It is time to start looking at your life from the context of Soul Age rather than this one personality-event. If you know you are eternal, you are energy, you are pure being, what is there for you to grasp for? But knowing and being are two different levels of awareness.
To know something is to conceptualize it. To be it, is to live it every day as truth. Being is more ACTIVE in this regard. To be yourself, your true self, is to be in a state of presence and movement, like being a channel for water to flow through. Your body and ego create the structure of the channel, like a riverbank, growing, responding and evolving through linear time. Your eternal Soul essence naturally wants to flow through this you-channel, a vibrational and energetic consciousness – informing you, balancing you, directing you, and nourishing you. The gross matter body is impermanent. It can be developed to hold higher and higher vibrations of energy, through grounding and purifying the body. And some masters have brought their bodies into a light-body state. This takes complete devotion to being a clean, pure channel for a very high Soul essence. Most of us here, will raise our vibrations in our lifetimes, by leaps and bounds, yet we will likely ascend out of our physical vessels once the vessel reaches it’s period of advanced biological decline. Yet the part of us that is eternal, has done this dance thousands and thousands of times before. Into form, out of form, into timelessness, out of timelessness. It’s all perception. It’s all happening at the same time.
We can learn how to hold the true perception of eternality while living in an impermanent vessel! There are so many benefits to this awakening! #1 Benefit: We no longer become entrenched in the “game” of attachments. The drama of grasping, longing, blaming, resenting, hating, saving, scheming, begging….
We can literally participate in our world with all of our energy present, all of our love, all of our genius, all of our creativity. We can focus our gifts on a NEW vision for the world, one where everyone knows they are valued and loved and everyone is cared for.
This weekend – How can you choose to live more from an eternal presence, rather from in the trenches of attachments? How can you perceive this one precious life from the clear eyes of your Soul Essence rather from the survival fears of your ego?
Every moment is another opportunity. “Am I an open channel for my essence? Or am I blocking the flow with my fear stories?”
Our hearts are made to beat, to pulse, to move life blood through the entire body – no part is left out. Humanity is a giant Heart! Our natural state, in harmony with Universe and Nature, is to move LOVE through this planet, with no place or person left out.
I know I am here to be a channel, a conduit for LOVE on earth. This is a responsibility, an honor, an blessing. When I block the natural flow of LOVE through my system – my heart feels like its dying – numbing – hardening. I lose my connection to my vastness. My vision becomes narrow and self-centered. But when I open to the LOVE that I AM, and the LOVE that wants to channel through me – at first …. yes, there are Lots of Tears – It feels so much like heart breaking – but it’s heart opening! Then it finds it’s pulse and rhythm and I become fluid in my channeling. Like right now – as these words pour from my heart-mind onto this screen. I can feel everyone’s heart who is reading this, receiving my love. I can feel my connection with you. And I envision us linking arms and pulsing out love in another wave, around the planet.
It would be easy to close down and feel scared and frozen, or tighten with anger and hatred right now, at this time of violent explosions on the Earth. Yet what Gaia is asking of us is that we do the opposite. Humanity is the pumping heart of Gaia’s love on earth. We propel the movement and flow of love in and through the planet. In and through each other. What is happening within the heart-fields of those who are perpetrating the violence? I think we should ask? I think we need to look deeper. I don’t imagine hardened, numb people acting out these harmful acts. I see passionate, deeply hurt, angry and hateful emotions propelling these actions. The Shadow. Humanity’s shadow. Humanity’s pain. The pain of unreleased grief and hurt. The pain of being treated as expendable. The pain of being severed from The Mother and Gaia and the Divine Masculine. The pain of watching your people conquered and enslaved. Humanity’s Shadow is demanding our attention.

This Sunday morning, August 17, 2016, for the LIVE Great Mother transmission on The Sacred Web group page on Facebook, we will together send the pulsing of our powerful LOVE to Humanity’s Shadow. She is in us. He is in the world. She is raging. He is afraid of death without honor. We will join our heart-minds and pulse together and a unified Heart, the frequency of LOVE in and out, as directed by our Eternal Consciousness/Soul Essences/Higher Selves.