Tomorrow I will be participating in a unique online forum of women speaking on Creative Leadership. Alexis Cohen is the host and birther of this 3 hour “mentor-a-thon”. 

When she reached out to me, I hadn’t heard of her or her lightwork, and she’d just learned about me. We had a very inspiring phone call and fell in love with each other!
Find out more about Alexis: www.alexiscohen.org

When Alexis asked me what I wanted to speak on, all the chapters of my life flipped through my mind, and all the transformational spaces I’ve held over the decades – Earth-based Ceremonies, Energy Medicine, Grief Rituals, Vision Quests, Ecopsychology workshops, Parapsychology Classes…  And I realized that ALL of these have ONE THING IN COMMON…

 They all invite people to transform through opening to multi-dimensional awareness. 

I decided to focus my presentation Multi-dimensional Leadership to invite this community to explore this more with me.
Let me start with a bit of my story:
I’ve always been at home traveling between the worlds, since I was a child I’ve had this ability. As I grew up the gift became stronger. I commonly had experiences of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and having visions. I come from a long line of mediums and full-body channels on both sides of my family, yet no one talked about these things. I had to make my own way through this initiation, seeking teachers and trainings to guide me. And I did find teachers, some healthy and some not, and all of whom I’m grateful for because they brought me to where I am today! This is why I began the Transformational Leadership program at Sacred Future, devoted to mentoring those with “out-of-control” paranormal experiences into an empowered and grounded relationship with their gifts!
I’ve always delighted in guiding others through the Soul realms. I believe we are multi-dimensional by nature, holding multiple portals within us to other realms ourselves and to other realms in the Universe. Once we can release our minds from the illusion of linear time, and open to the transpersonal field, then we can access the blueprint of ultimate human potential.

If we’re going to talk Multi-dimensions… maybe we should look at what a dimension is first!
Here’s my definition: Dimensions are perceptions of reality based on the level of consciousness attained by the individual Soul. 

All levels of consciousness have a vibrational frequency. To really understand this we’d have to dive into some pretty intricate mathematics, which is where I get lost. But as a channel and spiritually aware person, I “grok” it clearly enough. Denser vibrations would be ones of hatred, shame and vengeance. Very high vibrations would be ones of love, joy and bliss. The visceral experience of inter-connection with all creation is an example of a high vibration of consciousness.

Most of humanity is currently perceiving a 3rd dimensional reality. The 3rd dimension is full of lessons around power, right or wrong use of will, personal legacy and assertion of personal will into the world. The 3rd Dimension is one of duality. Everything tends to be polarized in our thinking processes. There are good guys and there are bad guys. I’m right and you’re wrong. There are only two genders, male and female. Day and night, black and white… etc.  As we let go of the illusion of duality and come into unity consciousness, we will graduate into a 4D Earth reality– meaning no more illusion of separation, but rather a knowing that we are all connected.

Here’s the big paradox we’re working with: 
When we’re stuck in the denser vibrations and perceptions of reality, we are not in present time. We are living in our projections, fantasies, and attachments, which create suffering.
We can only come into our multi-dimensional consciousness through a state of Presence.
We reach the multitudinous everything through a singular focus on the Now within our own being.

Let’s go deeper:
Presence brings clear perceiving of reality. Our true nature is that we are much vaster than our personalities, egos, and bodies. We are timeless, infinite Souls evolving through experiences of incarnation in a vast multi-verse. When we meditate and let go of pre-conceived notions, ideas, stories… and open to the field of all possibilities, then we wake up to our true nature and the ever-present Present Moment of NOW.

Quantum physics has shown that time is an illusion. There is only NOW. We are ALL existing in a timeless moment of Now. Yet, our minds perceive the illusion of time, and therefore grasps for meaning to one’s fleeting existence. When we can bring ourselves into presence, and access our true timeless nature, all this suffering disappears. We come home!

It is exciting to think that more and more people are popping into broader understanding of who they are, experiencing moments of no-time and desiring multi-dimensional awareness!
To open to multi-dimensional awareness is a home-coming of grand proportions!

Within it comes a falling away of all the conditioning we’ve been subjected to from the dominant culture, that has demanded that we are less than, we are sinners and we are helpless to change our lot in life.

Multi-dimensional awareness is:

  • The awareness that we are all ONE
  • Access to the Universal Wisdoms and Truths
  • Empowerment to raise our vibrations and create new timelines and we can do this in any moment.
  • Knowing we can shift our biology through our vibration, and live longer and even evolve into our Light Bodies


I want to share with you 4 ways my own life has been enhanced by multi-dimensional awareness?

  • I am not limited in my knowing. When I have a question, I go into meditation and connect with Universal information. When I am practicing Presence daily, this access to vaster knowing is easier. Telepathy and synchronicities are commonplace. Synchronicities, by the way are a form of inter-dimensional communication!
  • I receive guidance from my Future Self, who has already lived my “Highest Timeline” and can now instruct me how to live into it. I don’t have to worry I’ll make the wrong choice or decision. All I have to do is intend to always align vibrationally to my highest timeline – a string of Now Moments.
  • I can journey into the “past” and shift events, clear trauma, forgive, ask forgiveness, bring loving-light, and heal situations, KNOWING that this actually does shift the whole timeline going forward for the highest good of all.
  • I am able to dialogue with allies, star family, and guides of higher dimensional realms for support, healing and guidance. I have a sense of being on a galactic council of Earth-Tenders, who collaborate constantly to assist humanity’s leap into more awakened consciousness.

There is NOTHING I love more than holding sacred space for multi-dimensional awareness in the groups I lead: 
I have found, in my global work, that people around the world are desiring to come home to their true essential natures. They long to know themselves beyond their 3D personalities and egoic suffering.  Access to multi-dimensional self-awareness sets people free!

Living here on the Big Island of Hawai’i, my husband and I have lots of opportunities to practice multi-dimensional awareness. Our teachers in this are the Wild Dolphins. We spend hours with them, entraining to their brainwaves and vibration. They are much higher in dimensionality than humans! When we get out of the water, we feel “high” for the rest of the day! Meaning, higher vibrational in our consciousness – We feel connected to all that is, open-hearted, generous, present, just from sharing space with higher dimensional beings!
We are naturally wired to evolve, adapt and grow into our next most vibrant forms. We witness this truth through our ability to “resonate” and “entrain” to the vibrations around us, like biological tuning forks.
When we choose to be around people who lift us up and bring us joy, we match their high frequency. The same if we choose to be with people who bring us down and make us feel horrible, we match their lower frequency.

  • A multi-dimensional leader is always tending to her own vibration, to stay clear and aligned to her Soul’s instructions, so she can create transformational spaces for others thatare safe and energetically clean.
  • A multi-dimensional leader is naturally traveling between the worlds to acquire information to help humanity.
  • A multi-dimensional leader is devoted to impeccability through the practice of honesty with herself and others, eliciting a field of presence with all whom she encounters.

Each one of us carries a responsibility, whether we know it or not, to raise the collective consciousness of humanity, so we can take a planetary quantum leap into the 4th dimensional Earth Reality!
So this is not trivial –
Do your inner-work of self-love and forgiveness, and simultaneously move towards what brings you Joy and Bliss, this is what will accelerate us into this evolutionary leap!