The Truth is…
You are Love.

The Truth Is…
I am love.

In this place, there is no fear and I can see clearly the choices I have made throughout my life to believe more in fear than in love. From my vantage point today, I see that there is only one truth and that is love. And all the joy, peace and grace that accompanies it naturally.

Yes, I have known this truth before. I have known it cognitively and I’ve been told this truth from a multitude of teachers. I have popped into this truth unexpectedly and watched it fade away, leaving me in grasping grief. Perhaps these smaller invitations from my heart over the decades, have prepared me for this fuller experience of remembering now.

When one opens to this truth beyond just knowing, but from remembering, it is an ecstacy that can’t be described. An energy awakening in every cell of the body at once, because in this remembering is a complete coming into the body that is home. And when the pure presence that you are comes home all the way into the body, our cells vibrate! They vibrate faster than they ever have before. It’s like we are walking around humming. And indeed, I can’t seem to stop singing!

When I perceive the world today, and look around at the people walking down the street, driving on the freeway, working in their offices, I see each one at a different level of remembering. And I can sense the part of them, in their mind, that blocks their full remembering. Most people believe so completely in their mind’s stories, that they become defensive and hostile if you offer them a different viewpoint.

You are Love!
“No I’m damaged and traumatized and alone and broke!”

You are Love!
“No I’m not. You must be on drugs or manic or inflated or something. Life is hard!”

Why do human beings travel through these levels of contraction and literally choose fear over love, over and over and over again? Why must we dance with suffering in order to wake up?
In my remembering process, I’ve remembered that I did freely choose suffering and forgetting in order to expand into the truth of love even more. I also remember the feeling of a complete and utter “YES” to this experience, because I could feel the potential in it.

It is through experiencing the full spectrum of consciousness here on Earth that we evolve into higher dimensions of consciousness beyond the Earth. So we are not just returning to Source, as we wake up, but we are Source – a fuller, more awake, more experienced and expansive particle of Source, returning to an ultimately more awake, more full Greater Source. Even Source is Becoming fuller!

So why do we choose to suffer and forget who we truly are?

Well, As a Soul, if I always chose to be in full remembering that I am pure love, joy, peace and bliss, then there is nothing to cause tension in me. I am in a state of Presence and content there. There would be no need to incarnate into form. I would simply be timeless in the higher dimensions of no-self.
If you are exisiting in no-self, then there is no YOU. The individual journey never happens. The individual identity and evolution never happens.

As Souls, each of us in this room chose to incarnate. Many of us have been incarnating over and over again. This taking on of form and becoming Self out of no-self, and having this incredible opportunity to be a co-creator of a realm existing in matter – 
This my sisters – Is the realm of the Great Mother!

Think of the beauty of Gaia – the waterfalls, rainbows, hummingbirds, whales, sunsets and fields of flowers… 
Think of babies being born, the joy of sexual intimacy with another, playing with children, and harvesting sweet strawberries from the garden…
This is the love of the Great Mother for us.
This invitation to experience form, flesh, biology, all made up from the sacred elements! To dance, sing, be born, die…

The ultimate creation of the Divine Feminine aspect of Source!

This is the invitation we said yes to.

And in saying yes to this invitation, we also said yes to a Soul Initiation journey. We said yes to forgetting where we truly came from. We said yes to the suffering of separation from Oneness, because now we are in the realm of the diverse multitudes.

The birthing of matter and form was not unintentional or haphazard – The Great Cosmic Mother living in the dimensions of no-self surrendered into her ecstatic truth and birthed herself into a Mother of Matter and then birthed all that we see and know about in the known Universe. Our small blue planet Gaia is but one of many many holding multi-dimensional life forms in this vast Universe.

Gaia is where YOU chose to experience incarnation. Where you chose to experience the journey of forgetting and remembering, forgetting and remembering, the Truth. 

And our greatest ally in remembering the truth is The Great Father.

The realm of the Divine Father is the clear, strong mind and the calm inner-witness, in service to Love.
As we are here, no longer in the higher realms of no-self and Oneness, so we are in divided reality, duality. Gaia is a world where the two halves of God get to dance and fall in love, therefore creating a 3rd entity! And this my sisters is why we came here.

We are part of the birthing of this third expression of Creator. We are here to foster the healing of the divide between the Masculine energies and the Feminine energies in the Universe so that this 3rd body that is the two married as one, can be born. I call this the Christ consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is being born on earth right now!

The Christ energy has been gestating for thousands of years and is finally ready to be born onto and within and through Gaia.

This consciousness is the God-consciousness awakening within us and spiritualizing our flesh.
No longer are we either in the higher spiritual realms without form, or… in the denser physical realms unable to ascend.

Now… we have the opportunity to become the pure presence of Source within physical light-bodies on Gaia!

That is why we chose this and why we came here.

What I’m saying here is my gift to you and you are not obliged to believe anything I’m saying and indeed I hope you don’t just believe it verbatim. I hope you recognize what of this transmission is already known to you, what is new to you but makes sense, and what doesn’t fit with your deepest knowing and let those parts go.

I’m just one woman, listening. And this is what I’ve heard…

Now… we are here.
Now… in this room together.
I am now going to speak to the part of each of you who knows who you are.

Shape-shifter, weather-worker, manifester, reality weaver, creatrix, 
I’m speaking to you.

I know that you were met with blank eyes when you came into this life – and weren’t recognized for the magic you hold.

It’s time to forgive and release all that came before this moment, so that you can bring your full force of love and power onto the planet now.

You are here to give birth to the New Earth ~ Gaia Ma!

All pain, tension and conflict is transformation waiting to happen. The Christ Consciousness is ready to birth in all its radiance in every cell of your body. Your DNA is waking up. You are waking up!

Shake off the shackles of illusion and brainwashing 

There is no need to try and struggle to get through each day anymore. Life is Ready to live you! Life that is Soul that is Gaia that is God.

All you are asked to do is surrender and be carried in the River of Life, River of Light – Rio de Luz.


Let the Universe support you and do what you love to do! 
Dive into the ecstacy of your True Essential Beingness
Surrender into the joy of not following the rules of the old paradigm anymore.
Dance with the fire, water, earth and air
Sing with the Angels
Create the world you desire now!

I want you to know that I see you and you are Love. 
And there is nothing you can say or do that will change that. It is your pure essential nature. And you are so beautiful!