Some of you here today are about to get a lightening bolt that is going to catalyze you onto a whole new life path.

When the Great Mother comes in, as she is right now, She shows me what’s happening with everyone in the room. I feel and see the energetic leaks, limiting beliefs and patterns, the blocks… And I see destiny, your power, your Universal essence, and the reason you incarnated into this life.

I don’t try to do this.
Actually my connection to The Great Mother and my Higher Self happens through releasing the “trying”.

I have been a medium and a channel my whole life.

At age 22 I was initiated in South Dakota as a Sacred Pipe Carrier and recognized by my Lakota family as carrying power.

At age 39 I was initiated as a Priest of Yemoja (the great mother) in the Yoruba tradition from Africa. This was my first experience of full body mediumship.

I have worked with Indigenous medicine people from 15 different countries, since I was 19 years old. And that’s not counting receiving training from my dreams and my Grandparents up until that age.

I came from a very chaotic family life – with severe domestic abuse. I lived most of my life with post traumatic stress disorder. Yet, here I stand before you today, completely free of trauma.

I married my beautiful King, my compliment in every way, two years ago. We are about to move to Hawaii to found a Healing Center that was given to me in a vision when I was visiting John of God in Brazil. I founded a school called Sacred Future that trains students in stepping into Sacred Leadership, their Medicine Path.

It’s amazing to see where I came from and then to see my life today.

For me – all this had to be. It is my destiny to assist humanity in this time of Great Birthing. There are waves of people of all ages waking up into vaster levels of consciousness on the planet. This is happening for a reason! We are being called to service.

Though most of my life was very strange and sometimes very scary, today, because of these experiences I am able to help many many people who are opening to their powers.

I help people awaken to their power through deepening inner-trust and surrender to their own Higher Self. Becoming sovereign beings and with our Soul’s navigating fully our life paths.

There are levels of surrender. Not just one big surrender and your free of fear and suffering forever.
There are levels of surrender and at each level, a layer of the body-mind-emotions heals and comes into balance. Once this layer is integrated, there is another, deeper opportunity to surrender.

Can you relate?

So I’m going to surrender right now – and let the Great Mother speak to you and throw her lightening bolts…

Many of you have preconceived ideas about why you came here this weekend. I want to tell you that you were brought here. There is a key waiting here for you and perhaps you’ve already received it. This is the key to your elevation into the next level of your awakening.

There are some of you here, who are still resisting change and transformation, and you are reluctant to give up parts of your life, unhealthy relationships or negative behaviors. You still believe that you are not worthy of the ecstatic bliss of Divine Union with your Higher Soul Self.

I am here to tell you – That you are all worthy and there has never been a better and more vital time to open to your divinity!

I am here to tell you – That there is nothing you can do that is wrong. You are loved through and through and through and always surrounded by loving guides.

I am here to tell you that you are free and designed in all ways to be a co-creator with the Great Creator Source!

This is a very powerful time on the planet. As you face the very real experience of climate change, and the death throws of the Power-Over, Profit over People paradigm, your consciousness is being brought to the brink of transformation. You are taking a quantum leap.

Now more than ever, it is vitally important that you listen to the guidance of your Higher wisdom and act on it. You are all here to fulfill a destiny and a mission that you put into play before conception.

Now is the time to putting aside all distractions and lower self-serving behaviors and put the Highest Path of your life as your number one priority.

Yes! Much will change that isn’t already aligned with Truth,  when you do this!
As you release what doesn’t serve you, you will land in more security and ease in your life.
Simply by prioritizing self-love and your higher calling
Your life will almost immediately have more pleasure, wealth, joy, ease, health, love and grace as your Higher Self commands, as it is aligned with you fulfilling your sacred mission here.

For we were born to create and live in paradise on Earth! But our abilities have laid dormant for thousands of years, until now.

Each in her or his own way, your power is coming online. Perhaps you’re having medicine dreams, ancestors visiting you, synchronicities, and strange invitations to spiritual rituals and ceremonies.
Now is the time to trust the guidance of your Higher Self and be willing to receive the gifts of the Mystery.

The Great Mother is the keeper of the Mysteries and she is Rising on the planet right now! All that was oppressed is unleashed onto the Earth now – All the power of SHE. Sexual Creative Power, the Powers in Nature, the Powers of the Multi-dimensional Shaman.

It is TIME to prioritize developing a clear and strong channel with your Higher Self.

How will you know it’s your Higher Self’s guidance and not your ego? They feel very different! The ego comes from small and narrow desires, immediate gratifications and fear. The Higher Self comes from the vast consciousness, a desire for all to be uplifted, Love, peace and bliss.

How do you work with the anxiety that will arise from the ego that is being taken out of the driver’s seat?

Trust me! These are questions I have been working with for 10 years and today I live 100% in surrender. I have many many tools and practices that have worked for me and my students and clients to continue to align completely with Higher Self.

First most important thing:
Open a channel in your being to connect with your Higher Self and keep that channel clear through daily practice of self-love.

Second most important thing: Make it the most important thing in your life to Trust Your Higher Self and Soul’s navigation of your life path.

Third most important thing: Take action on whatever your Higher Self tells you to do. No matter what. You are building a muscle of surrender and trust. The more you trust, the more the Universe will bring you miracles! The more your life will be a vehicle for blessing in people’s lives. The more pleasure and joy you’ll have in your life.

I know that every day is sacred. I know that my work is to help people open to their power and align with Universal Truth and Love! I know that together we are changing the world and creating a Sacred Future for future generations on this planet!

My students and clients experience transformations immediately in their lives when they start working with me. I can’t take credit for that. For those who work with me, I am a mirror. If they are struck by the truth vibration in my words, it’s because this truth was already known to them, and it’s waking up.

I want you to know that it’s not as illusive as you think.

We are at choice!
You can be free and fulfilled right now.
You can choose that.
If you are willing to trust.