The truth is, WE ARE LOVE. The truth is, WE ARE MIRACLE WORKERS. It is for us to choose to be these things. The full potential of our beings won’t been seen on Earth, unless we choose to become it. I choose to BE my fullest SELF. I know I am powerful. I know I am a miracle worker. Now I choose to LIVE from this knowing. I have unchained myself from the “lock-down” of fear and self-doubt. No more grasping to “do it right” so I will be valued by society. I am aligned with my Soul Essence and this is what guides my life. I KNOW I am here to help those popping open into Soul-Realization, to do so consciously and with support. The sweet celebration of Remembering who we are is what I live for!
Indigenous Wisdom teaches us that reality begins in the dreamtime and then is brought into form. Whatever is here on Earth that we can see first existed in the dreamtime. Our power as human beings is in our responsibility to Co-Dream with the Great Dreamer a paradise on Earth. A long long time ago we stopped dreaming. We bought into the propaganda of religious dogma and the power-elite made-up laws to keep us severed from Gaia, our potentials, and the Original Instructions (Natural and Universal Laws). This illusion was woven to distract us away from embodying our True Selves. This is just what happened. Perhaps it had to happen to prepare us for our “awakening” at a future time (Now!). And here we are in the NOW and It is time to reclaim our power to Dream. Time to Dream a Dream that our Grandchildren can Thrive Within! The more of us who reclaim our power and begin Dreaming Big for the world, the less hold the illusion will have on our minds, until those weaving the illusion will lose their power and transmute.
The billions of creatures of Gaia, the animals, reptiles, birds, finned ones, plants, trees, fungi, algaes, rocks and elementals, are all “cheering” for us. They have never given up on us, though we’ve betrayed them over and over again. They ARE LIVING NATURAL LAW. And all we have to do to Wake Up, is go into nature, open ourselves, listen, receive the love and come HOME into balance with Natural Law and therefore Universal Law.
Make the Choice to BE Your Soul-Realized Self. No more compartmentalizing – (I’m this way with this group, this way at work, this way with my family…) NO! Just be 100% True You!
No more acting out roles of Victim, Perpetrator, Savior and Martyr. How much longer do you want to hold those scripts and stand on that stage? I hope not much longer because future generations need you to Wake Up and start DREAMING BIG for them.
Last week The Great Mother came through to me and showed me a timeline of all my lifetimes here on Earth. In every one, I saw I was dedicated to her. Because my essence is of HER. I saw that I’ve chosen to be here to anchor in the Divine Mother Truth and Wisdom through the “Forgetting Times”, the last 25,000 years. I know some of you reading this are saying, “Yes… me too!” There are many many many of us who carry the vibration of The Great Mother. And because of this we carry great power. And even through lifetimes of oppression, torture, genocide of our children, rape of our bodies and the Earth – we have never lost our vibration, our truth, our essence. That would be impossible. But we likely have forgotten who we are. We may have doubted our power. We may have gotten lost in Victim consciousness. We may have decided we deserved all the suffering, rejection, abandonment and heartbreak. BUT NOW IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!
It’s time to pop out of the illusion and Remember Our Power. As incarnate beings carrying the pure Essence of The Great Mother, our JOB right now (Our Only Job), is in Birthing the New Earth. We are the midwives assisting our people into their Soul-Realization. It doesn’t matter what modality you use. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what color your skin is, who your ancestors were, how beaten down you were, if you have a history of addiction, if you are physically challenged, if you never went to college, if you have no money or you’re super wealthy… It Doesn’t Matter!!! Your Job Is To Assist in the Birthing of the New Earth, and the midwifing in of Soul-Realization.
And our other job is to be a Transmitter of The Great Mother’s wisdom. Be Fearless in this!
Many people are waiting for us. They are Making the Choice to BE their True Full Selves. And when this choice is made, the falling away of the density can be intense, painful, disorientating, and scary. Who they thought they were is dissolving and their Higher Self is flooding in. They need the healthy, awake Bridge People to support them in this transformation. If the Bridge People are distracted with all the veils of illusion, then where will those people go? Many will go to False Teachers – Pseudo Bridge-people. And continue spinning and bouncing around in the illusion. This happened to me over and over again through my 20’s and 30’s. That is why I choose to be awake right now to be a solid, healthy mentor for the ones popping open.
So start Dreaming!!!
-Maria Christina Owl