Dream Transmission:
“You humans think you’re an isolated organism, separate from the energy of your ancestors who came before you. You strive to be special and unique. But this actually makes you weak.”


I want to share some notes with you from a very powerful and vivid dream I had years ago. I came across these notes recently and a warmth filled my heart with gratitude. We are so taken care of. We are watched over and guided. I know this beyond a shadow of any doubt. This transmission reminds us of this and invites us to participate in dreaming positive patterns for future generations. This is how we change the world, my friends!

With Love,




Right before waking up, a voice is teaching me. As it teaches me it shows me patterns in nature – in particular sea kelp.

“You humans think you’re an isolated organism, separate from the energy of your ancestors who came before you. You strive to be special and unique. But this actually makes you weak.

Patterns repeat and with each repetition the pattern gains strength.

Sea Kelp has evolved to it’s current form & consciousness from millions of years of repeating a positive pattern and being enhanced with each repetition. The positive patterns includes adaptation to changing conditions and consistent collaboration to the ecosystem around it.

Humans need 6 to 8 generations of positive repetition of patterns to create true strength and resiliency. Every choice to align within the positive pattern today is creating a foundation for future generations to thrive and be strong.

“Maria – you must reach back to healthy ancestors and pull on the strength of their positive field to be your foundation.

The toxicity in humanity today is from generations of negative patterning strengthening the negativity. Accumulation of trauma from neglect, narcissism, and violence. These descendants most severed from positive patterns, with no foundation, are the ones creating the dysfunctional structure for modern culture – based on consumerism, like a self-cannibalism. Humans who eat their own Souls, who eat themselves, they are so insane. These humans are creating a reality where there is no Soul, only addiction based on the illusion of lack. Shallowness and competition for petty ends.



Important Points:

  • Patterns repeating create strength – whether positive or negative pattern.
  • Ancestral lineage = repeating patterns, some positive and some negative
  • We are not rock/island of specialness. We are connected. We exist because of a repeating pattern of life.
  • Our healthy ancestors make us strong.
  • You can’t be a healthy and whole expression of the TREE that you are, unless you honor your root system. You can’t be a healthy and whole human unless you honor your family tree. With the knowledge of your Ancestors lives, you can understand the general repeating patterns and make changes (re-wire), to create healthy patterns.

We have the power to transform patterns that don’t serve us. This is called elevating the ancestral lines. When we stop enforcing negative patterns, we bring ourselves more into alignment with pure wisdom & being, and we also heal our ancestors who were subject to the negativity of those patterns.

Whether it’s alcoholism, violence, depression, arrogance, or greed.

We can call on the strong patterns to support us.



“You each weave your basket of life. Keep it fortified and strong. Each strand imbued with ancestral medicine which you now carry:



Open and loving heart

Understanding and Patience

Agility and Dexterity

Ability to hear many languages – of birds, plants, elementals, etc.