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Third Saturday (mostly) Channeled Quantum Healing Treatment

8 – 9:30am HST  |  11 – 12:30pm PST  |  2 – 3:30pm EST  

9/23,  10/28,  11/18,  12/23

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Thank you Maria for this Ascension Preparation monthly circle!

Just one example of how my life is changing:

These past months I worked on recognizing my fear the moment it shows up (I feel nervous, bugged and contracted, my breath gets shallow, I stop seeing clearly). I sit with it and observe it with all senses tuning in.

Before, I would instantly do something to avoid and override the feeling of fear. This reaction actually pressed the fear into my system, where it got “canned“. One more heavy “can“ to carry in my gut…

The new process of holding my fear like a precious little baby, as taught by the Higher Dimensional Helpers, dissolves the anxiety. And as there is less and less food for the negative to feed on, and as I co-create consciously what I want in my life and what not, and as I allow only my intentional choices to shape my days, my reality on earth has already changed in a speed and magnitude I didn’t believe is possible!

I always waited for someone to help me or save me. Now I KNOW that that someone is ME. That is soooo beautiful and rewarding.

I am in awe!

Erika Z., May 2023


2023 is dedicated to PREPARATION for ASCENSION

Ascension simply means transforming into a higher-frequency YOU, at the levels of your consciousness, biology and genetics.

Our planet is going through a major transformation currently and we have a choice to participate and join her, creating a collaborative and empowering experience for ourselves,

or we can resist and deny these heightening energies, and struggle through the growing pressures from our environment to change!

Preparation means that we choose to participate!

Do you want to step into a more balanced lifestyle, a healthier way of eating, deeper connection with nature, and more aligned work in the world? Perhaps you are ready to finally connect with your Sacred Beloved or Soul Tribe?

In 2023, the Higher Density Helpers with Maria and Duane, will be guiding the Ascension Support group through …



August and September are dedicated to Etheric Body Health

October and November are dedicated to Astral Body Health

December is a Solstice Celebration for our year of transformation!

We will gather each month on a Wednesday and then the following Saturday.



Saturdays are channeled sessions through Maria Owl. The Higher Density Helpers will share Wisdom with us (around 15 min.) and then offer a Quantum-level Healing Treatment, focused on the aspect currently being worked with.

The treatment is offered like a sign-wave. There is a introduction to the healing field, then the Universal Chi energy grows stronger and stronger until the peak of the treatment. This is where recalibrations happen and the body registers a new, healthy pattern asserting itself. Then the energy frequency will wane until the treatment ends.

There is a gentle and holistic integration phase before the session completes.