Monthly Channelings

The Higher Dimensional Helpers will use this circle as a regular platform through which to work with us. 

Community Circle

This online circle will support you in having a regular practice of communing with higher-consciousness frequencies, therefore recalibrating your mind-body-spirit system.

Clearings + Monthly Q&A

Each month members will benifit from regular clearings, so your physical body can stay strong and harmonic.

What is The Ascension Support Circle?

Through our work with the Higher Dimensional Helpers over the years, we’ve been given information about these times. They told us to move to Hawaii back in 2015. They’ve just guided us to buy a house here on the Big Island. When we listen to them, miracles happen in our lives.

Currently the whole planet is undergoing a major, major purification. Ancient prophesies from many cultures refer to this time and the Purification Times. Yet, we are destined to arise from this great transformation into a Golden Age. The Higher Dimensional Helpers, with Maria and Duane, are excited to bring you transmissions of support, accuracy, clarity, and peace as we make our way through the birthing of our New Earth.

Many of you have attended a training, class or retreat with us, where you’ve met the Higher Dimensional Helpers and felt their blessing! You know how real and tangible their love is for us! For those of you who haven’t had this opportunity yet, we hope you join us for a transmission session one day! It is truly amazing! It is like waking up from amnesia and remembering the truth of who you are.

 The Higher Dimensional Helpers desire to work with our Sacred Future community on a more regular basis. They are telling us that we are about to experience a major upleveling of our human societies and systems on Earth. They are also preparing us for the cognitive dissonance and denial we may encounter from loved ones and friends, as they grapple with what is revealed.

Ascension occurs organically as each person chooses to live in truth and love. Honesty and transparency elicit intimacy and trust. These are the qualities of the 4D and 5D Gaia consciousness, and what we’ll build our new systems on. But it starts at home, within each one of us!

What To Expect With Your Membership

“Be paitient. You’ll know when it’s time for you to wake up and move ahead.” ~ Ram Das

The FIRST Wednesday of each month, we’ll hold a 60 minute channeled event, where we’ll receive updates, guidance and wisdom from the Higher Dimensional Helpers and Guardians of Gaia. We will invite 2 or 3 questions from Ascension Support Circle members at the end of the session.

The THIRD Wednesday of each month, will be a 75 minute gathering where we’ll do an integration meditation, and then hold a Q&A. The Q&A is open to questions about your personal ascension experience, as well as practical needs around money, housing, relationship, work and health.

The Higher Dimensional Helpers guide us in many ways.

Some of these ways include…

Psychological Rebalancing

Helping us to understand the erroneous beliefs that we’ve been plugged into, where they arose from, and who we are without them

Spiritual Connection

Guiding us in renewing our relationship with our own pure, spiritual essence and to our greater Spiritual Family in the Higher Dimensions. 

Emotional Healing

Supporting any fragments or inner-children who dissociated off, to come back home and anchor into our new embodiment of love

Multi-dimensional Recalibrations

Assisting in the upleveling of our chakra systems, as well as DNA capacity to transmit the crystalline codes from our Great Sun and Universe

Galactic Initiation

Helping us to recognize our greater roles in the Galactic Family and how to participate in the galactic councils.


Membership Costs – $55/month

This is an ongoing monthly circle – Join Anytime!

Day and Time: Support Circles are held at 12pm PST on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

We have selected the time to accommodate our international friends. Wherever you are in the world we invite you to join!

Who are the Higher Dimensional Helpers?

Some of the high wisdom beings Maria channels include…
  • The Great Mother Emanations – Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Tara, and many more…
  • The Hathors
  • The Sirian Council of Light
  • The Arcturian Medical Guild
  • The Pleiadian Star Family
  • The Dragon Council – Quan Yin, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Grand Master Qi Ang Xong

“I joined this circle having previously experienced Maria’s transmissions live, knowing how her channel can bring me to a theta state almost instantly, allowing me to deeply and quickly embody the messages. I am so happy to be here and I look forward to deepening our connection in this 5D reality.”

Lindsay S.

Membership Costs – $55/month


Day and Time: Support Circles are held at 12pm PST on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

We have selected the time to accommodate our international friends. Wherever you are in the world we invite you to join!