Monthly Healing Treatments

The Higher Dimensional Helpers support us through helping our physical bodies upgrade and uplevel into higher health, as we prepare for 4th Density ascension.

Community Circle

The community drawn to work with the Higher Dimensional Helpers are committed to Being Love on Earth. Members love connecting, sharing and celebrating at the close of each gathering!


After each Healing Treatment a skilled facilitator will support integration with breathwork and embodiment practices.

What is The Ascension Support Circle?

 This is a circle of people who feel a strong inner-calling to Become who they came here to BE! It is time to prepare our physical bodies for the new, higher frequencies we’re moving into as a planet!

Through Maria, the Higher Density Helpers are coming through to assist us in this recalibration. One way they have dedicated to assist us in 2022 is through Physical Body Upgrades or Healing Treatments. With their advanced quantum healing techniques, we get to receive healings or even replacements of body systems that have been taxed over decades of consuming toxins, bearing high stress loads and compensating for inherited weaknesses.

These powerful healing treatments offer people an opportunity to receive “frequency and light medicine” from skilled practitioners in the higher densities.

 The Higher Density Helpers also invite us to release habits that don’t serve us and offer profound wisdom to encourage us to step into our higher purpose and mission. They remind us always, we have Free Will and it’s our responsibility to Create Our Future!


What Is Included in the Monthly Membership?


One Saturday each month, the Higher Density Helpers offer us a 2.5 hr. healing treatment with Integration and group sharing afterward.

The Members Hub, where you can access current replays and over 2-years of archived transmissions of Wisdom Teachings and Q&As.

Private Telegram Group. This gives us a place to share meaningful posts, pictures, links, etc., and continue conversations and explorations together whenever we feel moved.


8 – 10:30am HST  |  11 – 1:30pm PST  |  2 – 4:30pm EST

APRIL 9     Focus on Brain:  Brain chemistry, Memory, Pituitary Gland and Head Injury Recovery

MAY 21      Focus on Breathing: Sinuses, Airways, Lungs and Oxygenation

JUN 18      Focus on Ears: Eustachian Tubes, Ear Drums, Hearing, and Telepathic Chakras

JUL 9          Focus on Eyes: Eyesight, Optical Nerves, Tear and Oil Ducts, and Pineal Gland

AUG 20      Focus on Mouth: Teeth, Gums, Tongue, Tonsils and Voice box

SEP 10       Focus on Heart: Heart organ, Circulation, Vein/Artery Health, and Blood Cleansing

OCT 8      Focus on Joints: All joints , Connective Tissues, Tendons and Ligaments

NOV 19      Focus on Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder

DEC 10       Focus on Kidneys, Urinary Tracts, Water and Hydration

Two Options to Join

Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Healing Treatments from the Higher Density Helpers on a different physical system each month
  • Same day replays available
  • Archives of all past transmissions (from 2-years)
  • Telegram Group


Single Event Registration

  • Join the Healing Treatment that calls to you most!
  • Receive a Replay Link in your email inbox


Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to join!

Who are the Higher Dimensional Helpers?

Some of the high wisdom beings Maria channels include…
  • The Great Mother Emanations – Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Tara, and many more…
  • The Hathors
  • The Sirian Sun Collective of Planets
  • The Arcturian Medical Guild
  • The Pleiadian Star Family
  • The Dragon Council – Quan Yin, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Grand Master Qi Ang Xong, Grand Master Shen Zi