would say between the higher 4th, going into 5th, there is a very different perception of reality. And the structures are much more vibrational. They are realms that can be entered into and visited just through directing your thought and you are there.

It is not that 5th density Souls, using 3rd density bodies on a 3rd density planet can disappear from one physical location and suddenly appear in another physical location, no. This can only happen in a light body in the higher dimensions, and phasing in and out of a lower density realm can now happen. A 3rd density physical body cannot phase in and out like this, because you are in a linear time consciousness. But a light body can do this.

And so, you see it is an ascension process. It is the literal transmutation of flesh.

The energy of your Soul and the essence of your being, creates for yourself a higher dimensional form that exists in the higher dimensions.

You have had experiences already where the higher dimensional beings phase into your reality and give you a glimpse… perhaps you see a burst of light, an orb, or a light being suddenly appear and disappear. That’s us.

And when you are in your light body you can phase in and out of 3D like this as well. You can visit for a moment, and then phase out, but you never leave your home dimension, unless you choose to live fully in a 3rd dimensional body on a 3rd dimensional planet, do you see?

And so, in simple terms we can answer your question and say, oh yes, there are countless Earths…

DUANE:  Got it. They’re all in the same place. Just in different dimensions. Different densities.



It is the perception. You see, the genetics… There’s an aspect of your genetics that disenables you to perceive very far. Yet, children being born now do have a third strand of DNA appearing. It appears first as vibration and then it slowly becomes physical. And so, you do have more strands appearing… 3, 4, 5, 6 strands appearing… in your third density physical form. This evolutionary journey into the 12-strand will happen. It will happen over many thousands of years. And for those who have known 12-strand already, maybe your home dimension is much higher than third, yes? You have the resonance of all 12-strands in you now, they are accessible to you and yet, because you have chosen incarnation in 3rd density form, you have forgotten how to activate them, you have perhaps forgotten they exist, and also the, you could say protocol, you could say steps, of the journey of the activating of them. Does this make sense?

Most of your family and friends who reached the ascension point, they reached a point of positive polarity of choice in themselves and they left their physical bodies. They are now living in the higher dimensional realms. Those who did, were ready to harvest, yes? Many, many…



Ok, so, we sense a question in the field.

We will speak to the questions of death and dying. You of course know that there’s no death…

OK, so, when you ascend from 3rd density, you release your physical form, the physical vehicle that held your very vast multi-dimensional spirit, and you no longer need it because you are expanding beyond it. You cannot take it with you. It does not make sense to take it with you, because your physical body is a design of the finite realm, and a realm of reversal grids, the devouring life grid. Your body belongs to this realm, and so you release it, so you can go into the infinite realm where your body does not die, because it is of an eternal realm design. And so, the misunderstanding and misinformation is that your time of transition must come in an experience of pain and suffering. This is completely false. I will repeat: THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE.

To die is to be born into your true eternal form. You are eternal beings. You have taken on temporarily the experience of being finite, to learn certain lessons. When you are believing you are mortal or finite, everywhere you look, things are dying. The cat is eating a mouse. The leaves from the trees fall. This is the realm you are experiencing currently for a reason. A very sacred reason. It is not a negative reason. This is important to understand. For, everything is in balance. This realm is to learn about balance. Indeed, it is to learn about power. It is to learn about your capacity to be the Divine incarnate within the finite-devouring life grid. And you have as a Divine spark in a finite body, you can choose, plan, program, your transmutation moment. You can choose it at any moment. You can also plan it; indeed, you can plan what age you want to go. You can choose to continue on, and be healthy and thriving for hundreds of years. But it is so not in your consciousness and has not been culturally allowed for you to believe these things. The deepest understanding in you is that, “This is impossible.” So, this is what we mean by the reversal, the inverted grid you live in now. What is true, you’re told it is false. You can live for hundreds of years but you’re told this is not true. You have to die with death and disease and suffering and trauma. This is false. What else have you learned and ingrained as a truth, which is actually erroneous. This is a very important question to meditate upon.



One of the things we will highlight at this moment, is how hard this realm is for sensitive people. It is hard for them to witness the destruction, violence, pain and suffering. This is very hard on heart centered, sensitive people. In the culture, guilt is woven into the tapestry, to control people. Sensitive people are left with an internalized narrative that is “I must be better than I am now. I am part of the destruction. It’s my fault. I must fix myself because I am damaged and I’m damaging the world.” It’s different for everybody, but something like that.

My Dear you are already being and doing what is yours to be and do. To fulfill. And be the answer to your question. For simply knowing this, what we just shared with you, receive what we say deep within your being, can you connect to what is true in what we say to you? Then you know that your beingness, just exactly as it is in this moment, is OK. It is medicine for humanity. And when you connect in this way to your beingness, you are medicine for humanity. You are medicine for collective consciousness. Because in the being there are no lies. In the being, there are no masks. There is not trying. No grasping. No avoiding or running away. There is just the being. What are you being? For what are you being? You are being all that you can be! Which is love. For that is what you are. You are consciousness itself, of the eternal realms of the Source, yes. And this doesn’t even touch it. These words we take from Maria’s vocabulary, can’t even touch it. Can’t touch you – What you truly are.

To answer in another way, we would say:

If you can live your life in a way that brings you the greatest joy and support others in doing the same, this is a very good path.



It can definitely feel mucky yes? Like moving through a muddy swamp. But you must inner-stand this:

It’s worth it.

Once you understand that the swamp is the last stretch before freedom for ALL, isn’t it worth it? To do your daily practice to clear your energy field and love yourself, to do whatever you can in a devotional way to remain clear and in love and in service. For the gateway is right before you, humanity! Right before you!

And all of everyone’s greatest resistance and fear is going to rise up and tell you to turn back, you don’t deserve this. You can’t have it. And those who are saying “I do! I do deserve it! I’m going for it!” and you’re sprinting to the open door, streaming with golden light of awakened consciousness. It’s hard not to get hooked when you see the ones you love hitting the walls of their own fear, confusion and doubt. You want to turn and go back and throw them a rope, and do what you can…And you find you start going under with them, rather then you pulling them out sometimes, yes? The more people who have the clarity and strength to run, we use this image not in terms of running in avoidance, denial or fear at all… We use the term, running towards the Beloved. Into the open arms of the Beloved. And your heart is bursting in so much love. And you’re so engulfed with the love you think everybody else feels it too. But for some it takes a little bit longer for them to accept that they are indeed so, so loved. You must allow them their process, their path…

Nobody can do it for you. You cannot do it for others. Your service comes from you saying yes to your Sacred Marriage with the Beloved. For once you are bound in that Unity of Oneness of who you truly, truly are, your true service beings. Your true strength to help them will then be available to you. We try to speak in terms you will comprehend.

It is a paradox. Your union with the Beloved widens and widens and widens that threshold so that the light gets brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter… Not even the most shameful place of smallness in someone will be missed. It will all be touched by the light. Those who have the courage to say YES – I give myself the Sacred Marriage and you run into the arms of the I AM/All IS, that is your greatest contribution, cause it amplifies the light so it can reach those who are in the deepest pain. You will know this for yourself soon. Each of you. And perhaps have already had tastes of the truth of this. For in the sacred union, the service comes with no effort. No trying, scheming, plotting, confusion…. Zero! It just streams forth from you. You know exactly where to be, with whom, doing what, how to do it…

Remember, the swamp or resistance, is perceived by you. Yet, in a moment you can be through it. There is no swamp.



A full realization of your true nature, which is eternal vibration from Source. Each Soul has free will from the beginning of Creation. This was there. The Law of One, the Law of Free Will. The Law of Love. Free Will – the second law. Law meaning “Happening”. The second happening from the One. And so, for some Souls, an experience of their greatest achievements may be to become a Sun. A Logos presence of a solar system. For another a Soul’s greatest evolutionary journey could be to be an eternal realm Avatar incarnating into denser planets and serving as your Yeshua did, or your Buddha. And for another Soul…something else. For another Soul, Returning. Completely dissolving as an individually expressing Soul and dissolving completely back into Source-Oneness. Not just knowing oneself as from and of Source, but returning completely back. For each Soul the journey is different and that is what makes Creation and the One and the Infinite so beautiful and magnificent. There is no end to possibility.


It’s exciting is it not? To consider?

Where are you going?



We thank you for this lunar communion.

The Dragon Council, the Sirian Council of Light, Quan Yin,

and Council of the Sun.