Monthly Healings

The Higher Dimensional Helpers support us through helping our physical bodies upgrade into higher health, as we move through current personal and planetary transformations.

Community Circle

Join a growing community of women and men who are committed to inner-alignment and choosing LOVE, even when the world feels chaotic. This group helps each member stay accountable to our highest visions for the future.


We offer members multiple Online Platforms to continue discussions, watch replays, download previous sessions, and network with each other! 

What is The Ascension Support Circle?

 This is a circle of people who feel a strong inner-calling to Become who they came here to BE! It is time to prepare our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies for the new, higher frequencies we’re moving into as a planet!

Through Maria, the Higher Density Helpers are coming through to assist us in this recalibration. One way they have dedicated to assist us in 2023 is through a year-long guided ceremony of transformation. They call it the…


These monthly gatherings include a…

  • Wednesday topic-driven community discussion with goal-setting and accountability, and a…
  • Follow-up Saturday Quantum Frequency Treatment to activate your new patterns for thriving

 In these treatments, the Higher Density Helpers invite us to release habits that don’t serve us and offer profound wisdom to encourage us to step into our higher purpose and mission. They remind us always, we have Free Will and it’s our responsibility to Create Our Future!



We Invite You to Uplevel Your Life!


The Higher Density Helpers are reaching out to those who are ready to really change their lives!

 Now that we are in our third year, we are inviting members to commit even more deeply to their …

Soul Calling,



and Dreams.

2023 is dedicated to PREPARATION for ASCENSION.

What does that mean?

Ascension simply means transforming into a higher-frequency YOU, at the levels of your consciousness, biology and genetics.

Our planet is going through a major transformation currently and we have a choice to participate and join her, creating a collaborative and empowering experience for ourselves,

or we can resist and deny these heightening energies, and struggle through the growing pressures from our environment to change!

Preparation means that we choose to participate!

Do you want to step into a more balanced lifestyle, a healthier way of eating, deeper connection with nature, and more aligned work in the world? Perhaps you are ready to finally connect with your Sacred Beloved or Soul Tribe?

In 2023, the Higher Density Helpers with Maria and Duane, will be guiding the Ascension Support group through …


January is dedicated to New Year’s Intentions and a channeled forecast for the year.

February and March are dedicated to Physical Health

April and May are dedicated to Emotional Health

June and July are dedicated to Mental Health

August and September are dedicated to Etheric Body Health

October and November are dedicated to Astral Body Health

December is a Solstice Celebration for our year of transformation!

We will gather each month on a Wednesday and then the following Saturday.


Wednesdays are our Community Deep Dives before the Upgrades on Saturday.

This will begin with a talk from Maria regarding the Portal we’re moving into. Members will set intentions and personal goals for themselves for the month, and can choose to team up with other members for accountability calls. Rather than being influenced by old-paradigm coaching styles, Maria and Duane embed the goal-setting and accountability focus around WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY?

The Wednesday gatherings can include visualizations, journaling exercises, and accountability check-ins with reflections.


Saturdays are channeled sessions through Maria Owl. The Higher Density Helpers will share Wisdom with us (around 15 min.) and then offer a Quantum-level Healing Treatment, focused on the aspect currently being worked with.

The treatment is offered like a sign-wave. There is a introduction to the healing field, then the Universal Chi energy grows stronger and stronger until the peak of the treatment. This is where recalibrations happen and the body registers a new, healthy pattern asserting itself. Then the energy frequency will wane until the treatment ends.

There is a gentle and holistic integration phase before the session completes.


The Members Hub

Where you can access current replays and over 2.5-years of archived transmissions of Wisdom Teachings and Q&As.

Private Telegram Group

This gives us a place to share accountabilities, celebrations, ask for prayers, and network. Also, this can be a great place to continue discussions and explorations.


Third Wednesday Community Deep Dives

7 – 9am HST  |  10 – 12pm PST  |  1 – 3pm EST  

4/19,  5/17, 6/21, 7/19, 8/16,  9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 12/20

Third Saturday (mostly) Channeled Quantum Healing Treatment

8 – 9:30am HST  |  11 – 12:30pm PST  |  2 – 3:30pm EST  

4/22,  5/20, 6/24,  7/22, 8/19,  9/23,  10/21,  11/18,  12/23

Two Options to Join

You can join anytime. Registration is always open. Your membership will continue until you request to cancel it.

Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Online Wednesday Community Deep Dive
  • Monthly Online Saturday Quantum Healing Treatments from the Higher Density Helpers
  • Same day replays available in the Online Member’s Hub
  • Archives of all transmissions from the past 2.5 years
  • Private Telegram Group


Single Event Registration

  • Join any Online Saturday Healing Treatment as a Drop-In
  • Receive a Replay Link in your email inbox


Dive in and say YES to your transformation in 2023!