It has been a very rich and full time here. 
We are about to leave for Chichen Itza and Ek Balam, so I will have to write again later. 

So far the activation of the Mother Grid has been going smoothly, full of synchronicities, and with powerful love. The harmonics are on our side. We are changing as the grid changes. Inner – outer, outer-inner. 

In Tulum, with our students, we did ritual for Reclamation. This was profound for everyone and it was perfect to do this in Tulum. 

Tulum Mayan city was devoted to Kulkulcan, the Wind God they called him, and to Venus – the morning star and evening star. Venus also represents the heart of Kulkulcan – (in Aztec, this is Quetzalcoatl). 
The Mother Grid needed some repair but all in all was strong and growing stronger. 

I personally had a powerful reclamation and full-circle completion with my lifetime there. It has been a visceral, time-traveling experience for me and I will never be the same!

With our new dear sister, Virginia, we had 2 opportunities to do ceremony with Mayan shamans. We participated in a Temazcal with our whole group, and again later in a smaller group, after our students had departed Mexico. In the smaller ceremony we were out in the middle of the jungle, with an elder shaman who blessed us and supported our cause full force  🙂

At this time Tulum is humming and awake within the Mother Harmonic Grid. 

Duane led a ceremony to work with the entrenched energy of patriarchal reverse grid at Chichen Itza. There was a lot of density here. Virginia, who leads tours there, confirmed that when she goes there she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to lead tours there anymore. Our ritual circle perceived dark energy at specific places on the grounds. Virginia confirmed this too – that these places: the Cenote near the main temple, was where women and children were thrown in and drowned. And the Warrior building was where men were sacrificed. So we are getting lots of messages to correlate our information and support our work. 
The energetic clearing the group did with Chichen Itza was powerful and elevated the stuck Souls into the Light of Love. They celebrated and send their blessing. 

Today, we will travel to Chichen Itza to offer quartz crystal seeds, cacao, honey, and sacred ritual waters to these two locations that were in density, to further clear any remaining residual energy. 

In preparation, yesterday Sacred Cacao initiated us!
We spent most of our day receiving teachings, sharings, and mind-body-spirit initiation into the Mayan Cacao wisdom and medicine. 
We got home last night at midnight wired from eating the chocolate that we made ourselves from beans. It was incredible! 

Full of love we go off into the jungle today. 
To Ek Balam to fill with good energy after Chichen Itza!

Thank you for your support!

All is well!