Renewal Meditation with Maria Owl
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Renewal Meditation

In science, when past theories don’t work to explain a phenomenon that’s happening in the world, scientists have to let go of everything that came before and approach the phenomenon with an empty mind, willing to let go of all expectations to realize that what is unexplainable, that what is intangible, that what is a mystery, can only be met and understood through emptying the mind and all previous constructs, definitions, ideas, the phenomenon must have free rein to express itself. The phenomenon must be witnessed from a state of ultimate curiosity.

This is how I invite you to experience yourself now.

You are the scientist and you are the phenomenon.

Let go of all previous constructs of yourself, let go of all definitions and all labels. Let go of who you think you are and what you think you know. What you think makes you up. Let go of everything, all definition and witness what happens, what expresses, what is true. Witness who you really are. If you had no language to describe what you’re feeling or to label objects then what would be left? Pure experience. Your pure experience of life. When you get lost this is a helpful meditation to sit quietly, to empty yourself and to see layer by layer all the labels and definitions and categories falling off of you. See the labels of your family roles falling away, see the labels of all of your accomplishments dropping off. See all the definitions of who you are based on other people’s perceptions falling away.

Even your name must go.

Let go of being you. For what is you? Who have you been trying to be?

Quantum physics has found that as you witness quantum particles or subatomic particles, electrons specifically, they behave according to the witnesses expectation. In fact they don’t do anything until they’re witnessed and then they take action based on the witness. In this meditation where you are the scientist and you are the phenomenon being witnessed. When you witness yourself with preconceived notions, judgments, labels, stories, and ideas that don’t fit you anymore that don’t serve you, that limit you.

The phenomenon of your being, the subatomic particles that make you up respond to the witnessing of your consciousness and become what your thoughts project. You are forming yourself from your own thoughts. Yet it is also true that when you let go of all judgments, expectations, definitions, and you simply witness what is with wonder and awe, being willing to be surprised perhaps even in a state of appreciation. Well then there is no pressure on the phenomenon to behave in a certain way that is not in harmony with its true nature and it can flow, it can open and flow. You are the phenomenon, you can open and flow.

In this meditation, the witnessing comes from your higher consciousness, witnessing with love and appreciation. The phenomenon of your life, of your being. Perhaps after simply witnessing the authentic beauty of your being after awhile you will entrain to the phenomenon of yourself.

Your mind, your consciousness, your body, the energy in your body will all coalesce into one harmonic pulse. Your Life Pulsing. At that time, what comes next is created wholly by you without anything from the past being carried forward.

If nothing existed before this moment how would you define yourself? How would you know yourself? What would excite you? What would you move toward? What would you be excited to create?

When joy is emitted from the organism of your being, then the electrons and subatomic particles that make up your material form will respond and joyfully produce more joy. You will literally be a being of joy.

You as the witness can now direct your intentions for your life toward the phenomenon of your existence and together create and experience the most beautiful life possible for you.

There are no limitations.

Let yourself be born from your own essence over and over again.

Allow this ecstatic experience and what do you notice here in the presence of everything?

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