As women say yes to this inner-calling, and find their unique way to serve their communities, the people will encounter deep healing within the containers of ultimate love and compassion which the priestesses create.”

The Soul of the Priestess gravitates towards the region of the world evolving towards Balance. As a region/community evolves, they inevitably reach a point where they spiritually CALL for their priestesses to bring through transmissions for their next steps. 

These two things happen simultaneously and seamlessly. The Priestesses serve their communities. The community acts upon the information she streams to grow toward Balance, which in turn fulfills the Priestesses.

This call from the community comes from the collective consciousness. Whether they know it or not, they long for a return of the Seers, Oracles, Mystics, and Wise Women. When this Call comes, it signifies the community having reached a point of readiness for the Sacred Marriage to occur. 

What is the Sacred Marriage?
The Mother and Father energies of this Solar System are finding their way to each other again. They have been blocked from uniting for millions upon millions of years on this planet. Their natural course of creation together has been thwarted from happening by invasive “off-planet” agendas that would not benefit from this love. 

The universal vibration of the Father has been perverted and reversed. The heart of the father locked down, unable to respond. The universal vibration of the Mother has been blocked from anchoring fully into the core of Gaia. 

Systematically the power of the people has been  reversed to work against them. Our natural Spiritual development, our Sexual energy,  and our power to Heal, all have been blocked. The father energies have been used to dominate and the mother energies to be subservient. 

We see this reversal exemplified in the sacred pentacle symbol of the Goddess, turned upside down and used against the people as a symbol of the “devil” and evil. The Devil is a fictitious creation – a boogey man – placed opposite the fictitious God. People are told they must take a side, be loyal to the “brand” of religion that missionized their culture.

The pentacle is the very sacred geometric pattern traveled by the planet Venus over a years time, in the sky above Earth. The pentacle vibrates at love, harmony, beauty and the higher universal heart.

Yet ultimately, the movement of evolution cannot be stopped. 

The Earth has reached a time of Great Awakening.

At this time, the Higher Dimensional Helpers whose own evolution is intricately interwoven with our own, have returned to our Solar System. 

What called them to us? How did they know to come?

Earth has reached her tipping point in consciousness. The population coupled with the evolutionary movement towards the Sacred Marriage “pinged” the Higher Dimensional Helpers, or The Guardians to return. Like a “shift in the Force”, as Obi Wan called it. They feel us. They feel the shift within their own consciousness, as we are connected. We are One. 

The Fourth Density Leap
The Guardians return to guide humanity in taking their first steps into 4th density or dimensionality. 
They have appeared to the lower density aggressors of the planet and given them their marching orders; they must now depart from our local star cluster. And not just the ones with the power-over agenda who have been manipulating humanity, but also the E.T. races that have been experimenting upon the species of Earth for millions upon millions of years must go (This means the abductions will cease).

‘It is time for humanity to take full ownership of their spiritual and karmic evolution.” – Higher Dimensional Helpers told Corey Goode, ex-military Intuitive Empath. They told him this IN PERSON, not through channeling.

Many simultaneous things are happening now:
1. The solar system is moving into the “cosmic fluff” (NASA’s term for the bands of highly concentrated photons that we are moving into, in the arm of the Milky Way galaxy we are in). This heightened level of photos instigates powerful solar plasma ejections and flares that impact the whole Earth. We can expect to witness more volcanic activity and stronger weather systems. (Currently look for the heating up of the chain of 90 volcanoes in Western Antarctica, melting the ice caps there more quickly than the rest of the continent).
2. The higher level of photons will shift human consciousness, opening humanity to vaster knowing of themselves and mystical states. 
3. Yet also, those who are clenching to old patterns and paradigm will find this influx of light painful and could experience psychic breaks.


The awake universal Father vibration comes out of lock down. The father energies return to their rightful place, because the reversals can’t hold within this growing awakened consciousness and light on Earth. 
The universal Mother vibration is streaming in full force into the planet, through those who are ready to be her conduits. 


The Father and Mother are making their way, on a collision course for ecstatic Union, at the center of the Earth!

The eminent birthing of the Golden Christ Consciousness Ray is under way!

The Earth is like an embryo – The Mother’s return have brought it to life again, this time in full Presence. The father’s light is racing towards her to inseminate! The Golden Ray will birth here – at the double-tetrahedron, iron ore crystalline core of Gaia. The Golden Ray of the Sacred Union will radiate out from the core to the surface of the planet and out into the solar system. 

We can look at this as an ascension up through the chakra system of Gaia: 

  • 1st Dimension: The first or root chakra was the planet’s establishment and birthing into life from cosmic activity, seeded with The Infinite Creator’s consciousness. The planet was activated and developed the patterns for her species for over 5 billions of years. At this time other life-sustaining planets already exist within the solar system.
  • 2nd Dimension: The second chakra brought in the waves of E.T. races who would experiment with hybridization and seed the Earth with their own genetics. At this time, many refugees from other warring planets, some destroyed permanently, came to Earth for protection. Feminine energies thrive yet then are exiled and blocked.
  • 3rd Dimension: The third chakra opened sentience within the indigenous earthlings. Souls began incarnating into humanoid forms. The lessons here are all around Power. Right use of will. Misuse of power. Power-over. And this is where we’ve been for millions of years. Masculine energies are manipulated and all life-giving power centers and portal to connect to Truth are reversed. The Universal laws are not taught except as reverse propaganda: The law of attraction and repulsion becomes just the law of repulsion. The law of One, becomes the law of the Cabal/Draco elite. The law of free-will becomes the law of enslavement into the illusion of separation, enforced with fear.
  • 4th Dimension: The fourth chakra or The Heart/Love Center – Here we are! The Guardians have arrived to support and facilitate the shift. The Reptilian/Draco factions present since 2D, are departing. This is the return of the awakened Masculine and empowered Feminine energies of Gaia and the clearing and opening of the portals to Universal Mother and Father vibrations begins in earnest. Humanity strives for balance, harmony, healing, forgiveness, and arising into the Higher Heart. Humanity moves from Self-centeredness to Community-centeredness and an understanding that We Are All One. 

It seems that the current movement of evolution is the arising of the Priestess energy within women on the planet. 

As women say yes to this inner-calling, and find their unique way to serve their communities, the people will encounter deep healing within the containers of ultimate love and compassion which the priestesses create.

The healing of the human mind-body-soul complex from trauma, prepare humanity to receive the Awakened Father consciousness.

The Mother paves the way for his return through her Priestesses. 

The Father prepares for his return into balance and sacred action through the Masculine aspect within each human being, especially through the male lightworkers. These men feel the call and respond with courage, calling more loudly than others for the Priestesses to rise up.

The feminine and masculine energies begin to forgive each other and open to greater possibilities of relating; new co-created structures of balance and love.


We are stepping into Spiritual sovereignty, no longer susceptible to brainwashing and control from organized religions, political bodies or military complexes. 

We are in the time of Full Disclosure.
The Truth is coming out now – day by day, month by month, year by year. 

We are in the moment of Initiation into the Galactic Family! No longer isolated by enslavement, we will take our chairs at the great council tables with our local E.T. allies.

It’s a time of celebration, yet also surrender into the wisdom of our hearts. 
We get through this time of the changing of structures with grace, by surrendering and trusting our Hearts and Higher Selves. Find you Sovereign voice and power and find a way to serve your community and bring your gifts forward! 

If you are a Priestess – 
And you are hearing an inner-call to serve as a conduit for the Great Mother vibration – 

None of us are alone on this journey of transformation.

We are birthing ourselves into our new forms, and the loving Galactic Midwives are with us!

Blessed Be and Ashe!