​In December 2012 I traveled to Tikal, Guatemala, for the great calendar shift of the Maya, from Baktun 12 to Baktun 13. This was one of the most power-filled experiences of my life,

…and I met it with fever and delirium. 

I was amazed when 4:00 AM came on Dec. 21, and I woke with no symptoms of illness – At All! – which allowed me to wind my way with the others, flashlights in hand, to the central plaza. 

Jaguars called from the surrounding jungles as the sun rose behind the main pyramid temple. The ceremonial fire blazed, encircled by Mayan elders and villagers 10 persons deep. I was drawn forward to throw my colored candles with my prayers, into the fire. That’s when I knew the tide was about to shift.

Three days later, I was sitting around a table with Mayan Daykeeper Tata Santiago, his wife, a gifted healer, Isabela, and 16 year old daughter. I was with my American travel companions at a home in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan and it was almost Christmas day. Each of us took a turn telling our stories of what happened for us within the portal of Dec. 21. 

I shared my story, that I had fallen ill with fever. I had been able to feel everything around me very strongly – other’s emotions, desires, fears… as well as, the care of the Ancestor spirits of that holy place. I had felt my own Ancestors surrounding me. I explained how my symptoms had disappeared long enough for me to attend the sunrise ceremony and offer prayers to the fire. I had felt a deep calling to return home and create a school, devoted to healing the divide between the feminine and masculine energies.

Tata Santiago looked at me unblinking and then offered, “You have gone through a big purification. You are an elder, a guide. I hope you return. We have much to talk about.”

Tata Santiago then shared that he was in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, holding ceremony for the people there. They witnessed a rain storm in the middle of the lake in an unnatural shape. It turns out Duane, my soon to be husband, was also traveling in Peru at that time and he too had seen this rain pouring in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Tata Santiago explained the other signs in nature he witnessed. Then he proclaimed:

“The time of men leading the world has come to an end. The power will be handed now to the women. They will lead at every level of society, from the family, all the way up to governmental. We’ve seen what men can do, now let’s see where the women take us.”

Isabela concurred. She’d had a vision in her village. A new sun rose, bright white with no sun spots. “The time of women has come”, she said.


It has been almost 6 full years since my pilgrimage to Guatemala. I have held such hopes for a consciousness shift in humanity, waiting to see the breakthrough of women and the dismantling of the patriarchy, and now… Now it is truly happening. 

The Me Too! Movement is on par with the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s, and even goes beyond, because it is global. 

I am 45, a child of the 70’s and 80’s. I have never seen a social movement take off so powerfully and continue to grow. Not even “Occupy”. The MeToo! movement if launched at any other time, may not have impacted us the way it has been able to today. Before 2012, the alignment of the planets was not ripe. It was still serving too many of us to keep secrets.

But now!

This snowball has become a gargantuan planet-sized boulder, with no sign of slowing down.

All other issues are umbrellaed by THIS issue. 

The abuse and enslavement of women over thousands and thousands of years has happened on every continent. It is an injustice practiced by men of all races, religions, economic backgrounds, and most ages.

Here is a very long article I found on TIME website, listing 142 accused public figures after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was outed. Why this article is found in the “Entertainment” section still shows the cognitive dissonance in our culture.

Each of these men perpetrated many women. And you can bet, each woman who came forward with the truth, has her own list, that of all the men she’s been harassed by throughout her life.