A Transmission through Maria Christina Owl 

January 9, 2019


He’s opening a door.

Bright golden light is streaming so fast through the door and the light penetrates everything instantaneously.


Yeshua Speaks:

The concept of rules or “shoulds”, protocols or dogma does not fit for the Council of the Sun.

The purpose and mission lies within each of you, like a fire that cannot be put out. Your lives are guided by this light.

Each person is a Universe of Wonders, magic, light. Opening the door illuminates the world. In this light, people see the truth when they look into the mirror, rather than the lies and the distortions.


This is the light of truth.


Opening a door should be your only care. Opening the door that the light comes in through.


The light is love.


No matter who they are or what they’ve been through doesn’t matter. Love is the light streaming through that door. And if you are that light, when somebody is with you, they can suddenly feel who they truly are when they are in the light.


If you gather – do it because it brings you joy.

When you gather, do this with each other. Open the door and mirror to each other the truth. To help you to be strong enough to keep opening the door. Everybody be willing to see yourself for who you truly are.


You’ll be surprised who you truly are. There is nothing that cannot be transformed through true love. True love cannot fully be transmitted unless the vessel becomes love itself.


There are plenty of people who I couldn’t help. There are plenty who were suffering who I couldn’t heal, because those were the moments I was in my contraction and afraid and in doubt.

The miracles that are recorded that have made it to present time for you to know about; at the heart of these stories it does capture events that happened. These were moments I was able to surrender in entirety.


In those moments I was in so much love and clarity that all is love, that nothing else could exist. In those moments I did transcend time and space. My consciousness was of 12th dimensionality.


It was because I was able to hold that frequency for the length of time needed for the person ailing to entrain completely to my frequency, they had to be willing and say yes to it and then healing happened. And its irreversible.


It has been an ongoing agenda of the power-over paradigm to create as many obstacles as possible to people experiencing their divinity in its entirety.

Therefore, always there is a percentage of doubt that weakens the transmission.


Now I will bring through this frequency to you.



Let go of feelings of failure to save the illusion of this age. This age has come to an end.

These are the times of ecstatic dying.

Dying to who you were.

Let the lies die.


Do not wait for or grasp for new technologies.

Be, be the technology awakening on the planet. Be the higher frequency.

You are the greatest technology.


Humanity must know this.


For you activate each other.


You bring each other to your highest expressions.