Transmitted through Maria from Great Mother Presence:

Some of you desire to know more steps to take to liberate you from the Trauma Triangle. Let me continue to speak in terms of the Savior identity: 

The resolution comes in a Paradox, as it should, because it is outside of the density consciousness that sees only in duality. To release yourself from being “run” by your savior consciousness, you actually have to be More Selfish.  

Yes! More Selfish!

Let me give you some examples:

  • If I am a healer and I have many clients depending on me, and I feel responsible for finding them solutions to their suffering – physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually… then I am consumed daily with that stress, anxiety, focus and fear of failing them.
  • My view of my clients is skewed, because I am only seeing victims, rather than Evolving Intelligent Souls.
  • When I tune into my energy field, I likely see the “density patterns” of my clients hooking into my own aura, chakras and tissues. I can clear them, but they come back, because I haven’t transformed my Core Belief that I am their only hope to get well.
  • To shift this erroneous reality, I will need to choose my own health over that of my clients. This can be very challenging for the Savior Consciousness to understand, because the Savior exists from saving others and always knowing Who Needs Saving at any given moment (family, friends, teachers, clients, cultures, planet).
  • For me to unhook and liberate myself truly, I will need to LET GO of feeling responsible for the well being of others. I will need to be SELFISH!
  • As I meditate, I see all the people I serve, all my close friends and family and everyone on the planet moving out of my energy field and into their own. I see that these beings are actually on THEIR OWN EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY with wonderful lessons to learn. I see that I have been stealing their karma and lessons from them in my arrogance as a savior. I see that this makes me unhealthy and lost. I see that when I set everyone free, I BECOME FREE!
  • Now I can look at these people and clients and know that I am not responsible for their growth or ascension into their own higher selves. This is their journey and theirs alone. I am here to guide, reflect, give my skills and gifts and witness them do their own integration and growth. I get to celebrate that THEY ARE SETTING THEMSELVES FREE!
  • Now, I am a more effective, present, awake, and wise healer than before!
  • Now, I am not a savior. Now, I am a human being flowing in the River of Life and connected within the Sacred Web of Life. Giving and Receiving. Attracting and Repulsing. I am living in accordance with Universal (Sacred) Law.

So, please read this and take it to heart. Apply it to your own life and consider in what ways you are now ready to liberate yourself.

Each of you CAN BE a clear vessel in this lifetime if you choose to be and if you do the work/play to make this happen. Dissolve your erroneous beliefs that are embedded in the Trauma Triangle. Discover who you truly are, for you are Limitless!

This is the answer I gave to a community member regarding finding a healthy balance in Giving and Receiving, therefore stepping OUT OF SAVIOR mode as a healer:

“The essence of your Soul cannot be diluted, limited, or changed. It is ever-present and accessible to you at all times should you choose to tap into it or invoke it.

When you serve tapped into your Soul essence energy, you will immediately be filled and topped off. But this energy is to replenish you, not others. 

When you give to others, you must be tapped into Universal Healing energies. These energies flow through you, from an unlimited source, and into others through your focused intention for them. Most people serve from their own personal energy, their own Soul Essence or life force, or chi, not the Universal energy sources. When you give others your person energy, you can become depleted, because your life force is vibrationally attuned just for your body-vessel’s health. This is called “merging” or “cording” when you give your life force to “save” or “fix” others.

If you are here to channel the Universal healing energies onto the planet, then you must be a clear channel and take care of yourself first and foremost. When you give Universal energy, Divine Grace, Love, Peace, Healing frequencies, from a place of unconditional love, then you will always be filled to the brim at the same time. In this higher vibrational field, you are receiving as you give, therefore you can welcome in exactly what you need as well – including money. Perhaps from your service people will give you money for it even if you don’t request it. Or it will come from another avenue you weren’t expecting. 

There will be certain situations that you will know you must request specific reciprocity – and this will almost always be in situations where you are assisting specific people that request your private attention. This is when you put on your “doctor’s robes” and do focused work to catalyze one Soul into remembering. The one receiving this must make an investment of reciprocity to receive the full healing power available to them, even if the reciprocity is their deepest gratitude, respect and love, cooking you a meal, or some other form of trade. Reciprocity is key, because this nourishes balance in both people. It also assures no open loops or energy leaks from an incomplete exchange in the relationship.”